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  1. That's the nicest one I've seen. I've landed 2 copies during the past few years, but both are beat to death, and I can't decide which one is the undercopy.
  2. I was surprised last week when CGC graded one of my one-staple books with detached centerfold as a 6.0. Everything else about it appeared to be 6.5, so they didn't ding it too bad for the detached center. Perhaps there is some forgiveness, due to the fact that having only one staple naturally puts a book's integrity at risk.
  3. After all the Baker misattributions by CGC and the price guide, I believe only my own eyes.
  4. Yorick's copy of Diary Secrets #16 is the reddest I can remember seeing. Up until now, I thought the color was supposed to lean towards orange, like on mine below. Red is notorious for fading more than most other colors, whether it's on a comic cover, a 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul guitar or even the "Star Spangled Banner" flag in the Smithsonian. Additionally, many St. John books show signs of cheap printing practices. I have several books that I'm pretty sure are not faded, but just didn't get enough ink in the first place because the printer let it run out and didn't stop the presses to refill.
  5. Those of who got to the game late realize what an incredible, and now next-to-impossible, accomplishment this is. Major congratulations! I am in awe of your collecting prowess.
  6. Don't know the details. Read about it in a local FB group and came here to share and see if anyone here had knowledge to contribute.
  7. The person in question has not pressed any of my books. (In fact, you are the only presser I have ever employed so far.) Saw the news about "canvassing" on a Facebook post and just wanted to spread the word here so others could avoid such a problem.
  8. CGC has responded, and "canvassing" is indeed a pressing issue: "Canvassing refers to a pattern that has been pressed into the cover during pressing, likely from whatever surface was used against it. It looks like a cross stitched pattern." My friend reports that he's been using teflon sheets (which often have a light weave texture) when pressing books and is going back to silicone paper.
  9. Thanks. Many of us were aware of that already, but Pebbling nor Canvassing are listed in the glossary. Here's a link to the glossary. https://www.cgccomics.com/resources/glossary/
  10. Just now checked CGC's online Glossary. Pebbling is not listed there.
  11. The guy I know says he's checking directly with CGC tomorrow when the office is open again. I'll keep you posted.
  12. The person is a presser, so he doesn't send books to CCS. He says the term "canvassing" has popped up in grader notes on some books that are currently being shipped back to him.
  13. A fellow collector in my state says he's been getting the grader note "canvassing" from CGC on a number of his books. There is no such term in the Glossary on the CGC site. I suspect "canvassing" may be a new way to refer to pressed comics whose covers are not smooth. Anyone know for sure what "canvassing" means?
  14. That big crease on the upper right corner really drags down the value. I'll take it off your hands for $100.
  15. Don't know about the other models, but I've been very happy with the HP ScanJet 8300 that I found on eBay a couple of years ago. It was "new old stock" still in the box, never opened or used. With VueScan software, it's been doing a great job on slabs, sometimes with a bit of glare, but not bad.
  16. In poring over The Art of Glamour more carefully, I noticed a THIRD example of surviving Matt Baker cover original art. Page 107 shows the lower portion of the cover art for Authentic Police Cases #35, with a notation that it was found in Baker's files.
  17. Oops! Forgot about that one. It's even on page 43 of The Art of Glamour.