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  1. Never had problems. Doesn't get any more straight forward with them. Always answered my emails.
  2. It looks like that part of the description was removed. Something doesn't feel quite right with this piece.
  3. Is there a pencils only version only outhere?
  4. Is the one been auction inks over original pencils or Is there a pencils only version still floating around?
  5. I personally wish for the current market place to be divided in separate subforums. Want to Buy, Selling Personally, Dealers and In Auction.
  6. I haven't read TG, but this image is all kinds of awesome
  7. My initial instinct was $800-$1000.
  8. Your offer could have been FMV, but Maybe your offer was so far off from the seller's asking price , that from his perspective it did not merit a counter offer.