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  1. GoldCap

    Stan Lee RIP

    Very sad. Stan was one of the all-time greats! I am glad to have met him in 2015 and hear him tell stories and jokes. The world won't be the same without him.
  2. GoldCap


    Incredible book!! Good luck landing a book you want!
  3. For sale I have a Captain America Comics #57. I would grade it as a VG. The obvious defect is the small circle cut out from the top of the front cover. Other than that there is some small writing on the cover, blunting of corners, a faint dust shadow on top right border of front cover and a dark dust shadow on the bottom of the back cover. The interior pages are tan to off-white and all pages are firmly attached to the one center staple. This is a firm, solid book. The cover presents wonderfully IMO. I'm asking just $425 plus $5 shipping. Returns are fine. Just let me know within three days of receiving the book and return shipping will have to be paid by the buyer. First wins and trumps PM talks! PayPal is my preferred payment method. Thanks for looking!
  4. GoldCap


    Two of my grails are in my collection due to Rick! This guy delivers Congrats!!
  5. GoldCap


    Sweet book and a good write up! Good luck with the sale!
  6. I'm really hoping someone can help me locate this lithograph. I don't know what the exact title of it is and the only image I have of it is a small one from the internet... Thanks for your help!!
  7. GoldCap

    The classic iconic cover thread.

  8. GoldCap

    The classic iconic cover thread.

    THIS is the one I've been waiting for someone to post! Good job
  9. GoldCap

    So, is there anyone reading this..?

    I read it! The whole journal section seems...lonely. Ohh well...
  10. Man, if only I hadn't been on a recent spending spree...
  11. Very happy to get this! One of just two (of 13 total) on the census that I could possibly afford since the rest are 6.5 and higher!
  12. GoldCap

    Ditko's estate...

  13. GoldCap

    The classic iconic cover thread.

  14. GoldCap

    The classic iconic cover thread.

  15. +1 if the grade can remain about the same. Plus, cover alignment is pretty much perfect which isn't always easy to get with this issue.