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  1. GoldCap


    Two of my grails are in my collection due to Rick! This guy delivers Congrats!!
  2. GoldCap


    Sweet book and a good write up! Good luck with the sale!
  3. I'm really hoping someone can help me locate this lithograph. I don't know what the exact title of it is and the only image I have of it is a small one from the internet... Thanks for your help!!
  4. GoldCap

    The classic iconic cover thread.

  5. GoldCap

    The classic iconic cover thread.

    THIS is the one I've been waiting for someone to post! Good job
  6. GoldCap

    So, is there anyone reading this..?

    I read it! The whole journal section seems...lonely. Ohh well...
  7. Man, if only I hadn't been on a recent spending spree...
  8. Very happy to get this! One of just two (of 13 total) on the census that I could possibly afford since the rest are 6.5 and higher!
  9. GoldCap

    Ditko's estate...

  10. GoldCap

    The classic iconic cover thread.

  11. GoldCap

    The classic iconic cover thread.

  12. +1 if the grade can remain about the same. Plus, cover alignment is pretty much perfect which isn't always easy to get with this issue.
  13. For sale I have a Captain America Comics #4 that has...seen better days, to put it mildly. Of the 64 double sided pages, there are 56 pages present which means 4 physical pages are missing. There is no cover either but I will include a copy of the front and back cover. No interior front or back cover though. Here's a breakdown of what's there and what isn't from each story - "The Unholy Legion" - all 15 pages are there "Ivan the Terrible" - all 9 pages are there "The Case of Fake Money Fiends" - pages 1-4 are there but pages 5-10 (3 total pages) are missing "Horror Hospital" - missing pages 1-2 (1 page), pages 3-13 are there "The Bomb Sight Thieves" (text story) - all 2 pages there Sentinels of Liberty ad page - 1 page there Tuk, Caveboy story "The Ogre of the Cave-Dwellers" - all 6 pages are there Coming soon! ad - 1 page there "The Pirate & The Missing Ships" story - all 7 pages there Now here's a breakdown of condition of said pages. The first wrap is detached from the rest. Lots of tears and pieces missing from the spine. Pages are tan to light tan. What looks like bug chew at spine. Or a cut since it's so exact? Page 3 of the first story has a piece missing and a tear that goes from the bottom of the page almost all the way to the top. Just 2.5-3 inches from the top. Page 13/14 of the first story has a large chunk missing from the bottom right corner as can be seen in one of the pictures. The "Ivan the Terrible" story is great. No major defects there. The first page to "The Case of the Fake Money Fiends" store has a chunk missing right where Cap's head should be. The next page of that story (page 3/4 and pages 3/4 of "Horror Hospital") is detached from the staple. The rest of the pages are fine until you get to the last page where the back cover should be. Some tearing at bottom of spine. Whew! If you've read this far, congrats! First wins. I accept PayPal, checks or money orders. I'll accept returns but please let me know within 3 days of receiving the comic. Shipping is free but you'll have to pay to return. I'd like $225 for it. Thanks for looking!
  14. GoldCap

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    I was tracking that! Along with Cap 4, Modern Comics 59, Superman 14 & Teen-Age Romances #43. I'm glad I chose not to bid now Sweet book, congrats!