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  1. I wasn't and they got the passwords so it's all good.
  2. My parents, I'm not sure what their exact situation is now but with the fact being that my dad still has the injury I'm sure the situation has gotten worse. I don't like my parents at all it's not a secret. 1.) In 2018 I worked at two places if I exclude myself and that was about three months of the year and I was making about 1000-1500 per month. Working for myself for 10 months I was making 600-800 per month. 2.) I'm not sure what the numbers are for that because that's not how I calculate things, I just calculate how much I bought the item for, sold it, and then I total everything at the end. 3.) Well since the amount is with collections they're the ones charging me daily interest and they made SURE to tell me it was $1.30 per day and what I would do to get it paid off. I tried getting the credit card info from my the ATM but it just that information is no longer available. 4.) I don't know everything is from different dates and times so I'm gonna get the answer in tax time. But I am certain my crypto can make me more than 26%, in fact, the reason I came back is that the crypto market is in a huge correction and since comics is something I know I can sell comics to buy more crypto. I don't see a reason to pay off my debt yet because honestly, I see debt as a black hole which will make you do nothing but lose money. I rather put that money towards something that will make me gain money not lose it .
  3. It is true because I had calls from the collections guys every day and until I finally answered them they told me what was going on. Well, I never said I would never pay off any of my debts. Buyers pay to ship but that still comes out of my pocket and I need to pay for it to be shipped. And why can't I compartmentalize things in my financial life? It's a good way of breaking things down and seeing a visual representation of what I need to improve on and fix. I have been changing a lot whether you believe that or not, I don't say or do things without reason and haven't been for a while. Do you think I'm lying about any of what I have said? I'm not doing this for pity or to impress any of you, it's my journal so people see my journey. Honestly, I think it's perfect because it will show people all the work that goes behind everything. Also, my plan for this year is written down on this journal so you can go check it and no my wife isn't a zombie.
  4. Let's clear a few things up. It's not a token amount but the cheapest going rate for a room and yes I've been checking. As for my parents, you have no idea how they treat me so don't begin to speak of them as you do. I know what they have done for me in the past and I'm thankful but they're terrible people.
  5. The interest rate on the card doesn't apply anymore but it used to be 26%. I now get charged $1.30 every day in interest. Yes, I have told my case worker my situation many times and I had nothing to hide. They said they didn't recommend it but it's my choice. Can you explain overall financial well being or are you just talking about the fact that I'm in debt with no job yet? Hmmm, two of the reasons that I've taken a break from selling my stuff was 1. I didn't have enough money to ship things so I just sold what I could locally. 2. I moved over to cryptocurrency. If it would cause me any hardship I wouldn't be doing it. One of the things I want to do is go to my caseworker and tell them again to send that doctor so that I can once and for all know what I have and get disability and finally be off social assistance. With disability, they will evaluate me again to see if I'm fit for a job or not, doctors will now take me seriously when I tell them things, and I will now have access to a lot more programs to help me since I won't be stuck in limbo anymore. I can't tell you how much I hate that employers have lied to me to cover their asses. When I get interviews I tell the employers what's wrong with me and they say it's ok. Later on, in the end of firing me because my disability keeps messing things up. It hasn't happened many times but it's happened on three occasions. I would rather have them be honest with me than lie. I know that if they said they fired me because of my disability they could get into legal trouble. Btw for those wondering what the paper I take to my employers is a description of the symptoms of what I have and it's signed off by my caseworker and the professional that tested me in college
  6. Well, my parents told me they would take me to doctors and professionals of all sorts when I was younger to see what was wrong with me because obviously there was and is. Like I said the closest person to my knowledge was the professional that tested me in college told me it's a learning disorder and gave me the symptoms. She didn't specify what my condition was and not only did that frustrate me because I finally thought I would find out but that I also couldn't apply for disability because it's almost like limbo state.
  7. I don't have the papers on me and I would need to look for them later.
  8. Yes, that's correct. Over the course of my lifetime, I've had about 50 doctors try and they either said that they can't figure out what I have. The closest that I've gotten is that I had a professional come and test me when I was in college and diagnosed it as a learning disorder but being that she didn't specify what I had and only gave the symptoms I couldn't apply for disability. I've spoken to my case worker about this quite a few times and they said they have a doctor come in a few times a year so he'll be testing the people on his file. I did a self-diagnosis and I'm almost 100% sure I had ADHD and dyslexia.
  9. No, The last thing I need is to join the military.
  10. If you're talking about my parents I could care less about them. If it's the social assistance you're talking about I am grateful whether you see it or not or think I'm not showing it is not my problem. No, I think they got an offer on the house that they've accepted and the person gave them 90 days to get everything in order. If you seriously think that I'm posting to get pity or sympathy you really do know nothing about why I do this.
  11. Because I'm grateful for the social assistance, that I do have compassion and if I didn't I wouldn't have stayed with my parents. I regret doing that now.
  12. Improving in different ways and I'm not going to leave it forever I will pay it off
  13. Yes, it is and since you're the one that tells me I have a lack of comprehension you read what I said again. She is greedy and selfish so don't get it twisted. She didn't do that out of the good of her heart but to sell the house faster. I didn't want to move any of my stuff upstairs because I didn't want anything to happen to it. Freeload? I pay rent, for the food, and I use my own circumstance to HELP THEM with food! Don't you call me a freeloader again. Unlike me, they have nothing wrong with them and deserve all that's coming to them.
  14. It's not that I pick and choose it's that I answer them multiple times and you don't pay attention. For example, I've already answered how much debt my credit card has on it multiple times so where were you? Ok here's another thing, I DID NOT NOT have a job for four years, in fact, I've had multiple. I don't make a good impression to most people and one thing I hate people telling me to do more is to smile on the job. I'm not on drugs people and unless I'm genuinely happy I'm not gonna fake it. Yes, I understand that I have a lot of things to work on and to you, it may seem like I've gotten nowhere but I've improved a lot and learned many things. So to answer this question AGAIN, I owe roughly around 2800 dollars CAD on it. I'm not making any payments on it.