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  1. I hate to give oxygen to counterfeits but these "Russian edition" of the TMNT books have got to be bogus:
  2. The 3rd prints picked up even with several coming to market, still seems active to me. The second prints are not as available anymore and prices didn't cool down as far as I can see. There are very few first prints out there.
  3. But everyone who's here already knows that, right?
  4. Yeah, not a fan. I'll never understand why someone who has a beautiful copy of a valuable comic wants the creator to write all over the cover in a sharpie or whatever. It defaces the book in my opinion, even if (insert deity of your choice) signed it. Just my opinion.
  5. Oh I get the high-dollar part of it. It's all relative imho. Small # of buyers and all that. Yes. But TMNT I would argue has way more individual fans than most any of the individual superheroes save Batman and Spiderman. Hulk doesn't compare, nor Superman as of late. Even Wolverine doesn't have the same mass appeal outside of comic fandom. Just my opinion, who knows maybe I'm wrong.
  6. You've got great arguments for you to never buy a copy of TMNT #1. In fact, by your own logic if you had a low grade copy you should get rid of it right away, before the world comes to its senses! hurry! I don't doubt the American consumer. New movie with Seth Rogen behind the wheel. I don't think we've seen the top.
  7. The same translates across all grades, of course. You're asking about 300 high grade comics of a pop-culture sensation, implying that's huge. It's the opposite.
  8. There is no mystery stash of 1,000 9.8 1st prints waiting on the sidelines. The instant they hit the ten-thousand dollar mark caused probably 80% of them to be graded. Sorry it just doesn't make sense otherwise. Contrarianism for its own sake is pointless.
  9. Lots of emotions going on. Lots of posts too, this is the most action this thread has seen in a long time. I don't follow other discussions (arguments) about hot books that much but I suspect its probably similar with the wide range of responses. I prefer this to the recent past with the schadenfreude of the 90K book slinking back to 50-60K. That really brought out the niceness in a few unmentionables.
  10. I don't have any recent, crazy town, prices for 9.2's but using 9.0's as your guide the last two sales were $14,995 just on 7/29/20 and $14,375 on 5/20/20. I think old-dano's target of 20K is a good starting point. But don't take less than 16 or 17, imho.
  11. This one is fun. It looks like the guy's rottweiller chewed on it. How much for a slightly-gnawed 2nd print? At least $305!