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  1. Green Lantern #1 (GL1) 1941

    Sweet pickup! Beautiful copy. I have that cover on my "wall of favorite covers" I do believe that 3.5 was a great bargain as well. 10,000 IH 181's! I've been keeping an eye on that. I still want a nice WP 9.2 copy but I struggle with justifying it over the purchase of several lower grade GA Captain America books
  2. Great book! Good luck with the sale!
  3. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    A fantastic three! Every time someone posts a Planet Comics it makes me want to start collecting the run... Then I look into my wallet and laugh
  4. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    Sorry to hear that and I hope you land a few you want next year
  5. Sweet Young Allies Straw-Man! Impressive! Are these upgrades or new acquisitions? How many of the 20 books in the series do you have?!
  6. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    I only bought six books all year so this won't be difficult Captain America Comics #69 which is a book I needed for my #60-#78 Cap run...and it's Canadian which is awesome! Wow Comics #38. I didn't know this book existed until discovering it this year but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! Captain America Comics #27. One of my favorite covers of the entire Cap series. It's missing the back cover so if anyone has one or knows where I can find one...PM me!
  7. Collecting Goals for 2018

    2018 will be like 2017 in which I only bought six books all year...most expensive being an incomplete Cap #27 In 2018 I plan to pay off a credit card, a personal loan, my car loan and my student loans...which doesn't leave much room for comics. I have plenty of unread ones at home already though so I'm covered in that regard!
  8. Favorite Comic Posters

    Steranko and Captain America Yoda looking up to Hulk
  9. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017!! Phenomenal!!
  10. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    Wowza! Beautiful books! Congrats on those!
  11. An 8.0 copy finished on eBay not too long ago for $908 I believe
  12. Nice looking book! Good luck with the sale!
  13. What comic to you is worth your entire collection?

    Captain America Comics it stands now. My collection isn't big so probably wouldn't even amount to a complete copy If I had Cap #2-#78 would I trade them all for a Cap #1???