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  1. Hello, Looking to purchase copies of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Legacy books. Willing to pay fmv for high grade copies. Thank You BIGS
  2. That's it for now. May post some more later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hello Everyone! First in thread wins it and trumps all negotiations. Time stamp determines winner. Payment by Paypal or Check/MO. Payment is expected within 10 days of sale. I have multiple references on these boards if needed. Shipping is $8 for 1-5 raw books or $13 for 6+ via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the CONUS - International is at cost Shipping will be $14 for any slabs Returns will be accepted on a case by case basis NO HOSers or Probies! PMs are welcome even if its to just say hi. Enough rambling! Onto the books!
  4. Smooth transaction. Great buyer! Welcome any time. Thank you!
  5. Let's do 10% off on these. Thank you to all. Especially Lizard. He's the real MVP.