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  1. Great book. No shame in a restored rivet issue!
  2. Planet Comics thread without a comment in 5 days? Unacceptable. This is the worst condition book in my run of rivet issues. Still gotta love it.
  3. Very nice! I think this issue and issue 17 have the most variation in color. It’s hard to find one this red.
  4. Recent arrival. Jumbo Comics 22, another great Zolnerowich cover.
  5. Early Fiction House books are just oh so sweet
  6. Now that is one that you just don’t see every day!
  7. Yeah I saw it on a bunch of Fiction House books
  8. Is one of the sellers DTA by chance? I noticed his with a bunch of their books recently. Not sure what’s going on.
  9. Nice find @Tri-ColorBrian! I too happened upon a nice little garage sale in the middle of the COVID shutdown today. Found this little piece of toilet paper for $1. I hope it was worth it.
  10. Oh no! I would have loved to see the side by side of 13 different Planet 17’s! So much color variation. I was so happy to make it to page 3 to see Sha’s copy of Planet 17. About 5 years after she posted that picture, I was fortunate enough to convince her to sell it to me! One of the prize jewels of my collection. I doubt I would have the full run of rivets today if not for her generosity. Such a hard book to find!
  11. Just dug this up to post in the Fiction House thread because of the early discussion of color differences. Fun Planet thread from 6 years ago. A bunch of Cheetah’s and John Berk’s early issues, along with some of our regulars’ in this thread. Fun stuff.
  12. There was some pretty good discussion of the color differences in the “old” Planet thread.