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  1. Has anyone bought from http://www.artefumetto.it/en/? Just wondering how they are to deal with, how their shipping stacks up and if they are open to negotiations? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all who have got in contact with me, but I'm still looking for the right piece. If anyone has something that fits the above criteria please feel free to post or private message me.
  3. Thanks, that’s what I was referring to. The frequency in which he opens up his list on his site, since it’s closed currently (except for paintings). As far as the OA goes, I was wondering whether all the old Marvel/DC interiors are gone forever and sold off or if he still has some that he trickles out? Currently, it seems to almost unanimously be Nexus pages left on his site.
  4. Nico - the adding to your favorites is fixed now. Thanks so much for your help and dedication! It’s truly appreciated.
  5. Scaling back a bit and taking a different approach (the main post has been edited to reflect this). Thanks to all the people who’ve reached out so far. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. I’m hoping some holiday spirit will help me out!
  6. Has anyone else run into issues with adding favorite searches since the new version has gone live? I can get to the Favorite Searches screen just fine and type an artist in, when I click the blue plus button to add it nothing happens. The new artist does not appear on the full list below it. Anyone else experiencing this? Could be user error, but it seems pretty straight forward.
  7. I have a few questions from our fellow collectors that I was hoping you could help me out with. 1. How often does the dude open up his commissions list? What is the best way to be alerted? Through his news letter? 2. Does he parse out his non nexus interior original art or is likely all his Marvel/DC stuff already gone/sold? I saw a bunch of old stuff on CAF posted for sale by him eons ago, which I’m sure are no longer available (since it isn’t available from his online store with the rest of his original art). It just seems shocking based on how many pages the entirety of that
  8. What a treat to get to see all these great pieces! Thanks for all who have shared so far. Keep 'em coming!!!
  9. I've started a few of these threads and people seem to like them. I figured I'd do another one for Steve Rude while I patiently wait to find a piece of his for myself to own. Please feel free to share commissions, interiors, covers, prelims, paintings etc. from your own collection so that we can all enjoy the dude's art!
  10. Good morning, I'm trying a bit of a different approach here. I'm currently looking for an interior page by Marc Silvestri from the 1987 X-Men Vs. Avengers miniseries. Preferably, featuring the X-Men (in costume would be a bonus) but I'm willing to look at whatever you have. I believe I’ve seen all of what’s currently available through all the public art sites. If you’re interested, please feel free to respond to thread or DM me. Thanks!
  11. Hey everybody, I’m looking for Steve Rude interior art. My focus is Marvel (mainly Captain America: What Price Glory? And Thor: Godstorm) and DC (mainly Incredible Hulk vs. Superman, World’s Finest, Legends of the DC Universe #14, Man of Steel #2). I’d prefer the pages have our main hero in costume. With that said I’ll take a look at any of the dude’s art you have, marker commissions, painted commissions, prelims etc. but the above is my preference. I believe I’ve seen all of what’s currently available through the usual sites. If you’re interested, please feel free to respond to the threa
  12. Hey everybody - currently looking for a nice Samnee Cap page from his all too brief run. Cap front and center would be preferable, but I'm willing to look at whatever you got. I've seen everything that is currently publicly available. If you are interested, please reply to the thread or send a DM. Thanks!