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  1. ZimmermanTelegram

    Share The Mignola Art From Your Personal Collection

    Incredible stuff guys! Thank you everyone for posting. Definitely keep ‘em coming. Can someone help shed some light on Mignola’s sketch prices? I know that he often attends cons with a pre drawn portfolio of sketches. It seems like his pencil Hellboy bust type sketches are about $300 (I’m assuming slightly less for non Hellboy related items across the board) and about $500 for the same bust style sketches with inks. Once we start moving towards full figures how much are we talking? Ditto for color pieces, (if that’s even a thing that happens)? Also, what size paper are we talking for these? How many pieces of art are typically for sale in his portfolio? Any information that would help me prep, would be great. Thanks!!
  2. ZimmermanTelegram

    Share The Mignola Art From Your Personal Collection

    WOW! They're all dynamite, but that Torment page!!!
  3. As someone who is pretty desperate to get his hands on some Mignola art, i'd love to see what our fellow board members have collected whether it be pages, covers, sketches, pencils, inks, watercolor paintings etc. Anything you got, go ahead and toss it in here!!
  4. ZimmermanTelegram

    NYC Comic Art Expo 2019

    As someone who will be going for the first time, can anybody fill me in on what to expect? I'm assuming this is mostly a show with various art vendors? Is there more than one artist guest or will Mignola likely be the big draw (which is a huge get either way)?
  5. ZimmermanTelegram

    NYC Comic Art Expo 2019

    I’m only about 2.5 hours away from NYC and have been trying to score some Mignola art for years, so this is a no brainer for me. I was wondering if there is a website or Facebook page so I can keep up to date on the event? Or is this the best place to check in? With a 6 month old adding her own brand of chaos to my life I want to make sure I’m keep up to date. Thanks!
  6. ZimmermanTelegram


    Thanks so much!
  7. ZimmermanTelegram


    First of all I love this website. It's amazing, I have been using it daily for the last year. I love setting up alerts and just waiting for gold to appear. It's worked pretty flawlessly for me up until the revamp a week or two ago. Now, when I receive my daily e-mails chuck full of goodies and I click on the links for the item instead of going directly to the item, it brings me to the top of the daily New Art page. Is there any way to fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. ZimmermanTelegram

    The Official Commission Collecting Thread

    Over the moon about this one. Jim Cheung, Doctor Doom.
  9. ZimmermanTelegram

    No Response from Art4Comics.com

    Is there anyway to sort the entries on his website? He has a lot of good stuff and TON of art but 95% of the are either Not For Sale or Already Sold.
  10. ZimmermanTelegram

    New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips?

    Newbie question - when certain dealers websites have pieces listed as being “on hold” what exactly does that mean? Someone has offered to pay? Someone has partially paid? What if the status on the site never changes, is it fair game to inquire with the dealer?
  11. I can vouch that it's a beautiful piece. I wish I could afford it, but to try and recapture some of it's magic I bought a prelim sketch of this from Paul Mann a few weeks ago.
  12. ZimmermanTelegram

    The Facebook Groups about OA

    I'm a big fan of this one: Sketch Prices - Comic Book Sketches, Commissions & Autograph Prices https://www.facebook.com/groups/sketchprices/ It can be a little unwieldy but it has the most up to date information about what artist are charging for commissions and sketches reported by people from cons and getting at home commissions done.
  13. ZimmermanTelegram

    Question About Doc Shaner's Flash Gordon Art

    That's a killer idea for a commission! I saw (I think) a fairly recent commission by him and it was of Flash but it was a bust. I'm of the opinion with a character like that, if you can't show him with a ray gun or a sword (or hopefully both) what's the point? Good choice on the OA page. I almost bought the page that comes right before it. It took me a long time to decide which one I should go with since his clean lines make even the talking heads pages nice to look at. This is the one I ended up with (this is his scan, not mine). I'll have to follow up with him soon if I don't get in a few more days/weeks.
  14. ZimmermanTelegram

    Question About Doc Shaner's Flash Gordon Art

    I ended up reaching out to him via email and just like previously mentioned he responded with a spreadsheet of what was available and what had been sold. The prices were the same you mentioned, dirt cheap for an artist of that caliber! I was slightly bummed because by this time all the A+ pages had been snapped up, but I gladly settled for a B quality page. I did have to keep on him a bit in order to get responses at some points in the process (at his urging) and even now 2 weeks ago he was set to ship out and he said he’d email me when it went out and he’d include the shipping info, but it’s not here and I never heard back. He’s a stand up guy though and was an absolute delight to deal with. Out of curiosity what did you comission him for and what Flash Gordon page did you end up with?
  15. ZimmermanTelegram

    Question About Doc Shaner's Flash Gordon Art

    Double post