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  1. Planet 13-24 I’m not sure I could pick a better group of 12 consecutive covers.
  2. Back when Jumbo Comics were actually jumbo comics!
  3. I do actually have a 57. It’s a bit rough, but happy to contribute to the thread again.
  4. I agree, she really doesn’t look like a Doolin girl to me, much more like Baker. I also love the Jumbo 10 cover inspiration.
  5. That’s all for now. I may add some post rivet Planets later, but I haven't decided yet. Thanks for looking.
  6. Jungle Comics #37 CGC 6.5. Anothet Zolnerowich cover, this one featuring a cool reptile monster! Asking $525 SOLD
  7. Planet Comics #21 CGC 3.0. It’s tough to beat a purple unicorn cover by Zolnerowich! $450 SOLD
  8. Planet Comics #18 CGC 3.0. Another hard to find Zolnerowich cover. Asking $995 SOLD