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  1. I just can't reconcile it in my head that the Marvel and DC universes may ultimately be combined. In my opinion I don't forsee Dark Horse being big enough to take on the DC characters. It would have to be Marvel and that's just nuts to me, and I'm a johnny-come-lately as of the copper age! I can imagine some of the old timers on here and how those worlds collide.
  2. So did Rick buy it? If so how much?
  3. thx, fixed.
  4. Another high grade 9.6 TMNT #1 coming up at auction at Heritage. This one last sold around 7/2016 for $12,500 according to GPA. It has OW/W pages, not that that matters all that much with this book apparently. But we will see.
  5. You're right about the horizontal printer roll on this one. I bought mine in the shop back in the day and it has this, otherwise it's a solid 9.6. Have you had luck pressing this defect out?
  6. Yeah, I can't see how those would go through ultimately. It would require more than a couple people to be completely asleep at the wheel.
  7. I get one of these every 6 months or so, been selling on ebay forever...thousands of items. Maybe once or twice did I actually get the feeling they're legit. A mis-delivered item being the common culprit. Almost every other time its just a knucklehead probably trying to get me to be 'nice' and give him a free item. There's always people trying to abuse the system. At least Amazon knows when someone is a chronic complainer/scammer. Ebay you fend for yourself as a seller hoping other sellers do the right thing and report these buyers.
  8. Just thought I would share an ebay seller tip that will save me $72 per year. I totally forgot about this, other people may know but I felt dumb doing this. Store's can have a monthly or annual subscription. The store option I had was monthly at $27.95 per month, but if you choose annual you pay $21.95 (or something close to this). I totally forgot I chose this at some point and as I have had a good run with my store an annual subscription is absolutely what I need but just never remembered I signed up this way. This discount makes the reduction in bonus for being a "top seller" that they put through last year a little easier to take.
  9. For 2019, 9.4's there's been a few sales and this Clink one is on the low end of that range but in line with the most recent sales. I have heritage sales of $10.2k on 8/1 and $10.2k on 5/16, and $12.5k on 2/6 on ebay.
  10. The Comic Link auction had some activity today, up to $48K, close to the hammer price on the last Heritage copy. There's 4 days left on this one but the reserve hasn't been reached yet.
  11. This is already cold by now probably but it was news to me:
  12. That may be very close to the last bid. But I'd have to guess it never reaches the reserve price. One buyer is already out of the market and there aren't many who can afford a 5 figure comic book. It's a similar situation to the 9.6 that sold on heritage not long ago for 26k, then multiple people listed theirs and the price fell back to 18's and 19's.
  13. As I've stated, my price expectation for this sale (without competing books listed since they are fairly rare) was between $69K and $90K. Why? Well because one just sold for $90K and subsequent offers posted for other Heritage books have seen offers as high as $67.5K. I think the competing books really effected this latest Heritage auction. Your interpretation of 30 copies being a lot I just flat out disagree with, particularly in a print run of 3,250 roughly. And speculation about there being lots of ungraded, very high grade copies sitting out there is unlikely in my opinion. In the past 2 or 3 years only a handful have been added to bring us to 30 9.8's. But interpretations aside, it's all about price and now we have two relatively close (in time) sales of 90K and 52.8K. That's all that matters.
  14. That's what I thought too but this one says "sold for...". Then down below it says the 21st-24th auction dates. So I'm lost too.
  15. This one is the same book from dotcomcomics that was on ebay for $100K. Bid up to 37K now. Meanwhile the ebay listing just changed its price twice from 91K to 89.5K now to $79.9K. The Heritage auction closed earlier than listed for $52,800, quite a bit lower than expected. Although with 2 others available right now, the water is very muddy, so to speak.