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  1. Looking for multiple Paying $180 shipped $170 for each additional if u have more than 1 thx
  2. Roman reigns look wise for sure but could not pull off the personality Bray Wyatt doesn’t quite have the look but may pull off the personality movie or no movie still a very under priced book imho
  3. A couple of omega men 3s cant believe how low lobos 1st appearance is selling for right now
  4. Out of Night 7 CGC 3.5 ow - $235 Rare PCH. The front cover presents like a 6.0/6.5. Majority of wear is on back cover with heavy wear on the bottom of back cover.
  5. With all the literally hundreds of random superhero characters on tv and film over the last 2 decades I still can’t believe they haven’t been able to do anything with Lobo.