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    Thank you for posting what you are going through. Lot's of people here have similar experiences. My advice: Focus on your son. He doesn't care how many cards you have, what the grades are, or how much money you make. He just wants to spend time with you. It's easy to get caught up in all the trappings that make us adults. Kids don't care about any of that. Your son thinks you are Superman. Straight out of Action Comics 1. You are the greatest, most perfect, amazing, fun, and awesome person ever made! Nobody can take that away from you. Enjoy it for every moment you have it.
  2. My collection of Women of Marvel - First Appearances began with Ms. Marvel 1. I didn't start out intending to collect this set. I ran across Ms. Marvel while searching eBay and bought a set of 23 issues from the 1977 edition on an impulse. I bought a few more sets and individual copies and before long I amassed about 500 raw copies of the 1977 Ms. Marvel series. As I started to get into graded comics I sent in my best copies of issue 1 for grading and was amazed that one of them came back at 9.8! I sent 22 issues from that series (of 23) to have them signed. Seventeen of these retained their 9