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  1. This book might actually grade at 1.8, based on CGC Head Grader Matt Nelson's recent statement on a CBSI YouTube video that the max a book can receive with a full spine split is 1.8. (If you tape it, he says the max would be 1.5.) eBay sellers like this one are the reason I usually assume most raw books on the site are at least a grade lower than advertised, and I bid accordingly.
  2. Baker no doubt utilized swipes, as his friend & assistant Frank Giusto says in the book Matt Baker: The Art of Glamour, "...I'd be going to his apartment to work with him and collect swipes..." Did Baker use "swipes" in the strictest sense of the word? Probably not. He was more likely "inspired" by the items in his clip files, as evidenced by the differences you note between the Greek magazine and Cinderella Love 25. I assume you're making a joke when you say maybe you don't know much about Baker and then ask if he was Greek. Matt Baker was African-American. He lived in New York City, aka America's Melting Pot, with cultures from all over the world. It would not be out of the ordinary for vendors to display Greek magazines, like the one that inspired Baker's Cinderella Love 25 cover.
  3. Feeling sad for Bart's family and the collecting community. He was a positive driving force for comic collecting in Oklahoma and beyond. I hope we can have at least one last big OAFCon in Bart's honor.
  4. Thru Sunday 8/23 at midnight: 5% off listed prices for ASM 316/317 and Spawn 1 Spidey 1 Regular $195 Spidey 1 Silver $220 OR while they all remain, take all 5 for $1500 shipped.
  5. Spider-Man 1 Silver Edition CGC SS 9.8 $255 -- NOW 220
  6. Amazing Spider-Man 316 CGC SS 9.8 AND Amazing Spider-Man 317 CGC SS 9.8 These two slabs with consecutive CGC serial numbers are offered as a set. BOTH for $850
  7. Before offering comics in other venues, I like to give boardies 1st dibs. These are my original owner books, recently signed by Todd McFarlane and graded by CGC at 9.8 White. Each purchase comes with a free set of Slab LegsTM, 3D printed by my son. 1st “I'll Take It!” in the thread wins and trumps all private negotiations. Please make sure to quote the book you are taking. Payment must be made by PayPal within 48 hours of invoice, which will be provided to buyers via PM. Please do not rescind your take or swap with others on the thread. Shipping in USA is $12.50 for Priority box. US buyers only; shipping to US PayPal verified addresses only. No returns on slabbed books. No probation listers or HOSers. Please do not quote and comment on books, because it confuses some into thinking a book is sold when it is not.
  8. We need this guy's name. The people who bought his fake books and then had their money refunded should know his name and his email address, and maybe even his mailing address. He came here to defraud all of us on the forum. He didn't care who. His name should be known here, to hinder his ability and desire to do this again.
  9. Here's how you can be sure that these were faked by the same person: all the signatures have slightly C-shaped apostrophes before the year abbreviation. Stan Lee rarely signed with a year like that, and when he did, he barely put a dot on the paper for the apostrophe.