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  1. And the solution is to keep commenting on Burkey's buy low/sell high practice? The man is a dealer. If what he did meant so much to you, then don't buy nor deal with him. Change the channel.
  2. I'm quite aware of the shill practice. He openly said it. here. After said incident It's your personal choice if want to continue to buy/sell/trade with him or not. Once the choice is made, just move on. At the end of the day he is a dealer. I personally continue to buy/ trade from him regardless of the admitted shilling.
  3. I'm curious... Did Mike Burkey steal your car and killed your dog? Because you are constantly after him.
  4. Hmmm.... That's always been there
  5. Tad optimistic on this Jim Lee X Men page?
  6. It looks like he is mostly digital nowadays . That wasn’t the case when he started. For the exception of a few pages, I think Damned is digital as well.
  7. I decided to do a CAF search on Lee Bermejo’s most recent art after reading that Matt Reeves The Batman film Bat-suit will be based on Lee Bermejo’s Designs. Somehow I expected to see more on CAF from Batman: Damned. His most recent covers for TEC1019 and 1020 are insanely good. Is he working digital now?
  8. Re-sell value? Keep the "fresh to market" feel?
  9. That used to be about right years ago, but not anymore. Also when you consider this one just sold the day before
  10. Burkey had the Capullo/McFarlane Spawn 26 Cover on his site just a few months ago for $15K. Just Sold for $19k.