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  1. Dani Strips....that girl is talented. I really dig her art style. Reminds me of the 70s Grindhouse films
  2. I like this. Nice Piece. Need to get me an Amano. 2021 Goal
  3. Is Christmas…why not give it a shot Looking for Vertigo Sandman pages from Issue 4
  4. If I purchase an original digital print photograph directly from the photographers approved printed edition, is it original art?
  5. Jorge Jimenez Batman art is also selling quite well. There is no doubt that his covers would be selling at 3X, if they were in pencil and ink. A lot of collectors are getting priced out. The 1 of 1 monoprint is an alternative. Its a very small sample, but ComicLinks selling of the Thor pages at a strong price... twice....shows that there could be an after market for these.
  6. If you don’t like the content of a TV program, change the channel. If you don’t like Mike because of his previous practices, then dont buy from him. But just move the on. Sadly it’s always the same people that are stuck in this subject.
  7. Hell yea' it was. The minimum wage was $2.30 in 1976
  8. The Dark Knight Returns #1 Unused Splash and and The Complete Frank Miller Batman #1 Hardback Cover are from 2019 and 2018. Not 2020, but not long ago either. $175K is quite far off for a negotiation starting point.
  9. Nice Miller piece, but $175K it’s a bit too much. Especially when you compare it to the final result of the following pieces. Not exactly an apples to apples comparisson, but more like lemons to limes. Frank Miller Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 Unused Splash Page 1 - $50,400 Frank Miller The Complete Frank Miller Batman #1 Hardback Cover - $43,200 Frank Miller Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (10th Anniversary Edition) - $41,825 As someone mentioned before, I would rather wait for a very nice interior page at this price point.
  10. NICK BRADSHAW - RED SONJA COVER for $1,550 was another bargain. Not crazy about her facial expression, but the piece has a good amount of detail.
  11. MARC SILVESTRI / SCOTT WILLIAMS - CYBERFORCE #2 PAGE 11 SPLASH for $1,300 was a bargain
  12. Are any dealers having Black Friday Sales or discounts?