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  1. 20 is definitely a Baker cover, as correctly credited at Grand Comics Database and in Matt Baker: The Art of Glamour. 21 is NOT Baker, and is not credited at GCD nor in the book.
  2. Bought a new old stock HP8300 and never looked back.
  3. Cool books, but your post is missing several important things that are required if you don't want it to be deleted.
  4. Thank you! And due to your immediate payment, the posters are on their way.
  5. Available for purchase now: Authentic original 1991 Rocketeer prerelease 27” X 40” movie poster, featuring a glossy one-sided print with official unique serial number on the back. While working at a radio station in the early 90's, I received several of these posters which saw limited distribution before the Rocketeer film was released in 1991, hence the blurb at the bottom: “Summer 1991”. Each poster is rolled and has never been displayed. Since I have a small quantity of them, the poster in the photo is an example of the design and quality. I can assure you that each is practically brand new, with perhaps very slight edge wear, if that. The size and gloss are stunning. Here's your chance to acquire a beautiful shiny 28-year-old specimen with no folds or pinholes, ready for framing. 1 for $55 - USPS Priority shipping in a tube included 2+ for $50 each - USPS Priority shipping in a tube included If you want one, simply post “I'll Take It!” in the thread. If you want more than one, add a note showing how many you would like. Payment by PayPal within 48 hours of invoice. For outside the U.S., PM me and let's discuss before taking. No probation listers or HOSers. No returns.
  6. Sorry I'm just now catching up with you. Been out all day. I respectfully pass on World of MYSTERY #3.