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  1. has full guest list and vendor list, gonna be a great show!!
  2. oh yea, James Payette will be set up! He will have a 10x20 end cap and has requested four 8' tables!!! So yea!! Gonna be a great show!!
  3. just added Al Milgrom has been added to the line up! Or as I like to call him, Al MilgROM As a long time ROM fan, this makes me happy!
  4. it also doesn't hurt that the AWESOME and INCREDIBLY TALENTED Susan Cicconi from the Restoration Lab will be set up at the show!
  5. I'll bring some Hellblazer and lots of Miller DD's for Architeuthis, stop by the Little Giant booth
  6. JAMES PAYETTE ADDED! Jim will be setting up a 10x20 space filled with AWESOMENESS!
  7. Here is the updated COMIC & ART VENDOR list. - SUPERWORLD COMICS -VINTAGE COMICS/ORIGINAL ART - Dave & Adams - VINTAGE COMICS & ORIGINAL ART - Terry's Comics - VINTAGE COMICS & ORIGINAL ART - Danielle Smith - VINTAGE COMICS & ORIGINAL ART - Shattered Comics - MOSAICS, Vintage Comics & Original art - Little Giant Comics - Vintage Comics, CGC, CBCS - Standup Comix - Original Art - Vintage Comics - BopCityComics - Vintage Comics & more - Sensational Comics- Vintage Comics, Vintage toys - Mike's Evil Deeds- wicked cheap Comic books - Amazing Comics- Vintage Comics & more - Boutin Comics- Vintage Comics & more - Ken & MJ Comics- Vintage Comics & more - Keyblade Comics - Comics, trades & more - JAK Comics - Vintage Comic & more - Our Collection Comics & Collectibles - Comics/Art/Toys - Finar Comics - Vintage Comics, Statues & more - Panther Comics - Vintage Comics & more - Plunder Palace Comics - Vintage Comics & more - Oignucs Comics - Vintage Comics & more - Camacho Comics & Cards - Vintage Comics & more - Bourbeau Comics & Collectibles - Vintage Comics& more - Optimum Phalanx Comics - Vintage Comics & more - Harrison's Comics - Vintage Comics & more - Modern Bard Comics - Vintage Comics & more - Secret Squirrel Dude from NH - COMICS & TRADES - Collectibles Unlimited (Concord NH) - Comics & more! - "BINS OF TOYS" - Vintage Toys & Comics Books - Landin Zone Comics - Vintage Comics - Nick's Comic Strip - Lockhardt Comics
  8. I'll mention it, funny thing is he probably would! He's a super cool guy.
  9. This is the next one, we just got the final image back from Marvel
  10. Thank you I know being new here one can be put through the ringer. I get it. lol. Thanks for the kind words
  11. Sorry for the confusion. These are ceramic tile mosaics created by Matthew DiMasi. Each piece takes 100-150 hours to complete. The image is hand drawn and then colored ceramic tile is literally smashed and tiny pieces are hand placed on the tile backer board. after all the pieces are attached the grout is applied then the piece is off to the frame painter. A high res image is used for the cover of a store variant put out by Matt at Shattered Comics.