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  1. Yup, confirmed malware attack.
  2. Sweet book!! Congrats!
  3. I would trade my entire Cap collection for that! My 17 books still wouldn't equal the value of that book though
  4. +1 That's what I was going to say. This is interesting because if you detached the tape holding the centerfold to the rest of the comic would it become a qualified signature series instead? I'd like to think so...and I can't imagine the grade going lower than what it already is after doing that. I would have to think that would increase the value.
  5. That's awesome! Can't wait to watch the auction!
  6. I may be biased but this is the BEST sketch/sig book I've ever seen!
  7. Lots of excellent pickups posted so far to say the least! As with last year, I didn't pick up a whole lot this year and I lost out on way more auctions than I won but here are my top 3 pickups... Diary Secrets #28 - Tied for my most liked Baker cover with Cinderella Love #25 Captain America Comics #4 - I really like this cover! It's one of my favorites from the entire series. My first Simon & Kirby issue! My earliest issue previously was #27. Luckily this was low enough grade/restored so I could afford it Bob Lubbers Wings faux-cover art - I'm a big fan of Bob Lubbers and GGA so this was pretty much a must have for me. "This piece was created in ink and watercolor with a printed paste-up logo on bright white 8.5" x 11" paper." I actually don't have this in hand yet, but I wait with bated breath every day
  8. Does anyone know what the two Daring Love #1's sold for?