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  1. I am offering my Worlds Finest #7 - UNRESTORED - CGC graded 6.0 with Off-White to White pages. The case is in great condition, no cracks or anything. Overstreet guide values this book at $639 I am asking $600 Free Priority Mail shipping with in the USA No returns on CGC graded comics I will keep this listing open for 4 weeks until Feb 28th 2019. This book is not listed for sale anywhere else, just here on CGC site. As far as payment for the book I have a PayPal account, checks are okay but must clear before the book can ship, money orders or even cash, just not bags of pennies. If you have questions please post them up.
  2. Okay CGC world, why is it nearly impossible to find a copy of Captain Marvel Adventures #128???? There are only 2 copies in the CGC registry!! The only ones I have seen for sale are going for multiples of multiples of guide. Issue #128 was published in January 1952, was that date significant enough to make this issue so frigging impossible to find?? I have honestly been searching for nearly 6 years. I actually received an email once from another collector saying he was even offering like 20 times guide for a copy! Must be nice to be rich :-) So, are there any out there?
  3. I have 7 comics to submit for initial grading and one comic that was removed from the holder by the previous owner. He saved the CGC label and included it with the comic. Can I submit the 7 books and the one for a re-holder on the same invoice?
  4. PM sent. oooops, I didn't get the PM okayed by CGC, I may have to submit for public beatings now with a return guarantee, shipping quoted, ownership verified and punishment enjoyed
  5. I have since listed a price, but if anyone really wants to make me happy they can pay me 15X guide or any amount above 3500 dollars or 118 bucks
  6. I am offering my Captain Marvel Adventures #150, CGC 5.0. Picture is below, sorry it is sideways. Shipping will be via USPS Priority mail, tracking number included. Shipping cost to be determined based on ship to location. But, only exact shipping cost will be charged, I will never over charge for shipping. Returns accepted as long as returned in as shipped condition. I just want you to be happy. Open to all offers but asking $118. Willing to accept any really crazy high offers well above reasonable guide value. Let your money bring me happiness. This book is not offered anywhere else. This book is in my possession, I own it personally. But, I want someone else to own it. Please CGC do not delete this post. I have tried so hard to follow all the rules, I just want to please the team, Team CGC. The only way this can be sold is if all requirements per CGC messaging boards are met. No exceptions. I accept all CGC messaging board rules and live by them daily. My entire life is governed by CGC marketplace rules, I love the rules. There should be more rules.
  7. Okay, I am looking for unrestored copies of either Daring Comics #9 or #11. This is one of those cool obscure Timelys that I just want for my personal collection. If either is already CGC graded great, but raw copies are just as good. I am looking for 3.5 level or better
  8. By FOOM I assume you refer to the Friends Of Old Marvel from the 70's right? I will check when I get home, I have 8 or 12 issues. I saved them from when I was just a wee lad living in New York. I am the original owner of these since my parents paid for the subscription for me. I always kept them in great shape.
  9. Anthony had the book I needed. I paid through the nose for it, but that was my fault and the fault of the crazy marketplace on eBay. I sent the book off to CGC to be graded. Sometimes when ya really need that one book to complete a comic run, you are willing to pay for it. The book arrived VERY WELL PACKED and FAST. I would buy from Anthony again. Now, find me a Daring Comics #9 and 11.
  10. Yellow snow is NOT as tasty as it looks.

  11. I accepted his price and bought it. As soon as it arrives it is off o CGC. Then back into my collection. I am now only missing 2 issues to have the entire run of Captain Marvel Adventures. I need #1 and #18, that's it!!!
  12. The 128 from G Dolgoff on EBay went for $335!!!! The book graded as FR/GD. Per Overstreet guide, it should be worth about $20 tops. It had extra staples and lots of tape. I have been looking for about 6 or 7 years, so I guess I can continue the search for awhile longer
  13. I am searching for a complete un-restored copy of Captain Marvel Adventures #128. Any grade, but not coverless. Contact me, I can and will send payment at once via PayPal or any way you choose. I NEED A COPY OF CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #128 I will pay you real money!!!!!!!
  14. Just bumping this post back into the here and now. I continue to look for a copy of Captain Marvel Adventures #128. If you have one to sell please let me know. I am trying to complete the run from 1-150 and am only missing three books. Missing #1 - Only rich people can buy this book, so I may never own it Missing #18 - Always sold for multiples of guide, and I continue to try and grab a copy without having to sell a major internal organ Missing #128 - Guide value seems to mean little, book is not rare or even expensive, just as hard to find as an honest politician in DC