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  1. 23 hours ago, followtheleader said:

    Why Swamp Thing?  Had a crazy kid story in it.  Hard part is that it was super expensive when it came out (so it's essentially doubled in value).

    Farmhand was in my pile to send down the chute.  Good to know that it's hot. 


    i would also add Betty and Veronica #262 and 267

  2. 11 minutes ago, jmulli said:

    I resubmitted one of my Stan Lee autographed comics for a new slab (case). It was returned without the requested Stan Lee Label.

    When I called CGC, I was informed that CGC no longer has the rights to put a Stan Lee Label on any resubmitted Stan Lee autographed submitted comics. 

    CGC did not secure the rights to continue using the Stan Lee Label on autographed Stan Lee comics after his death.

    This news is very disappointing :(

    So beware, if your "Stan Lee Autograph Label" case get's cracked, chipped, pressed and regraded, you cannot get a Stan Lee Label anymore. Thanks CGC! 

    Interesting and thanks for the update. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Djrodunchained said:

    I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with dabbling in crypto currencies or flipping comic books... if you aren't doing it on the taxpayers dime. This thread is nothing but excuses and playing the victim, because there is that fallback of government assistance. Nothing will change until you decide to take responsibility for your actions and learn that life isn't fair and nothing is owed to you. You won't get rich quick. Just ain't going to happen.

    Best of luck in your life. You have received a lot of good (and repeated) advice on getting a job to support yourself. It does not take months to find a job, any job. Absolutely nothing positive will happen until you take that vital first step. 

    I'm very happy you replied. Are you going to assume why I came back here as well? I haven't asked for advice in a long time my friend and since you want to know so badly I came here on the request made by someone in contact with me. In fact, that's the reason why I came back both times.

  4. 21 hours ago, ChiSoxFan said:

    As someone who was in management for almost my entire professional career (when I didn't own a business or sold real estate), this statement stood out.  Authority -- in the context of the workplace -- more often than not, has "issues' with someone, not because they're on a "power trip", or don't "understand" something, or whatever reason people think they do, but because of legitmate reasons that affect the business or workplace itself.

    If any individual has one incident where "authority" has "issues" with them, then it might be chalked up to the authority figure, and it might be something legitimately unfair -- it does happen, and I've seen it firsthand.  If, however, multiple different authority figures have problems with the same individual over multiple different situations, it's almost certainly the common denominator -- the individual -- that's at fault.  I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of people, either working beneath me (or along side of me) who've lost their job -- and who lost/left any number of previous jobs -- because of what they perceived were "injustices" being done to them, when in fact, the real problem was that they should been looking in the mirror for why the same results kept happening to them over and over again.

    Food for thought for you. 

    Thanks but I don't say things without reason.

  5. On 3/8/2018 at 11:28 AM, jaybuck43 said:

    I assume that since you put in so many hours studying and learning about crypto you can explain the difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, give examples of which Cryptocurrencies use which, what the benefits and detractions are of each, and what the future trends of each are?  Correct?

    Yes, I can to all those questions.  I don't do technical analysis though if that's what you're asking but I already made predictions for bitcoin for this year.

  6. On 3/5/2018 at 8:53 PM, jaybuck43 said:

    I've written and spoken extensively on Crypto, DLT, etc.  Bitcoin is a giant puzzle.  You mine bitcoin by solving a complex decryption.  In the early days the puzzle was really easy, by today it is VERY complicated.  It takes ROUGHLY 13,000 Tera Hashes per Second for 24 hours to mine a bitcoin.  A Titan X (the highest end video card on the market) can do ABOUT 700 MHpS.  So you need a specialized miner.  An ASIC miner can run about 13 THpS. (That's your 2-3k start up fees) That means you would need to run it for 50 months without the difficulty changing to get 1 bitcoin.  Plus add in the 1.3 KWH you need to pay per hour.  So that would run you another 46,800 KWH (assuming 10-12 cents per KWH total fee (delivery and supply) that's $5,616 in electricity fees.  So either your friend is mining something other than bitcoin or spent ALOT more than 3-5k in start up fees.  

    Do you have a link to your blog or posts?

  7. On 3/5/2018 at 11:57 PM, revat said:

    Yah I think the 3-5k is maintenance every year, his startup was way higher, but I don’t know if how he splits costs either or whatever.  There’s a lot of initial investment and maintenance time and money, but I think he makes pretty good cash

    I would think so considering he's paying that much for maintenance every year. 

  8. 11 hours ago, Mercury Man said:

    Bitcoin price drops 10% as hackers exploit Binance’s API keys

    Welcome to another rollercoaster day for the cryptocurrency community. In just a few minutes, bitcoin price crashed from $10,740 to $9,690, which represents a 10.8 percent crash.  As always, it’s a bit hard to know for sure what’s happening.  But one company in particular is having a bad day. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has spotted some unusual activities and halted withdrawals. Binance is one of the biggest exchanges out there. According to CoinMarketCap, it’s one of the 4 biggest exchanges for the top cryptocurrencies when it comes to traded volume.

    You had me at "it's a bit hard to know for sure what's happening".   

    Just shut up and take my money! (thumbsu

    Those who know better wouldn't complain about that and would take advantage of the dip in addition to checking up on Binance and see that nothing was taken and yes I can say that because I have an account on there.

  9. On 3/5/2018 at 4:32 PM, Wall-Crawler said:

    lol I suspect you may have issues with authority and those who tell you things you don't really want to hear.

    I may have missed some of your update but sadly, it still sounds like the same old Gabe. Everything above is  nearly exactly the same stuff we heard 6 months to a year ago.  

    Perhaps 'scoff' was the wrong word but if on top of your government assistance you are able to 'save' anything why NOT invest in something SAFE like a TFSA? Or save it in a regular old boring old savings account and put it towards some kind of job or skills training that will help you secure long term employment?

    As many have said LONG AGO, start with baby steps, but sadly, this whole crypto thing is just another one of your delusions to try make money without really having to do any kind of work....Comics, video games and consoles, sports cards and now the latest "fad de jour", crypto currencies. 

    How much, dollar wise have you ACTUALLY invested into it? 



    No, I have issues with authority when they have issues with me. There are many things about me that are the same and many things that are changing slowly. 

    Why are you telling me to put my money into a TFSA? I already said there are better places for me to put my money into and that's cryptocurrency.


    So you're assuming that just because I get into something it requires no work? Do you know how many hours I put into studying and learning about crypto? A lot and I don't regret any of it and will keep learning about it to make better investments and keep up with the latest tech. Also, on that note where have, I ever said I ever stopped doing, video games, comic books, and sports cards?


    Dollar wise I would need to add it up.

  10. On 3/5/2018 at 3:43 PM, revat said:

    without getting into whether or not bitcoin is appropriate, don't you have to report to the government if you working on/investing in bitcoin (or other crypto currencies)?  I'm pretty sure government aid is generally not meant for people to invest, but rather to meet the basic essentials of life like food/shelter/utilities. I've been on government aid before (though I'm sure it varies from countries and provinces/states), and I had to answer a lot of questions about what I was doing with my time and money (and other income) under penalty of perjury. 



    BTW, the best way to make money on bitcoin is to bet against it.  Get everyone talking about how much its worth, then short the 'ake' mushroom out of it.  If you don't think that happened when they were talking about it at $10K, well you probably own some $10K bitcoin.

    Yes, I report what I make with cryptocurrencies and if fact when I mentioned it they get more serious and said that if I make over 20k I need to start my own business in addition to letting them know every penny I make. There are more ways than that to make money in a falling market but you're right it's one of the best ways.