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  1. This might be a stupid question, but if you get your art in a custom frame (in my case by Michaels) and I want to swap art that’s in the frame (an upgrade from the same series as it were) is just as easy as removing the backing and handling myself or is this something that Michael’s themselves can do or am I just out of luck and have to keep the old one in there?
  2. It is without a doubt both of those things! As the first post states, I'd willing to look at any pages for sale from this run but my tastes tend to skew towards less action. Something more in the noir vibe that Weeks taps into so well.
  3. Thanks! Spoke with the owner about this a little while ago, it’s a great page, but I’m still on the hunt!
  4. I had seen it before, thanks! Seems to actually have been purchased since you posted that.
  5. If you don’t mind reaching out to them, that would great and incredibly helpful. I’ll message you my info!
  6. Thanks for the quick responses guys. I did post it over in the Comics WTB Market forum without any biters, but here are some pics of the front (and back or possibly inside cover?) as well as the printed art:
  7. I'm trying to track down Byrne art from a specific program (Houston Con 1980). I'd love to have the OA but since it seems pretty difficult to pin point, I'd be ok with owning just the program cover itself. Are there any known dealers out there who sell these type of things? *Mods if this is the wrong forum for this, please feel free to move.
  8. Bump. Because you can never have enough Lee Weeks art!
  9. I share your pain! If you’re looking for Mignola covers of Non Hellboy Mignolaverse books they often run for half that price.
  10. This one is $9,800: https://www.comicartfans.com/ForSaleDetails.asp?ArtId=1410963
  11. I’m looking for the program from Houston Con 1980; or really more importantly just the cover (or OA if it exists) pictured below. If anyone has any info, please drop a line. Thanks!
  12. I saw this image pop up on one of the Facebook groups I'm in, but I couldn't track it down again after. Does anyone know what it's from? Someone had also mentioned they had seen it in black and white. Does anyone have images of it sans color? I tried to google it, but it turns out it's a very hard thing to quantify in search in terms.
  13. Looking for John Byrne Avenger's West Coast/West Coast Avengers pages. If you got 'em, hit me up! Feel free to respond to the thread or PM me. I’ve seen all the things available under the normal channels like CAF, Comic Art Tracker, Heritage, Comic Link etc. Thank you!