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  1. Been a fan of Heshka for years and somehow just found this thread! What a treat to see all the recreations he’s done for you guys over the years. While I am on a commission waiting list and contemplating what I might get, I was wondering if any of you could post some of your non super hero commissions from him?
  2. Hey! While I can’t help you out with the topic necessarily, I think you’d get a lot more bites if you posted this in the general Original Art forum as opposed to the marketplace.
  3. Does anyone have any leads on the prints ComicSketchArt sells (or did sell) of Doc Shaner's Strange Adventure cover(s)? They told me they are only allowed to legally sell them at conventions. I'm guessing they are the Shaner Variant for Issue #1. If you have any you'd like to sell or have info. please reach out to me. Thanks!
  4. Cap has been acquired! Still looking for a Samnee Superman headshot. (The thread topic and first post have been edited to reflect this).
  5. I saw that, thanks for the heads up! This is going to be going in a child’s room, so I was hoping for something a tad more heroic, but I appreciate you looking out.
  6. Hey everybody - putting out a line to see if anyone has any Chris Samnee Superman or Captain America head shot/bust. I'm not (at this time) looking for any of his full character commissions but more so the smaller head shot "warm up sketches" that he does. Examples included in thread. If you have anything like this and are looking to sell please respond to the thread or PM me. Thanks!
  7. Yikes! That person bought a matted slightly better version of a computer print out for $450?
  8. Many thanks. That was all I needed. I never did that because I thought that's what the system did by default but now I see the default would technically be 'Batman Beyond'
  9. I have possibly a stupid question. How would I search for Batman Beyond and get reasonable amount of hits? Searching that those two words together gives me almost 7,000 results which is just the same as searching for Batman. If I search just the term Beyond, I get zero results back. Searching Terry McGinnis gives me a handful of hits with Batman Beyond also being used in the title of results, so I know they are out there. Anybody out there have any suggestions???
  10. Straying slightly from the main topic, I was wondering if anyone has ever seen OA for this BT gem out in the wild?
  11. I am in awe of the pieces in this thread. If ya'll have any more, keep ' em coming!!
  12. If an artist has a rep there’s a very good chance (usually) that you’ll receive the art in a fairly quick turnaround time. If they don’t it could definitely be a gamble. I’ve waited for a year or so on pieces from 2 different artists, both of which I lightly followed up with 3 or 4 times over those 12 months and they were always professional and happy to touch base. I’ve found artist without reps can often suffer from not being good with time management. My advice would be to always poke around a bit and find out if artists you’re considering commissioning are repeat offenders and known for long delays, it will help inform your decision.
  13. How much do commissions usually run these days? Are they just those head sketches you always see around or more in line with the full body pieces posted here?