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  1. Your best bet is just to be patient and wait for the masses to start auctioning them off on eBay. It’s certainly cheaper more often than not than presale prices, and at times it may even be cheaper than buying the book at the show and subbing it yourself.
  2. I’d say they are equally absurd. I wouldn’t say these creators will always have a line of speculators/dealers/ flippers though. I’ve noticed over the last couple years quite a few people walking away from the creators who are upcharging like this, and rightfully so. I’ve personally also cut ties and no longer support several creators who do so. Many of them I’ll never support again, no matter how appealing the book may be. The solution really is to just boycott supporting them, and if an opportunity presents itself I recommend letting the creator know why, because the people w
  3. No doubt about it when it comes to signature fees, however the additional CGC tax on top of the signature fees for books that are going to be graded is another story. It’s completely absurd of JSC or anyone else for that matter to be requiring an additional $30 or what have you for signed books that are going to be graded. That’s not keeping up with the times, that’s just greedy AF. More often than not as RMA has pointed out it’s a very unjustifiable charge when looking at completed sales. Not to mention none of anyones business what we plan to do with books and signatures that we
  4. I’m not too sure how to interpret #3 of DC’s response to the spoiler in this article, but it may be in regards to possibly accepting returns. I would hope they would anyway for retailers sake.
  5. I wasn’t aware they just swapped logos for it. No wonder it had so many, especially if it was of no additional cost or wasn’t very much extra to get one for the shops.
  6. 59 according to this list, still a ton.
  7. Thanks, I’ll look into it. I remember that one had a really large amount as well. I’m not sure if this article is accurate or not but it claims ASM #666 had 145 variants, 141 of them being shop variants. I don’t pay much attention to Spidey books so I don’t recall when it was released. I’ll mention the article hasn’t been updated since the end of January but I personally haven’t noticed any as much as Batman #50 this year.
  8. I’m with you, it’s an awful lot to keep up with. Especially with the reboots by DC and Marvel.