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  1. Underbidder on the Mignola Dracula. Could not justify going higher. The Sales Tax is motha.... Congrats to the winner.
  2. 2014 in Burkeys site. Not really that recent. McSpidey Covers are rarely avail, not like they use to 5yrs ago. I'm taking the over. I'm really curious where the Mignola 90s Hellboy cover is going to end. Something you don't see often either.
  3. Auction started yesterday and the McSpidey SM4 cover is already at $69K. Over /Under $100K??
  4. Any thoughts on Mike Mignola Hellboy Oddest Jobs Cover Painting Selling For $36K?
  5. I'm very much skewed to the published side. 99%. In my 20 years of collecting I personally commissioned one piece, and only because it was part of a charity event. I might have acquired 2 finished unpublished pieces at some point. They didn't stay long in my collection As they did not have what I consider the attractive part of Collecting Original comic art. I started collecting Original comic Art because I could see the published printed version of it, and the appeal of owning the original of it. Besides the cost effectiveness, I never understood collecting unpublished or commission pieces. I rather save the funds for a publish piece. If cost was the factor, I would much rather go the route of prelims, as they would reflect and resemble the final version of the publish piece.
  6. There's a vintage Hellboy Cover coming up in the next CLink Auction
  7. 4. Frank Miller ... This month. I'm revisiting 80' DD
  8. 1. Kirby 2. Mignola 3. McFarlane 4. Keeps Changing 🤔
  9. Cool, maybe I'll end up inadvertently winning it if collectors continue to obsess over completely immaterial things. If the sigs on the Byrne piece are a deal breaker, then the potential bidder wasn’t truly interested in the first place. IMO most collectors will look pass this kind of Sigs for high caliber OA. The Conan piece with Arnie’s blue sharpie sig it’s a whole different story. Over/Under $12.5k?
  10. Murphy Anderson's Hawkman #4 Zatanna First Appearance Complete 13-Page Story is also up for auction.
  11. Conan the Destroyer sold for $1.5 million back in 2010. I would imagine it will be around that number.
  12. The rumors are true, Frank Frazetta's The Egyptian Queen will be up for auction.
  13. I actually won something with what was meant to be a tracking bid👍