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  1. I am British but live in Switzerland and agree postage to and from US is crippling these days - I sent a box of 15 graded (all 9.8) books to the US just for a re-holder (the old cases hurt my eyes in comparison to the new ones) - and in total cost me 412CHF (= $412) which included $15 per re-holder and postage there and back. An office in Europe makes so much sense - many of the most popular artists these days are European and easily available at European cons so I am loving news of an office in Europe BUT agree with previous poster that an EU country would have been better e.g. France or Germany. UK makes little sense given BREXIT and will really only benefit people living in the UK... but many of us Brits live elsewhere in Europe
  2. The multiple Lazano covers are but I do like the Granov and Ross variants
  3. All good points thanks! I think the print option is good - although not easy to get hold of retrospectively
  4. Hi all - I collect a lot of CGC books for display because I simply LOVE cover art - but have been wondering for many years about wrap covers. There are some incredible wrap covers out there (standard and variant) but once slabbed of course only show half the cover (obviously) which is a bit for displaying. It would be great if there was some way to display the full cover as a graded book - I know this likely isn't really possible for CGC due to damage to the book the "flattening out" would cause - but anyone else have thoughts on that? I'm thinking of books such as the recent Hunt for Wolverine 1 Kubert wrap variant or a fav of mine Daredevil 25 kubert
  5. I'll take one $80 CGC 9.8 Fast Tracked (blue label) with international postage thanks!
  6. Anyone managed to get a glimpse of the campbell variant for issue #3 yet?
  7. Hi all, I am realising that this kind of damage (see pic) on a book is a grade killer. Its basically white wear/stress directly along the spine. But had a few questions about this: 1. What is the correct grading term for this damage? Assume "spine wear"? 2. What causes it? I have a lot of modern variants that seem to have this within first week of release whereas other moderns after 1 or 2 yrs do not have it. Could it be a printing defect?? 3. Am i correct in thinking pressing won't even get this out as it essentially breaks the spine colour? Thanks all!