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  1. Baker Romance

    Perhaps the winner was an underbidder on a "fair" (complete) copy that had sold nine days earlier and "wasn't going to be beat again!"? We'll see if this doesn't get relisted within a few days...
  2. I feel like non-Baker classic covers in romance are few and far between. I know I haven't seen every romance cover there is (who has?) but it's slim pickings IMO. L.B. Cole certainly had some covers I would have to think on as well as Colletta but if a cover has even one word bubble on it then it generally ruins it for me. Maybe I'm just too picky There are several painted covers that I like a lot but could they be considered classic if it's just a head shot? Probably not. I own very few romance comics but I would consider these two to be classics - I was going to say Sweethearts #119 as well but does Marilyn Monroe being on a cover automatically make it classic? Eh...
  3. Amazing Spiderman #1 CGC 3.0

    Exactly my thoughts. How is that a 3.0?
  4. The Poor Man's Suspense 3

    I was going to suggest this one. It's one of my top ten favorite covers across all genres. I'm actually trying to compile a collection of all scans of every issue in each grade. So far I have 11 of the 31 copies listed on the census. I wonder why the highest graded copy listed is a 8.5 when there's a 9.2 and/or a 9.4 Crowley/Church copy graded?

    Great cover! I knew I saw that name stamped somewhere else...but why on the face?! Anywhere but the face!!

  7. Is this what you're talking about?
  8. A Schomburg war cover at 4.0 or better for $1,200? You may have your work cut out for you...especially at a con where dealers will probably inflate "sale" prices. Then again, I've never been to a true (big) con so maybe the dealers are better there than at the small-time ones I've attended? Rhode Island Comic Con last year was even worse than Boston Comic Con Fan Expo in terms of comic least for Timely issues. I only collect the Marvel Mystery Comics that Captain America appears in so I don't focus on most of the issues in that run but I would say most Caps are a bit more than MMCs. Unless you're the kind of person that has to flip through a book prior to buying it I would just put up a Want To Buy post with a list of issues you're interested in. Additionally, keep an eye on the marketplace for books you're looking for, but be quick because Schomburg covers go quickly! I've gotten some of my favorite issues that way including this Cap #33 Good luck!
  9. Closed

  10. Congrats Rick! That's one way to start the new year!

    Love Problems to Love Journal
  12. Green Lantern #1 (GL1) 1941

    Sweet pickup! Beautiful copy. I have that cover on my "wall of favorite covers" I do believe that 3.5 was a great bargain as well. 10,000 IH 181's! I've been keeping an eye on that. I still want a nice WP 9.2 copy but I struggle with justifying it over the purchase of several lower grade GA Captain America books