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  1. Bump... looking for more at 170 shipped and 165 for each additional
  2. Prices are being affected 2 fold the universal internet sales tax is like another 7 to in my case 10% add on the final price. so a book that records as being sold for 20k Cost the buyer 22k. This is still relatively new price adjustment and the final sales prices Are registering as lower then what’s actually paid. add to that the current global economic crisis. national economic crisis in the past have not affected comic sales too much but a Global one, especially based on panic is a different story
  3. That all star 8 Cgc 3.5 presents really nice Any chance that’s gonna go for below gpa? Would be a great snag Imho for what I believe is a currently underpriced comic
  4. Got a few cash an trade offers. Not quite there yet. Keep em coming thanks
  5. Bump .. alternatively .if someone has a front or back cover to action 7 lmk
  6. Action comics 7 CGC coverless with 2 married wraps - $7850 Whiz Comics 8 CGC 9.0 white - $3650 first I’ll take it gets it regardless of pm or post based on timestamp shipping included paypal check or money order Looking to possibly trade for the following books - CGC X-men 1, FF1, TMNT 1 or HIghgrade Daredevil 1. Thanks No returns
  7. Thank you Lucjan. Great buyer. Very friendly. Lightening fast payment and made the transaction very easy Highly recommended.