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  1. You may be right about BA books and timing in general. I don't really follow other high-end books at CC or CL. But with regards to TMNT, if I had a high-end book I would absolutely sell it on Heritage. The two biggest sales to the upside were both there. BTW: the CL 9.8 is now at $46K with reserve met! Someone is going to own this copy when the auction ends.
  2. It's no problem since I keep a spreadsheet of these sales. Yes, those are correct. Agreed. Although with stock prices soaring again, who knows where things go. Heritage clearly has access to a more higher end group of buyers than the traditional CL, CC and ebay. They have consistently sold books higher than market prices. Remember the 9.6 that sold for $26K back in 2017, when 9.8's were going for just a bit higher? That was a HA sale too. He said it was sold but not paid for yet. It is sketchy to use other photos but whatevs...maybe he's just lazy. There are a few high-end TMNT resellers out there and they seem to have an endless reservoir of cash and high end, highly sought-after Turtles books. Sales on ebay are often hit or miss as far as using for price discovery.
  3. Ok the scoop is that the $59K sale is legit, confirmed via phone with CC this morning as a consignment/BIN sale that ended on 4/30/20. It is the same book that sold last summer for $90K. Sooo...our last sales of 9.8's boil down to: $90K, 52.8K, 50K, 59K. The CL book is up a bit to 44K, reserve not met. Also, the ebay book is back up, same selller who also confirmed he has it listed at CC for $85K. So maybe he just wanted a photo of the back and poached one from another book. It's possible if he has it in a safe deposit box or not in hand.
  4. Well that's interesting...haven't seen this sale before. This is the same book that sold for $90K last summer. I have a message into CC to see when this was.
  5. Well, I just messaged Jason and per CL the December sale at $50K is legitimate. The buyer is now selling the same comic at auction. So, in the past year there were 3 confirmed sales: 90K,52.8K & 50K.
  6. Thanks, they're usually good about getting back. The CL sale that ended on December 5, 2019 was not completed. The same book is now for sale again at CL currently at auction. Previous: New: Yes, we're at 42K with 18 days remaining. We'll see if the buyer pays this time! They should ban whoever won it in December and never paid, that's for certain. Good.
  7. Comic Connect got back to me on their BIN copy @ $85K, saying that it has been up since January and that it is from a long-time seller. So it appears you are correct that the ebay sale is a fake sale with pictures from 2 other books swiped to make it look authentic. There's really no reason for someone to do this unless they own the same book. Of the 2 copies out there, the CC copy and the CL copy, they don't appear to have any connecion to this "nekobooks" seller from ebay. We will see going forward. They should definitely remove the ebay sale from their records if they haven't already.
  8. It's not entirely clear but a sale is a sale is a sale. Comic Connect, Comic Link and Heritage all will have legit sales so whatever happens with those then that's the price. People spending $50K and up for a comic book aren't stupid, they're doing their DD.
  9. If you think that questioning someone is enough to be ignored, then please ignore me.
  10. Ok, now I see where you're going with this. You should know that the book on Comic Link doesn't appear to have any connection to the $79.5K sale book on ebay (and is now on comic connect). The CL book is likely being sold by dotcomcomics out of Maine, who had it listed as a BIN for $100K in fall of 2019 then a bad sale occurred @ $50K and fell through. No idea why a back cover photo would be re-used. Dishonest? Yes. Does it mean that the sale is a lie? Not necessarily. I've got a note into Comic Connect to see what's up with the same book being listed for $85K. We'll see.
  11. That's not what he's saying. He's saying that Heritage is fraudulently listing pictures of a comic book that isn't the book being sold. It's just not happening, sorry if you don't like the price appreciation of a rare comic book. That site you link to is about shill bidding in non-reserve auctions, and after some checking, doesn't appear to even be a oft-cited claim.
  12. So you're saying that Heritage is being gamed? That's what has to be happening based on your theory. All because a picture appears similar to you. An eBay completed sale can be faked. But Heritage??? Lol, you are smoking some good stuff
  13. Like I told you on the copper age forum, they are different copies: Ebay's copy for $79 K that just sold and the $90K version from last summer on Heritage. Different CGC numbers. Why are you pushing this?
  14. Second prints are the new black. I sold one recently for double what I thought I would get. Just amazing demand.
  15. The ebay book that sold for $79K this past week is the same book listed on CC for $85K BIN. I just sent the seller a message to see what's the deal with that. However, the book that sold for $90K on Heritage last summer is a different book / CGC # than this one. Completely different. Sorry to spoil your conspiracy.