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  1. I still love this book as well. I enjoyed it and still have quite a few books that I picked up from my pull list and from this site.
  2. Hello, I've got a few books I've been wanting that I figure I'd try to look for here before hitting up eBay. Looking for all books in 9.2/9.4 or better shape. I can pay through paypal or check (must have references on the boards.) Here's the list and what I am paying for each.. Ultimate Fallout #4 Djurdjevic Variant (looking for multiple copies) - Paying $350-400 Vengeance #1 Villains Variant - $250 Marvel Now Point One #1 (looking for multiple copies) - $35-50 Green Lantern #55 Lobo Variant - $75 The Savage She-Hulk #1 (looking for multiple copies) - $75-100
  4. I can log in on desktop but no mobile whatsoever..
  5. Nope. Not for me. No log in from my cellphone.
  6. I've pulled the new XO series since the reboot. Solid read. I would definitely recommend it to any valiant fan.