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    You slabbed what?

    That's probably over 90% of what you see on the census. If you want cringe-worthy, bottom-of-the-barrel, dollar bin rejects that no one with any self-respect would ever submit, I have some for you, especially for you Speedball aficionados out there: Those are awesome +1. Wait, the New Warriors #27 is signed though.
  2. GM8

    You slabbed what?

    True but some are just funny though when you see them. Like a .5 restored Amazing Spider Girl #1!
  3. GM8

    You slabbed what?

    A .5 for this beauty! And who restores a comic and it only gets that measly grade? Looks like it was run over. I just read the original thread for that book. Too funny.
  4. What comic have you seen slabbed (or can admit to doing yourself!) that was an absolutely nonsensical decision? I've seen a few on ebay that I just think what was this person thinking? There's a 3rd printing of Miami Mice #1 someone had the audacity to get graded. I could think of a lot of other books to be slabbed rather than that one!
  5. Are there slave leia comic covers besides the dark horse return of the jedi #1?
  6. I had no idea they sold so many. That just shows there is a market for everything. In the end I hope Archie succeeds, to be a continuing Americana niche comic. Just not my thing.
  7. I see Archie the same as Johnny Quest or Richie Rich or the like. Very big for their time but not relevant today. If the new Archie series can catch on, by way of other media as others have mentioned (TV/film) then there's hope. Failing that, however, I see it as a title that will fade away.
  8. I'm a bit surprised at the restraint shown towards the OPs question on this board. Though I would also echo many of the "no." comments here just on the logic of not offering refunds for contested grades. It wouldn't make sense from a business perspective. People would abuse it way too much, Submit it to another grading company if you choose. If you do that, however, in order not to influence either way I would remove it from the slab.
  9. I sell comics all the time on ebay and haven't had a problem with 2 oversized cardboard pieces & padded envelope shipping with 1 or 2 comics. I'm also a consistent buyer and haven't had issues receiving single comics this way either. Whenever I ship an expensive, single comic, say $20 and over, I ship more carefully. That means usually more layers of thicker cardboard or better yet, stiff plastic oversized pieces (the same ones they use for yard signs). Those work really well because they are very strong and lightweight. When I have had problems the packing was clearly insufficient. Once I recall I received a ASM #36 (9/11 issue) shipped UPS in just a thin envelope - and sure enough it had a completely ruined spine. Other times it was similar packaging, with just a thin envelope and maybe a regular comic backing board or flimsy paperboard. These were from people who clearly didn't sell much or sell comics often. More than 2 comics and I always use a box. There's no reason not to because you can't use First Class anymore and the weight makes an envelope too flimsy.
  10. I collect a number of 2nd and later prints because they are more valuable. Why? Because the market says they are. Logically, a "first printing" of "first edition" sounds the best and that's what we've been taught from collecting in general. In a world where all printings are about the same number that completely makes sense. But that's not the comic distribution model. Often later printings are a fraction of the first printings. Here's just a few examples of this: Superman Man of Steel #17 and 18: only 2 printings of #17 and the second had been selling for more than the first, lately they seem even but I expect the price disparity to return. For #18, the 4th and 5th printings are far more rare. The market seems to think the 5th print is more rare, but just from my observations the 4th print is rarer and is seen far less often. Number 19 has 3 printings but don't seem to attract much attention. However, the 3rd print of #19 is extremely rare. I would guess in the low thousands because one comes available very rarely, about once every month or two on ebay. Batman New 52 #1: similar story here. 2nd and 3rd printings are rarer than the 1st but its the 4th and 5th printings that are much harder to find. Market prices them higher than the other printings but not like the 1st. Yet. I expect Star Wars #1 (2015) to eventually price these discrepencies in to the 7? current printings eventually. The 2nd print is assumed to be rare and the 6th has the error double cover.
  11. I've been to JHU in midtown-south a number of times. They seem to have a good stock of new stuff. Even when new hot issues are sold-out elsewhere they seem to linger at this shop so if you want something new and can't find it this store may be a good one to check.
  12. Ok thanks. I didn't think so but would rather ask then find out the hard way.
  13. I have a TMNT #1 with both Eastman and Laird's signatures and the turtle head they often drew on their signatures. It's on the inside cover. Overall the comic is beautiful except for a wrinkly area on the back cover that seeimingly could be flattened out with a press. Question: will this make runs in an ink signature/drawing? It was signed 30 years ago so I would think not but want to know from someone who has dealt with this before.
  14. Recently I bought about 6 boxes of random comics from what a guy said was a storage unit find. Most averaged mid-grade with a lot of yellowing. However, in the middle of the stack was BA #12, around VF condition. I didn't own a copy already so it was a score. I've since recouped about 75% of the initial price by selling the random comics in organized lots. So the BA #12 cost me about $25-30. I was pretty thrilled!