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  1. It is completely Bizarro World for CGC to hype "superior optics" "ideal for visual display", only to insist that good paying customers ignore any amount of unsightly oil-slick-looking globs.
  2. Depending upon how long ago the Qualified 4.0 was slabbed, it is possible the book was graded before CGC realized TLP 11 commonly had bad printer's cuts. According to the current census, all other graded copies of the book have received blue labels, several of which could be confused for "trimmed" if one did not know better.
  3. You are probably correct. True Love Pictorial #11 appears to be particularly prone to factory miscuts. I have a raw copy of TLP 11 that I was afraid might be trimmed. It made me analyze the cover of every other copy I've found online, with special attention paid to CGC blue label books. Looks to me like the printer's cut on this run was wildly random for whatever reason.
  4. Horrible. This is what happens when a company lowers its standards. While they foist awful slabs like this onto customers, it is disgraceful for CGC to claim "CGC’s state-of-the-art holder combines superior optics and the most advanced archival materials, making it ideal for visual display and preservation." https://www.cgccomics.com/comic-grading/holder/ I wonder what would happen if CGC got turned into the trade commission for false advertising?
  5. A pair of Kaisiking Heavy Duty Suction Cups arrived today from Amazon. I haven't had much time to experiment but have taken time to test one CGC slab with a severe case of Newton Rings. While squeezing tightly at one edge to ensure that the slab did not come apart, I attached a suction cup on the front of the slab in the top third, pulled ever-so-gently, and the Newton Rings there disappeared! Did not have the same result on the bottom two-thirds of the front. After placing the suction cup in several different places and gently pulling, it didn't do a thing down there. It is encouraging that the suction cup helped the top half of the slab, though. Wish I'd taken photos so I could share the result with you here. Newton Rings are apparently created by the book being too tight in the slab. If there's even a tiny bit of space between the slab, the plastic insert and the book, no Newton Rings. Too much pressure of the slab against the inner sheet creates the oily look. The suction cup worked where there was a bit of wiggle room. CGC should fix this problem so we don't have to experiment. I have a key book for sale right now which I have price dropped several hundred dollars below the last sale price, and I believe Newton Rings are keeping buyers away.
  6. After complaining about Newton Rings on one of my recent submissions, it appears that CGC thinks a certain amount is OK. I do not. How great a book looks in a slab is of prime importance, apparently even to CGC, as evidenced by this blurb directly from https://www.cgccomics.com/comic-grading/holder/ "CGC’s state-of-the-art holder combines superior optics and the most advanced archival materials, making it ideal for visual display and preservation." What kind of respectable business hypes "superior optics" and "visual display" and then nonchalantly sticks customers with unsightly Newton Rings that diminish the optics and visual display?
  7. It wasn't me, but someone got a great deal today when they paid just $10 for a nice copy of Pictorial Romances #8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pictorial-romances-8-Matt-Baker-nice-condition-/283575717728?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=5%2FNoyotrwaIpI2Y9UdQHXkA2vtM%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc
  8. I've looked at this photo repeatedly during the last couple of days, and my jaw drops every time. It is an incredible that you found this variety of Matt Baker work in one single box at an estate sale. Given the fact that the collection included not only Baker romance, but also war and horror books, it's likely the original owner was a true Baker fan. When you found that box, you definitely were putting The Law of Attraction into action.
  9. Well, it appears the only way for me to stir up some sympathy sales here is to knock up a gal and start a new family. And it probably would help if I was willing to take less for the books in this thread. Thank goodness I'm nowhere near old enough to actually need Depends, if ever. Anyhow, thanks for viewing my books. I've got a pile of more reasonably priced goodies that there just isn't time to scan, grade, describe and post right now, so I'll probably be back someday when I have time to deal with posting and handling all the PM's. I totally respect those of you who put up long sales threads. It's not as quick-and-easy as it looks. Re: Witchcraft 2 After much haggling with several folks via PM, someone did come forward and meet my final drop price, but I could not accommodate a payment plan at this time. Now, that book is going out for cleaning/pressing (if deemed safe by an expert) and slabbing. We'll see if it is a VG...or maybe better. I'll share on the forum once it comes back. This thread is CLOSED. Have a great weekend!