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  1. A buddy of mine was smart enough to buy it while value was at low ebb. He is not a dealer. As far as I know, he still owns it. We talked about a trade for it once, but I didn't pull the trigger. It's a great book.
  2. Stupid people are legion. How else do you explain the prevalence of payday loan storefronts, the anti-vaccination movement and Cleveland Browns season ticket holders?
  3. I mostly collect individual issues from pre-code horror, pre-code sci-fi, pre-1940 DC, and random WW2 era superhero publishers. It's just expensive to put together runs of any of these, unless I legitimately like every one. Completing even a short pre-code run in decent shape might cost me $1,000-$10,000 just for the issues I don't really want, but "need" for completeness. I'd rather take that money and buy something else. I do want to get a run of Voodoo though, and will likely try to complete all of the EC horror stuff at some point. I do have reader runs I've been putting together since I was a kid/young adult. Buying stuff out of the dollar box, ignoring condition, and reading a stack of raw stuff without a care is a nice break. Punisher Punisher WJ Punisher WZ Groo (maybe 5 issues left) Goon Conan (Dark Horse Nord run) Tick (Edlund) Tales too Terrible to Tell
  4. Sorry to hear this. What selling platform was the sale on?
  5. They are almost all CIB, not sealed....so not sure if they would be worth grading. I tried to get NM looking opened copies though, so maybe?
  6. Video games....or at least I used to. In the process of selling off my Gamecube collection. PS1, Dreamcast, Saturn and DS will probably follow. Neo Geo is already gone. With two kids I just don't have the time to play any of it, and what time I do have usually goes to comics, old computer games, or XBONE stuff. Can't bring myself to sell the NES, SNES and Genesis collections though. Here's an old pic of some of it before it all went into storage.
  7. It's a printing defect. I have a copy of that issue with similar right edge problems, probably from a dull cutting blade at the plant.
  8. I used to follow the Instagram account of a gallery that handled a lot of these. The images are pretty hilarious/disturbing. http://www.deadlypreygallery.com/
  9. Have you checked out this site? Did a few orders with them and ended up pretty happy. Broke a 1984 Topps Baseball box for fun and I got a Don Mattingly rookie. They take some care to make sure their packs are not searched. https://www.bbcexchange.com/