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  1. The Bisley Lobo selling for $28,800 was another head scratcher. I thought it would go for around $15K
  2. José Luis García-López Deadman #1 for 13.2K...seems high
  3. David Finch / Danny Miki Covers from the X-Men Messiah Complex series were selling privately for around $20K. I recall X-Men 494 selling for $12K or 15K a decade ago. Is quite a big jump. I personally had it peg for around $25K. The cover is one of the better ones of the series.
  4. Thanks. I know is not OA related, but I was also curious about the results of Mike King Concert Posters. I should have put them on my watch list.
  5. Which artist is from? Original Comic Art typically does not come with a COA. Unless is a Digital 1 of 1 Print.
  6. Generally I would say No , but many years ago I did buy an abysmal McFarlane Spawn, because there were no other McFarlane Spawns around at the time. I end up selling it shortly after. You know why I sold it? Because It was ugly. Im actually glad that I bought it, and then sell it. I was able to make that decision after holding the art in my hands for some months and getting a true feel for it. Sometimes you just have to go through the experience. My
  7. It sold privately some years ago for close to that amount.
  8. Didn't Danzig own this?....anyway What is the estimate on something like this?
  9. I've always liked his take on the Joker during the Morrison run,
  10. How Does Comic Connect near the end of the auction added time works?
  11. This. So true. Still not over it. I eventually acquired a McSpidey Cover, but never a Venom page.