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  1. Cant wait to listen to this! Im a Big fan of A Congregation of Jackals
  2. "No More" of this crazy market.
  3. I do not disagree with this statement in general, however the OA community is a tight community.
  4. This. I couldn't agree more. Is in poor taste. Glen could have waited a couple of months. Thanks Dino. ADD was a fun night. I was lucky enough to buy a piece before Glen.
  5. Thats insane. Why do I feel the Cabal is behind this.
  6. Zecks Kravens Last Hunt page sold for $28,800 with the Juice. I just sold that piece for $7K during ComicArtLive Con back in October. Great flip!. Nice profit in just 6 months. Congrats to the seller. Funny thing is that I received multiple emails saying that I had it over priced at $7K
  7. PRH offers free shipping, but so many times the product arrives damaged. PRH actually shipping comics is scary because they have no idea how to ship trades properly.
  8. I’m not sure if this was posted somewhere before, but it’s an awesome show and tell of Felix Collection. Chip Zdarsky is also uncomfortably hilarious.
  9. I've been toying and testing out different frames for my not so pricey pieces. Im really digging the float frames.
  10. I agree. Eba - Buy It Now / Make an Offer is the way to go right now.
  11. Anybody know how much Greg Capullo was selling the BATMAN #5 SPLASH?