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  1. Stan Lee's LA Comic Con - Oct 27-29, 2017

    is there a list of dealers.
  2. Wtb Omega Men 3 Cgc 9.8 white pages

    looking for more.
  3. Tough to price based on GPA but Here are my starting base prices - willing to pay higher depending on page quality and eye appeal. NO resto please but may consider slight resto. Thanks 3.0 - $650 4.0 - $900 4.5 - $1100 5.0 - $1350 6.0 - $1600 7.0 - $2000 7.5 - $2500 8.0 - $3000 8.5 - $3500 9.0 - $4500
  4. Wtb Omega Men 3 Cgc 9.8 white pages

    Bought several... Looking for more
  5. TC33 Kudos/feedback

    Awesome board member. 2 silver age key transactions. Lightening fast payment. Friendly communication throughout. Terry is a credit to the boards.
  6. Silvercomics on eBay

    Bought a high grade FF1 from him 2 years ago. Hassle free quick
  7. rec1978 Kudos

    Awesome board member. lightening fast payment on an FF1. Friendly communications throughout. Overall an absolutely great guy to deal with who is an asset to the boards. Recommend Ron very highly.
  8. winner at 410 as per date stamp. I will honor the bid but was informed by others that another bidder originally had a $500 bid and then lowered it to $400 towards the end of the auction.
  9. Daredevil 1 restored slight/moderate CGC 3.5 Auction format small color touch, small glue, tear seals and cover re-glossed. Main flaw on this book is the missing piece in the upper right corner. With a little more restoration to that area this would be a very high grade restored copy. Buy it now is $825 and ends the auction. Starting bid is $1 with minimum $10 increments - highest bid posted is the winner. Auction ends on Thursday September 7, 2017 at 8:00:59 pm pacific (11:00:59 Eastern). So a bid that registers at 8:01 pm pacific and thereafter is void. $19 USPS Priority shipping and full insurance. U.S. sale only. Paypal, check or M.O. No returns on CGC books. Thanks and good luck
  10. Sold and closed. Thx for all the offers.