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  1. Purchased a sweet golden age book from Eddie. Friendly and great communication, I’ll definitely deal with him again. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I’m thrilled to have it. I have seen just one before. I used to own this Fight 5, but I no longer do. Why on earth did I let it go? The Jumbo 31 is my redemption!
  3. Just added this one as well. In contention for my favorite Doolin cover of the run.
  4. Not definitive, but this seems like a very strong candidate to be the book in question in my opinion as well. This and the “gouger” lost SOTI books have always been the most intriguing to me for some reason.
  5. Picked up a copy of Planet 33, still looking for issues 24 and 30 (and I’d love to upgrade my incomplete 29). Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the insight Kelly. I think it is interesting that Jumbo 31, Planet 14, and Jungle 21 were all published in the same month and they are all very tough. Planet 15 and Rangers 2 published one month apart. Maybe this supports the idea that a few months there had very low print runs. (Fight 15 was right around that time as well, another tough one)
  7. Serious question, is this the rarest of all Fiction House books? Love this Zolnerowich cover! Well done!
  8. Picked this beauty up last night! Cross posted from the Fiction House thread.
  9. I though about waiting until I have the book in hand, but I can't! Picked this one up last night and couldn't be happier!
  10. I purchased my first issue of Planet Comics almost two and half years ago now. I was playing around on CGCdata.com earlier and I decided to take a look at how many copies of each issue have been graded since that time. Here are all the Planets that have been graded since I purchased my first (universal labels only). Some things I found interesting: A. I remember thinking issues 65 and 66 might be pretty hard to find back when I started. But boy have they come out in force! Issue 65 had more copies graded in the last 2.5 years (39) than any other issue (there were only 22 copies on the census prior to that, which is a 177% increase!). Issue 66 has had 23 graded in the last 2.5 years, compared to just 22 on the census before that. B. Only 1 copy graded of issues 3 and 7. Only 2 copies graded of issues 2 and 8. Some of those with reputations for being tough books continue to show it, even with the market for Planets so hot. C. Issues 6, 14, and 24, which I consider to be pretty dang tough books, each had 7 new copies graded in the last 2.5 years. Considering they each had between 13 and 16 copies graded before that, I'd say that's pretty shocking. (I don't want to leave out issue 18, which had 18 copies graded when I started and now has 9 more (total 27)!) I know the census is a very imperfect gauge, but I do think it tells us something about both supply and demand. I found it quite interesting to see what's happened since I got bitten by the Planet bug . (Sorry, I don't know how to search so that Jumbo Comics 11 doesn't show up at the top of the list )
  11. I am honored to become the next guardian of this one! That was what drew me in, like a moth to a flame!
  12. Very nice! Jungle 14 is one of the coolest covers of the run.