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  1. This is basically exactly what I did. I really just want an idea on prices in general. It’s a shame they have the monopoly on Silvestri X-Men pages. I did reach out the form on their website inquiring on a few prices on Monday and haven’t heard back anything at all...
  2. I’m still seeking a low tier X-Men page from Claremont’s first run. Perhaps, against my better judgement I’m considering reaching out to Cool Lines. How does one go about getting prices from them on their pieces?
  3. I saw! Man..I was refreshing his site every 30 mins the whole day, waiting to pounce. Of course wouldn’t you know it happened when I was driving home from work. But I took a look and it’s awesome that those even exist but I was a little let down. Great prices though... There’s a page from issue #1 that I was hoping to be on there, that I think I might have a shot at because most people I’d wager would find it a bit boring. With that said, do I blow my money elsewhere or keep pining away that Albert has more pages he’s hanging onto? I wonder if whoever earlier in the thread thumbed through his Minutemen pages at SDCC can verify wether what they saw is up for sale right now or if there’s still more. Is that something worth reaching out to Albert about or is that pointless exercise?
  4. Wondering about the Comic Art Con in Hasbrouck, NJ on Sept. 8th. I’m following the event page on Facebook but it has very little actual information. Does anyone know what vendors will be there? My big thing is will there be dealers there who don’t have an online presence? I feel like it may not be worth my time to go all the way up there if it’s the same art available on the internet. Has anybody been in the past?
  5. Hahah, I saw! I just wasn’t sure if that was the price of possibly a previous dealer/owner.
  6. I'm gonna bump this one last time now that It's August and hope for the best.
  7. Great piece! I wager this is from his “new” Cooke Watchmen stuff. As someone who’s been checking Cooke pieces regularly for the last few months I’ve never seen this pop up on Moy’s website. Very cool. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost you?
  8. That is certainly music to my ears! Any idea when these might be unveiled to the general public?
  9. There is (this is from another forum I belong to): Darwyn Cooke - They are reissuing the Parker Martini Edition and coming out with a second volume: Martini Edition: Last CallThe EC Covers AE will be more than 50 % covers that have not been in AE format before. No percentage was actually discussed.Cockrum X-Men Artifact Edition Next Year.Frankenstein next year. Will have a lot of other material and sketches.John Byrne Artifact Edition in October looks great.Also discussed was the Roy G. Krenkel Centennial Book out in October. Not technically an AE but all of the art was shot from the originals.Marvel Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt - next year.Complete Mr. A --2 volumes, maybe three. Looks like the Ditko family will be releasing much of his work in the coming years.
  10. I figured I'd ask here, rather than start a new topic. Cooke's Before Watchmen is beautiful and some of his best work. A few pieces of OA exist out in the wild, but does anyone know why more pages don't circulate?
  11. To me, Samnee's Rocketeer work is second only to the master himself, Dave Stevens. I have never seen OA pages circulate from this run. Does anyone know why?
  12. Has anyone heard ANYTHING about this?
  13. We got a brief example earlier in the thread but does anyone have any Darywn Rocketeer pieces they'd like to show off? I know he did a handful of commissions but also that 8(ish?) page story in Rocketeer Adventures #2 but there is so very little of it on CAF....