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  1. Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic lot (7 books total) including a NM or Better copy of #2 1st Darth Marr Cover AVG Grade of NM- with many NM or Better - $135 SOLD!
  2. Star Wars Minor Key Lot - all mid grade copies - $185 - Star Wars Legacy #2 3rd Printing 1st Appearance Darth Talon - Star Wars #7 Outlander #1 of 6 1st Appearance Aurra Sing - Star Wars #10 1st Appearance A'Sharad Hett - Star Wars Republic #51 1st Appearance Durge - Star Wars Rebublic #52 1st Asajj Ventress Cover - Star Wars #19 Twilight #1 of 4 1st Appearance Aayla Secura Very Low Grade
  3. Star Wars: Jedi Mace Windu 1st Asajj Ventress Low Grade Copy - $75
  4. Hello Everyone! First in thread wins it and trumps all negotiations. Time stamp determines winner. Payment by Paypal or Check/MO. Payment is expected within 10 days of sale. I have multiple references on these boards if needed. Shipping is $9 for 1-6 raw books or $15 for 7+ via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the CONUS - International is at cost Shipping will be $15 for any slabs or magazine size raw books Returns will be accepted on a case by case basis NO HOSers or Probies! PMs are welcome even if its to just say hi. Enough rambling! Onto the boo