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  1. This one is fun. It looks like the guy's rottweiller chewed on it. How much for a slightly-gnawed 2nd print? At least $305!
  2. The seller pulled this book. It was not sold per him. That makes zero 9.8 first prints for sale currently. And we all know 0/32 makes 0. Time for a price jump to $500K!
  3. Seth Rogen movie. Stock market all time highs. Two pretty good reasons.
  4. I only track first print sales of 9.0 and up, so it's limited data in that dept for sure. Haven't seen a sale of one in years so I wouldn't hazard to guess value today.
  5. Here's a 9.2 on sale, special price, stacked-coupon special for only one easy payment of $29,500! This book has been listed by comicmylars out of California for a while, ebay had it as "sold" last November at $13.5K. So that apparently fell through to the benefit of comicmylars, apparently. The asking price had been all over the place last year, 11.8K, then 10.5K, then 13.5K, then 14.5K, then the "sale".
  6. Thanks. Yes, that's just over 12 weeks, similar to my last one. Shoulda paid for the fast track!
  7. anyone know current turnaround times at CCS? my submission last October took at least 12 weeks lol.
  8. I only see AF 15 7.0 on your site. What other books do you have? How is ownership structured differently than RallyRd?>
  9. Thanks. You got a deal on that 9.8 buddy! I don't track 2nd print prices unfortunately, at least not data-wise. I only track 1st prints from 9.0 and higher. Probably need someone with GPA access for that data.
  10. Here's some capital gains for your viewing pleasure. This 9.0 off white/white paged blue label last traded in November of 2018 for $6,560. Yesterday, it sold for $15K over on ebay. Cha-ching!
  11. The Rally rep responded to my initial questions regarding ownership rules, sales, etc. This is my question and his response: (Rally) Jul 28, 2020, 1:09 PM EDT Hi - Thanks for writing in and happy to answer these questions for you! We do limit any individual investor to 10% max of any asset - however, all assets are always for sale, including to users of our platform; we’re always accepting offers on all funded cars on the platform and are continually tracking sentiment data and values from auctions, insurers, brokers, and private dealers all over the world to track price movements. If we get an offer that's a significant premium, it's our responsibility to bring that offer to the shareholders and potentially sell the vehicle. Let me know if there's anything else I can answer for you! Me Jul 26, 2020, 9:07 AM EDT Hi, all the concept. Question for you. What if an investor purchases all the shares of an item? Is that item delivered to them? What if an investor purchases the majority of shares and wants to buy the others out? What happens then?
  12. Not really a pump...this is real demand. The movie may have something to do with it, and the stock market definitely does. It hit me when the second prints went nuts, now it's going back into first prints again. I think the 9.8's hit that 100K mark soon.
  13. I think I read your hypothetical correctly and it's an interesting point but ultimately I don't think it will have a lot of effect. So someone buys a piece of TMNT #1 9.8 say, at $450 (the average investment) and its then a chargeback through paypal. Well, then the house has those shares back in their hands. If the asset increased in trade price then they're fine and they just re-sell the shares at that price. If they go back to the offering, then they sell at that price and its a push. If the asset loses money in that time, then they just take the hit. Assuming they are buying items like the TMNT #1 and reselling them instantly for 10% profit (they paid $59K for the TMNT #1, sold it to investors at $65K) then they are still ok. I don't think a mass-exodus of chargebacks is a likely scenario. Most people don't even know about them, maybe 5%. Then those who would go through with this dishonest event would be even smaller.
  14. I've never seen this copy listed or sold before, special discount price of $100,000! New 9.8 listing on ebay from a seller I'm unfamiliar with "redhoodcomics". Anyone know anything about them? They're in Las Vegas it appears. A side note: this makes 15 unique CGC 9.8's that I have in my sales/listings database going back to 2006 with the first sale I have record of in 2011. So out of 28 officially graded books, a little over half have been listed and/or changed hands since then. The other 13 are in collector's hands and have been off the market for at least the public.
