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  1. Who am I to argue with the august opinion of THE CGC? I am just a humble collector looking for their expert guidance.
  2. I sent in an Iron Fist 14 that I thought was 8.5/9.0 and it came back a 9.8. I counted 14 spine tics when I got it back.
  3. 3rd print 9.8 sold very quickly at $2000 this morning. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TMNT-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-1-3rd-Print-CGC-9-8-White-Pages/303649718703?hash=item46b2ef01af:g:pAoAAOSw4xRfMXKs
  4. I've found a bunch of peds in the wild, or at least unlabeled, over the years including Bethlehem, River City, Cookeville and Cosmic Aero copies. They are still out there. Found this unlabeled Bethlehem less than six months ago.
  5. Ha. Small world. Found your book in a random dealer box for $100 years ago. Still have it.
  6. The last time I spoke with him, he had some health issues he was dealing with. Not sure how much he is on the boards any more.
  7. The Dark Horse trades are ok, but I really like the style of the old Fantagraphics books. Stan was nice enough to do a Jei sketch in Book Six many years ago.
  8. Yeah, that's not a printing defect, it's damage. Guessing it happened during the signing, maybe the corner folded over on the back by mistake. No way CGC missed that the first time. That sucks.
  9. Take these: House of Mustery 211 - 7.5 OWW $14 * one staple bookHouse of mystery 185 - 8.5 OWW $15
  10. I think it depends on the comic and the level of market acceptance. Would this trading impact ASM 300 in 9.8? No, there are too many copies out there. Would it impact the price of Action 1 if they make enough money on this to compete on blue labels when the pop up? I think it could.
  11. Thanks. Took a LONG time to find one.
  12. I think the idea could work, but only for select issues that are A) very expensive and B) not readily available. Take something like an unrestored midgrade or better Detective 27. The vast majority of collectors will never own one outright. It appears for sale infrequently enough to where cheaper comparable sales are not constantly depressing the value. I could see the stock price on something like that increasing enough demand wise to make investing worthwhile, even if the issue was never liquidated. On the other hand, something like a 9.8 ASM 300 would not work. The total market cap of the shares vs the cost of acquiring one outright is always available just by looking at eBay, and makes the premium you are paying for shares painfully obvious. That said, basic math doesn't stop people from flocking to social media comic raffles, so maybe it will be ignored in this case as well.
  13. Not sure I have shown mine. Bought it a few years ago from the original owner.