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  1. These boards are the best! Closing this. I found all these books and all but 2 of them came from the boards! Thank you all.
  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these boards are awesome! It’s been a weird month of second chance books for me. Planet Comics #5! Arrived today. Less than 11 months ago I purchased my first Planet Comics book ever, a copy of issue 11. Now I have a full set of “rivet” issues with the arrival of #5 today! I’ll probably try to post a pic of all 22 together soon. I just love these books.
  3. Some recent sales have given me renewed hope of selling out of this thread. Just a few books left. Someone take that Jumbo 10!
  4. Wow, stellar book! I noticed that there was a newly graded, 2nd highest copy on the census. Beauty! I'm glad they added your note to the label!
  5. I will leave this open one more day and close tomorrow evening. I will get invoices out to buyers too. Thanks everyone.
  6. Wow, a CGC 6.5 copy of Planet 14 just hit the census! A new 2nd highest graded.
  7. Sorry to crosspost from the Planet thread, but I am just too excited about today’s mail call.