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  1. Oh Lou, there you go again.... You are sooo right. If you had bought a 9.8 1st print on 8/4/2011 for $22,752 you would have learned that pump and dump game all too well when another one sold for $17,925 on 11/15/2012! Don't these whipper-snappers ever learn?!
  2. 3 listings for high grade 1st prints: Comic link has a 9.4 already at auction, $25K bid so far. Last one ended at $35.9K. Where will this one?
  3. Good eye. I'd guess $41K. The last 9.4 sold on Heritage back in December 2020 for $36K. Of note, this one hasn't come up for sale publicly since I have data back to 2005. So this appears to be a long-term owner cashing out (who likely sold it to this dealer). I like how ambitious the dealer is mentioning the 9.0 sale, which of course was from the Kevin Eastman personal collection. But hey, a guy's gotta dream right?
  4. ComicConnect has a counterfeit copy. Looks pretty well done, wonder if I could tell!
  5. I would sell whichever one I feel less attached to, keep the other one.
  6. Big jump. A little context for previous 9.2's: The last one sold was a purple label on 9/20/20 for $15.5K on ebay. Previous copies sold for $11.5K and $9K of blue labels back on 11/20/19 and 8/20/19 respectively.
  7. GM8

    Archived images?

    I submitted some books in 2016 without requesting images. Does CGC automatically scan all books that are graded so I can get an image at a later date even though I didn't originally request it?
  8. That's what I got out of it too since there's no other reason to pay such a premium when a higher grade copy is available in the moment. Kevin Eastman could make a killing by temporarily adopting other comics for people! Just kidding of course. Don't get any ideas Kevin!
  9. A new official high price for a 9.4. Previous public sales were $17.5K on 7/19/20, $14.45K on 2/27/20 and $13.5K on 2/13/20. If you go by the July sale it's a 106% increase in market price. Impressive. But hold the phones. The SS 9.0 sold for $45,600?! Holy pepperoni pizza. The last SS 9.0 sold for $14.4K on 5/20/20, that's a 217% increase.
  10. The 9.4 on Heritage is up to $28.8K with buyers premium with ~9+ hours remaining until live auction, which means I have no idea how much more time is left!
  11. I think he must be mis-remembering because that book was the talk of everywhere in the northeast at the time. It was a literal frenzy for month after month. Diamond of all people would have been knowledgeable about the demand.
  12. If I have, say a 9.6 comic already graded and I send it back in for a press and regrade. I hit the jackpot and it grades 9.8. What happens to my previous serial # and the census count? Pardon if this has been asked, I did a search but nothing came up.
  13. Since there are no public sales of 9.6's, I wonder if it is based on the 9.8's price at rally road. The ratio of roughly 2 to 1 from 9.6 to 9.8 is what I've discerned from pricing up until recently.