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  1. Planet 1 front and back covers only just sold on ebay. Seems like a solid price. Hope it went to a boardie.
  2. There was a really nice looking #18 in the same auction, and a higher grade #22. It’s nice to see some rivets hitting the market!
  3. Excellent colors on that copy! This has always been one of my favorite Doolin covers of the run.
  4. Insane! Don’t look directly at it, it’s too beautiful.
  5. Just saw this Planet Stories art by Herman Vestal for the first time. Anyone know if this was before or after Planet 65?
  6. Wow that Double Comics is awesome. I’d never seen it before.
  7. Ok, I went back and marked all books that sold as sold. Only 3 books remain! I’d love to sell out this thread! What’s left: Page 1 - Planet 21 now only $275 Page 5 - Jungle 40 now only $35 Page 5 - Rangers 35 now only $28
  8. Thanks everyone, that was fun! It had been quite a while since I sold anything so sorry for some of the downtime between posts. I will go through the thread and make sure everything is marked as sold that should be and see if anything is left! I’ll send out invoices soon.
  9. planet 4 cover. I almost didn’t list it for sale. Even though I have a Planet 4, the colors on this laminated one are so awesome. Since all of my rivets are slabbed anyway, the front cover is really all I see!
  10. Ok, I think this will be the last “book” for this sales thread. Thanks to everyone who has purchased or just had a look. It’s a weird item. Planet Comics #4 front cover only, laminated. I don’t know who laminated it or why, but the colors sure are sharp! Asking $75 Sold!