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  1. Picked up this JCPenny Second print. I gotta send it in to get the label fixed and get the new case!
  2. Got another batch of books in from my Wondercon sub to CGC
  3. Picked up this beauty over the weekend at a local show.
  4. Do you have a price on ASM #333? I'd like to know thanks!
  5. Oh right that's what I meant, the Blank and White VIRGIN variant. Thanks for the correction. Well after I found out that there was a 1:100 sketch, I would say that would be my favorite as I am a big sucker for anything sketch cover by my favorite artists.
  6. Got my copies of TWD #19 JSC Variants. I'm just missing one more black and white cover to complete my second set and there's a 1:100 Sketch cover that will hard to get and expensive.
  7. Yeah, as long as your book doesn't have too many color breaking creases, then you should be fine. A buddy of mine sent in his ASM 300 that was a 8.5 to get pressed and it came back a 9.2! that was pretty good jump. But on the downside, I sent in my Macross #1 that was a 9.6, and it came back a 9.4!?!?! I was mad about that. Apparently the press somehow made the paper around the bottom staple tear a little. So that brought down the grade. I should've just left it at a 9.6!
  8. I'd love to but I don't think it'll get any higher than a 9.6. There are some spine ticks that break a little color. And I'm afraid if I press it any more the staples might come through the cover. I wish I can say thanks to the "Nice Books" comment, but the picture shows the book before the press on the left and the same book after the press on the right.
  9. I found a pretty clean copy at my LCS. Possibly a 9.8. Gotta get it pressed first.
  10. Got my original 9.4 Pressed and got a grade bump to 9.6!
  11. This book was originally a 9.4 in an old slab and was one of my first CGC submissions I did back in 2010. I sent it in to get pressed and regraded and got a grade bump!