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  1. Body Bags #4 VF+ $4 Dejah Thoris #1 Cvr A Parrillo VF+ $4 Dejah Thoris #3 Cvr B Kunkka NM $4
  2. I only use cardboard boxes for all my comics, magazines, and CGC cases. In the comic book store I work at we use the black plastic long boxes and we all hate them. The ones we have were as thick as a standard cardboard long box but they have started to warp. When you pick them up they also bend in the middle of the box. I know BCW makes a thicker short box and long box and those seem like better quality but are very expensive if you have a large collection you want to swap over.
  3. Got my items with no issues. Packaging was fantastic for my two CGC books.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man 316 CGC 9.6 OW/W $225 Batgirl 12 CGC 9.8 W $200 per PM