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  1. Literally? Yet you're saying my answer of you're wrong is any worse than yours despite answering? You have an ego, friend. I already gave you facts. Are you smart enough to know that or will you keep denying that?
  2. I am planning on meeting her and getting pics with Sam and her sister. I rather take videos of the powers as opposed to pics but I'll see what she says.
  3. Man you really don't pay attention despite your claims of doing so. I've already answered your questions, given you proof, and repeated myself multiple times.
  4. Oh, I'm completely sane. I gave you proof and the answers to the questions. You just don't believe it. Public opinion means nothing. It's facts that matter and it's something you're failing to do.
  5. I don't really care how long you've been practicing. You don't know everything or do you think that's the case?
  6. Nope you're wrong. I'm mentioning churches because they as well can do this.
  7. Then you need to get your facts straight because they do and shows how little you know.
  8. It's funny how quickly your facts change. I can get married online. I have shown you one of many examples sites on where to do this. Oh, btw, some select churches also offer these services. Do you deny that?
  9. I already said I can get married on the internet. How many times do I need to repeat that.
  10. Those aren't theories my friend. You can believe it or not but they do exist.
  11. You can't say that because that would make your argument invalid. You can't say it can happen yet not have it happen at all. As for me, if I put in the effort I could get it done as well. But I have to do it the way God wants.
  12. I have answered this question so many time since you keep asking. Mutations, monks, God, demons, environment, drugs.
  13. It makes perfect sense and let me explain. You said that online marriage can't factually happen right? Still following? Then you go off and say that in certain and some cases it's rare but can be done. So which is it? It can't both be true and not true at the same time.
  14. I really hate when people who claim to be so much smarter than I can't pay attention to what I'm saying. Here's your answer. No I'm not living with my parents.
  15. I answered everything you asked me. In fact, don't make me correct you like I did Kav yesterday.
  16. Funny, so you're conflicting with what you're saying. Did you see that or not? So it can factually not happen but yet it did?
  17. No I'm not making anything up. Do a little research before saying stuff and if it wasn't clear I have said that I asked doctors, lawyers, and psychiatrists about this. You tend to say many things that aren't true. As for the evidence, since you weren't paying attention as usual, I wasn't going off on a tangent because I answered your questions in full.
  18. I conceded nothing. You're just seeing what you want which is ironic because you've been saying that about me when it's the furthest thing from the truth.
  19. I know the definitions of the words I use or else I wouldn't be using them. You are going off on tangents because it's not related at all to the questions I'm asking. You think it is but it's not. Yes you can get married online. I already told you where I'm married. I have showed you the website. I have shown you can get married online and that there's more than one way of doing it. See there you go again. Saying I will not be married soon if ever. Are you living my life? Are you Sam? Are you God? No! You're not any of what I said. Oh but speaking of debt the only ones I'm bound to legally by that are my parents and the bank.
  20. Just stay out of this. I have told you a few pages back to make your choice.
  21. Yes you have. Multiple times you have claimed to know what I'm thinking, have or haven't done, have or haven't seen. Or have you already forgotten that. No, you're ignoring what I said and twisting it. I'm talking about patient confidentiality in general not when people have powers. But you've proven me right with what you've said. YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY. Your authority compared to the government, judges, and FBI are nothing. See how long they will hold out and do under that pressure. I can tell you they won't. You'll be thrown under or bus or whoever is causing that.
  22. No. Don't go off on tangents. You said that it wasn't possible to be married online. I showed you that is it. I said I'm married to her in game and soon to be in real life.
  23. I have not lost any sense of reality. You don't know what God told me or didn't. I have told you what he said and made that clear in this journal. Stan Lee's superhumans are about people with actual abilities. Don't know if you've noticed that. I guess genetic mutations are fake to because you don't see them often.
  24. Wrong. You think you know so much about me and what I've done. In fact, go ahead and ask doctors, lawyers, and therapists about this and they will tell you the same thing. Want to know why? Because when you're asked by a higher authority to comply you have no choice but to legally do it. I dare you to say otherwise.