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  1. Babe 8 - 2.5 CROW $45 & TOS 53 - 7.0 CROW $185 *pin hole in cover
  2. Adventure Comics 275 - 6.5 OW $30
  3. I second that emotion! Never been upset with a seller for making triple-sure a cool old book was protected.
  4. Read this issue on Comic Book Plus. If it started as Baker art, it ended up with so much bad Coletta inking that Matt's finesse has been totally destroyed. If you collect Baker for the beauty of his art, you'd never buy this book.
  5. This book might actually grade at 1.8, based on CGC Head Grader Matt Nelson's recent statement on a CBSI YouTube video that the max a book can receive with a full spine split is 1.8. (If you tape it, he says the max would be 1.5.) eBay sellers like this one are the reason I usually assume most raw books on the site are at least a grade lower than advertised, and I bid accordingly.
  6. Baker no doubt utilized swipes, as his friend & assistant Frank Giusto says in the book Matt Baker: The Art of Glamour, "...I'd be going to his apartment to work with him and collect swipes..." Did Baker use "swipes" in the strictest sense of the word? Probably not. He was more likely "inspired" by the items in his clip files, as evidenced by the differences you note between the Greek magazine and Cinderella Love 25. I assume you're making a joke when you say maybe you don't know much about Baker and then ask if he was Greek. Matt Baker was African-American. He lived in New York City,
  7. Feeling sad for Bart's family and the collecting community. He was a positive driving force for comic collecting in Oklahoma and beyond. I hope we can have at least one last big OAFCon in Bart's honor.