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  1. Adam purchased a GA book from me and made payment immediately. Great communication and all around a great transaction. Would do business with him again in a heartbeat.
  2. Wow, looks amazing! I’m so glad you made the decision to send it in, I’m sure the wait to get it back was long. Very happy for you to get the conserved grade too instead of restored. This was originally a green label 2.0 correct? I think it was greatly improved.
  3. I love so many of the Planet Comics covers. Here are my four favorite as of today (and an honorable mention to 2 and 13).
  4. Great books Flex! OK, here is my winner and my runner up. So close though.
  5. Thank you! This was one of my early favorites. Not quite in the same ballpark as 2, 10, 14, 15, and 17 for me, but pretty high up there nonetheless. No love for this one in the market in my opinion, but very nice artwork.
  6. Maybe not a popular opinion, but I also believe Planet 12 to be under-valued. It is an awesome cover, great blue background, 2 faced alien getting punched, FREEZE RAY!, bondage girl in chains, etc. Maybe less popular because the girl isn’t the centerpiece. Still, I think this is a great GA sci-fi cover that consistently sells for way less than what I think it is worth.
  7. I’d say your list of most coveted is pretty near complete. Can’t really think of any to add. 28-30 is a great three-in-a-row of covers, but not quite as sought after as the list you have already. Issue 24 is another book that I have always thought was undervalued. Seems to be a truly difficult book to locate, and a Zolnerowich cover too. And I agree on 23. Great cover.
  8. Recent Planet upgrades, cross-posted from the Planet thread.
  9. I was also a beneficiary of Jason’s decision to sell his beautiful Planets. These 2 rivet upgrades arrived yesterday. The Planetobsessitus is real!
  10. One of the all-time greatest cover IMO! Something about that Zolnerowich guy.
  11. By the Scourge of Neptune, that is absolutely glorious! I am not worthy.