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  1. You own this!?!? CONGRATS!!! I've looked at it so much online in the last few weeks. It's masterful on just about every level.
  2. Ah. Good to know. I'm sure I could never afford it, but that's the stuff that's way more in my wheel house and was wonderful to see in person.
  3. Certainly not from my collection, but has anyone seen the OA for this turn up anywhere?
  4. Can anyone tell me the name of the art dealer when you first walked in the main entrance? He had a ton of pin up cover paintings from the 40s and such.
  5. Great haul! I was dangerously close to picking up your Hellboy/Skeleton piece, that skeleton in the back ground is divine. I waffled between that and the one I did get (pretty similar in some ways). He had a $200 page that had drawings of a bunch of insects on it that I was on the fence about, I actually left and grabbed something to eat and came back to the show around 3:00PM in hopes to buy it, but Mignola had already vanished!!
  6. Done! Bird, did you (or anyone else for that matter) happen to see the page someone early in line bought? Not sure where you were, but I was probably 12 or 13 people in. I saw it from afar and it looked like possibly a Hellboy in Hell page that was mostly a village shot. I'm curious which one it was exactly and how much it went for. A shame I wasn't earlier cause it looked like something right up my alley that I was looking for...
  7. I was finally able to acquire some Mignola art from the the man himself at the Comic Art Expo this weekend! I came home with this Hellboy and my buddy picked up the dapper gentleman skeleton
  8. Yes, please! Bird, would love to see what you got.
  9. This is all a great help guys, thank you. What do we know about reentry? Gotta plan those smoke breaks accordingly!
  10. I do have some questions for people who have been there previous years. It’s my first encounter with Mignola (after waiting decades!) I really want to make sure I come home with some art from him, so hopefully you guys can help me out: How early should I get there? My train gets to Penn at 8:45. Is it acceptable to wait in front of the Gold Ballroom? Should I bring plastic hard cases/tubes to store any art that I buy or will there be some there readily available for purchase? Any suggestions for breakfast/lunch spots? I’d take any other helpful tips anyone has to offer. Thanks so much guys!
  11. Looking for some Mignolaverse trade paperbacks! If anyone has Sledgehammer 44 please give me a shout. Thanks!
  12. Thank you. Let me rephrase my question. What do the cheapest Hellboy pages run? I’m talking like a page with a town shot without any notable characters (or any characters at all) and maybe a skeleton or something.
  13. Does anyone know typically what a Mignola Hellboy page without Hellboy would sell for these days?