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  1. Hello! I've been away from the boards for a little bit while involved in some other hobbies of mine but my uncle recently asked me if I would be interested in helping him sell his comic collection. He has more than 500 books, all raw that he has had in storage in his (finished) basement since the late 70's. He is giving me "a few bags worth at a time to see what I can do with them" So here is the first run I've looked over - Avengers #121 & #123-#159. There are two copies of #126 but the second copy is the only book with water damage so I'm just tossing it in with the others for free. I've looked over each book and grades range from VG- to VF. Most would average closer to fine. All interiors are complete and range from cream to white pages. The only key in the run (#144) I would grade conservatively as a 5.0 due to the bend (which is not color breaking and could be pressed out). They were not in boards and bags so some minor spine roll is present in some of them due to the way they were all stored together. Priced out individually I come to $319 but I'll take $300 shipped. For payment I would like paypal but will accept others if that doesn't work for you. Returns are accepted but buyer is responsible for return shipping cost. If you'd like more pictures I'm happy to do so. Thanks for looking! I
  2. Hey folks, I hope everyone is safe and staying that way. For sale I have two books. Wings Comics #87 CGC 5.5 ow/w Fantastic Bob Lubbers cover! 1 of 24 on the census. Most recent GPA is $216 for a 6.0 on 9/16/18. My asking price is $200. Next book up is Captain Easy #12 CGC 7.0 ow/w 1 of just 11 on the census. Most recent GPA is $300 back on 7/16/19 for same grade. My price is $275 SOLD! Shipping is $15 for one or both books. Payment can be made via PPFF, PPG&S (+3%), Zelle, Venmo, personal checks, money orders, Cash App I do not accept refunds on CGC graded books. Thanks for looking and have a great rest of your weekend!
  3. Sweet! It's good to see the other 3.0 on the census other than my copy! Good luck with the sale!
  4. Junior #11 17 total copies on census. This is definitely NOT the 2nd highest graded But it is the 2nd lowest graded and a great opportunity to get an entry level copy for a good price... A 7.5 sold for $3,600 in November of last year. My price: SOLD! (bit of scanner glare on back cover)
  5. Love Journal #10 Tied for 2nd highest graded with just two higher at 6.0. One of the 6.0's sold for $1,792 in May of 2018. My price: SOLD!
  6. Hi! For sale I have two yellow cover golden age beauties! I accept PayPal, Zelle, Google Wallet, personal check or money orders. Shipping is $18 no matter how many books you buy. No returns on graded books. Depending if these sell I may add more books in the coming days. Thanks for looking!
  7. Sweet books! Good luck with the sale!
  8. Some incredible books posted thus far! It's always great to see others collecting interests. My 3rd favorite pickup this year was Captain America Comics #72. I needed this exact issue to bridge my GA Cap runs of #66-#71 & #73-#78. I got this book raw and am very happy about the grade and page quality received. Last 13 issues of Captain America Comics complete. 2nd favorite pickup would have to be Fight Comics #49. I've always liked this cover and after seeing the 9.6 Mile High copy in person I set out to find myself a 9.0 or better copy. I figured I'd have to wait a while since there are only six copies known (excluding the MH) but I was able to secure this book in much less time than I expected. Had a bit of a scare with this book as it was sent to an old address of mine! Thankfully the new tenants were good people and held it for me And my favorite pickup is Captain America Comics #5. Signed by Stan Lee and Joe Simon. Restored due to "color touch on cover" but I wouldn't have been able to afford it without it It's my second book with those two signatures on it. Sorry for the glare.