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  1. And then the last part of the books. Things got a bit back to normal and attention of the variants-creators shifted to other titles. UPC-codes in red have not yet been confirmed. Summarizing: ASM 789 - 806: 18 books, 288 variants, of which 187 exclusives, of which 107 by ComicXposure, Unknown and JSC. I could not find a complete overview of all these variants on the web. This overview might be useful for future completists. Best, E
  2. and here is the second part. No missing UPC-codes this time, so we can be quite certain that this overview is complete.
  3. But then back to ASM 802 / 1: another 60 variants. The first part is here
  4. We had a breather with ASM 801: just 13 variants
  5. And this is the second part. We see that three UPC-codes do not have a book. This is not uncommon, it happened in the past. As 80021 and 80091 should have been rather well-known variants, I guess these variants were cancelled at a rather late stage. The previously unknown 80059 was found to be a NYCC exclusive. That means searching continues for the 80072.
  6. With ASM 800 UPC-coding became more relevant than ever before. No less than 68 variants were released. Due to readability this is only the first half.
  7. Compared to my previous overview I found 79930 as a variant that I did not yet know about. It is so easy to lose track with these numbers; 798 had 22 variants and ASM799 24 variants. Again the 2nd and 3rd print store variants caused irregularities in UPC-coding, meaning that chronological dates of releases can not automatically be derived anymore from the coding 11-91, 16-88, 12-15.
  8. With ASM 795 the number of variants started picking up. Again the 2nd and 3rd print store variants caused some irregularities in the UPC-codes.
  9. The overview works out better if I cut in into parts. In bold the non-exclusives. Final column are the UPC-codes. The codes end with 5 digits of which the first three are reserved for the issuenumber. The 1st print regular cover always has the number of 11. Variants are then continued with numbers 21, 31, etc. If there are more then 9 variants, numbering continues with 16,17,18, etc. The digits 12 u/i 15 are used for 2nd u/i 5th printings. This system has its limitations. It is not designed for issues above #999, or more than 84 variants, more than five printings, or situations where there are (store) variants of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th printing. That is why ASM794 has UPC-codes switching from 79421 to 79416. Of course you can argue why UPC-codes matter. For me, it is about creating overview. In case of ASM790 or ASM791 UPC-codes do not matter, but in case of ASM800 with so many variants, the UPC-codes a clear cue that I am missing a store-variant.
  10. Another update: all variants of ASM789 u/i ASM 808. By now, the variant craze seems to have passed to other titles. Still, 302 ASM-variants have appeared within the timespan of 1 year. Based on the UPC-codes there could be three more books: 80021, 80091 and 80072 are still missing. 80059 was just released at NYCC. However, as 80021 should be a common variant, it seems this variant was abandoned by Marvel at a rather late stage. Of the 302 variants there are 112 'regulars' (the bold titles in the list) and 190 exclusives. Of these 190 exclusives 113 were released by ComicXposure, Unknown and JSC. best, E +++ Clicking the image makes it barely readable by now. Sorry, this is the forum's doing. The orginal jpeg looks fine
  11. With JSC's announcement of 3 virgin variants of ASM2 for NYCC, this makes 224 variants for ASM797 u/i 803. I already wandered why there was a gap between UPC-codes 00218 and 00223. Yegghh...!
  12. Hi, Hereby the list of the ASM1/802 variants. It seems this time there are no gaps in the UPC-codes, although the Horn ultimate edition has not yet been confirmed. It seems there are 221 different covers for ASM797 u/i ASM803. The award for ruining the market goes to Unknown Comic Books and ComicXposure. They were responsible for nearly 70 of the variants. After ASM803 things got back to normal. ASM3/804 'only' had 8 variants.
  13. Those were the good days: only 49 variant covers for an ASM1/732. . Nice picture, it seems you have placed them in order of UPC-code as well. UPC-codes ending on 61 and 91 were missing for that book.
  14. By the way, after ASM800 I finally gave up collecting ASM variants. If I look at the prices on the internet, many others did the same. ASM 1/802 1:2000 was sold for less than $800, whereas the ASM25/781 1:1000 still went for $2.5-3k. Also the ASM1/802 Ottley virgin 1:200 goes for very low prices. If things would revert back to normal, there would be a good chance that I would be drawn back into collecting these variants. But with 59 variants of ASM1/802 and at least 15 variants for ASM2/803, I am so quickly falling behind that now this doesn't seem likely.
  15. Hi, As some of you know, I am a longtime collector of ASM, including the variants. I have always stored my books ordered on UPC-code. As most of you will know, Marvel start numbering with UPC codes ending on 11, 21, 31, 41 etc. After reaching 91, they continue with 16, 17, 18 etcetera. The digits 12 u/i 15 are saved for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th printings. The digits 00 u/i 10 are never used. If I order the 67 known ASM800 variants in this way, I find that the digits 21, 91, 59 and 72 are missing. This is not uncommon for Marvel, although it didn't happen anymore after ASM 25/781. Apparently, sometimes planned variants are scrapped. However, with the outrageous number of 67 variant covers for ASM800 it is easy to lose track and there is the possibility that I am overlooking something. So the question is, does anybody know about ASM800 variants with the digits 21, 91, 59 and 72. Thank you, E