  15. There is a larger topic in comics general where they're discussing all the details but essentially someone pointed out this looks legit on the face of it, FINRA registration and everything.
  16. What if, you were able to amass all or most of the shares for a particular comic? If you had all, would they then surrender the book to you? If you had most would they allow you to contact the other owners and ask if they would sell the remainder of their shares?
  17. That must be where they're making money. They or someone just before them purchased the TMNT on Comic Connect for $59,000, and then turned around and sold it to their investors for $65,000 which apparently took minutes. That's 10% profit on the flip. Not bad.
  18. Well this is news. I just saw that a site called Rally Road purchased the recent Comic Connect 9.8 (CGC 119928001) that sold for $59K and has distributed shares via its app platform to "investors" apparently @ an initial offering of $65/share of 1,000 shares total. Yes, that values the book at $65K. There were apparently 143 of these initial investors, who purchased about $450 total each. Here's the link via my app, you will need to create an account to see it I believe. There's other comics there to invest in as well. But this certainly brings comic investing / high value comics to a different level....likely higher prices is the end game in my opinion.
  19. Hi all, nothing new per se but I always find the Heritage "offers" section interesting when it comes to high grade listings of this book. Basically if you sell or list a book on HA, you can be contacted seemingly forever with offers from interested parties. Recent ones for 9.8's have come under the recent sales prices. The idea of throwing something against the wall to see if it sticks, I guess: SHORT DESCRIPTION SOLD FOR (WITH BP) AUCTION DATE OFFER STATUS OFFER DATE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (Mirage Studios, 1984) CGC NM/MT 9.8 White pages.... $38,240.00 May 12 2018 $49,712 Pending Jul 15 2020 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 First Printing (Mirage Studios, 1984) CGC NM/MT 9.8 White pages.... $17,925.00 Nov 17 2012 $35,000 Pending Jul 15 2020
  20. You may be right about BA books and timing in general. I don't really follow other high-end books at CC or CL. But with regards to TMNT, if I had a high-end book I would absolutely sell it on Heritage. The two biggest sales to the upside were both there. BTW: the CL 9.8 is now at $46K with reserve met! Someone is going to own this copy when the auction ends.
  21. It's no problem since I keep a spreadsheet of these sales. Yes, those are correct. Agreed. Although with stock prices soaring again, who knows where things go. Heritage clearly has access to a more higher end group of buyers than the traditional CL, CC and ebay. They have consistently sold books higher than market prices. Remember the 9.6 that sold for $26K back in 2017, when 9.8's were going for just a bit higher? That was a HA sale too. He said it was sold but not paid for yet. It is sketchy to use other photos but whatevs...maybe he's just lazy. There are a few high-end TMNT resellers out there and they seem to have an endless reservoir of cash and high end, highly sought-after Turtles books. Sales on ebay are often hit or miss as far as using for price discovery.
  22. Ok the scoop is that the $59K sale is legit, confirmed via phone with CC this morning as a consignment/BIN sale that ended on 4/30/20. It is the same book that sold last summer for $90K. Sooo...our last sales of 9.8's boil down to: $90K, 52.8K, 50K, 59K. The CL book is up a bit to 44K, reserve not met. Also, the ebay book is back up, same selller who also confirmed he has it listed at CC for $85K. So maybe he just wanted a photo of the back and poached one from another book. It's possible if he has it in a safe deposit box or not in hand.
  23. Well that's interesting...haven't seen this sale before. This is the same book that sold for $90K last summer. I have a message into CC to see when this was.
  24. Well, I just messaged Jason and per CL the December sale at $50K is legitimate. The buyer is now selling the same comic at auction. So, in the past year there were 3 confirmed sales: 90K,52.8K & 50K.
  25. Thanks, they're usually good about getting back. The CL sale that ended on December 5, 2019 was not completed. The same book is now for sale again at CL currently at auction. Previous: New: Yes, we're at 42K with 18 days remaining. We'll see if the buyer pays this time! They should ban whoever won it in December and never paid, that's for certain. Good.