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  1. One auction for one book jumped $200 at the end, so the entire collectibles market is doing fine? The drive through lane at a Chik-Fil-A in Nashville was packed when I drove by today. The entire restaurant industry will be relieved to hear that it has nothing to fear.
  2. Going to close the thread here I think. If anyone has questions just go ahead and PM me. Thanks again for looking and buying!
  3. Thanks for looking/buying. As always it was fun! I will respond to PMs today and tomorrow. Thread will close tomorrow night. Invoices should go out by the end of the week. See you next year (probably). Finding stuff is harder and harder, and the virus may impact prices. We will see.
  4. Strange Tales 110 2.0 range $850 Cover and centerfold still attached, but some tearing at lower staple. Lots of general wear. Slight rust and transfer on staples. SOLD
  5. ASM 129 (copy 1) 5.5? 6.0? $565 Appears VF from the front, but sub crease that breaks color in a few places on the back. Otherwise super nice. SOLD