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  1. Someone did. It only went for $350. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CEREBUS-NO-1-1977-DAVID-SIM-SIGNED-FN-6-0-LONE-STAR-AUTHENTICATED/402758234566?hash=item5dc642f1c6:g:mzoAAOSwh6lgVom7 Sold in under a minute. I saw it at minute two.
  2. I have a few copies of #4, but this one is my keeper. I don't think I have a scan of my #1.
  3. They wouldn't need any documentation for that one. You could just note it on the submission sheet.
  4. 80x?!? That doesn't seem excessive? I mean, everyone dies at some point.
  5. The current market is indeed dumb, but it can get SO MUCH dumber. Screenshot c/o Gene in the watercooler. These sales are separated by 15 months.
  6. He shills as well. One of the top sellers on eBay to avoid like the plague.
  7. 53 posts in and the most shocking thing, by far, is that a 7.0 ASM 129 sold for $2500. WTF is right.
  8. I would have done the trade, but I have a nice FF 1 already. If I didn't, I think the XM would be out the door.
  9. Drummy and I were discussing a potential straight-up trade, and here are the two books in question. Both of us are curious which one people would choose, and also curious how the value will evolve for each in the next 1, 5, 10 years. What are you opinions?
  10. We should start a poll, just for fun.
  11. I only ever had, or ever will have, one "grail".
  12. This one? It's tough, but doable, I have seen a few for sale. Mine is only midgrade, but happy to have it. It's a pretty cool read if you are a Bone fan. I think it was (at least partially) reprinted in the Before Bone book, but that's not helpful since it has a smaller print run than Tales from the Lantern! https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=44635522
  13. Honestly, given recent 9.6 sales at $125,000+ and the census numbers (26 in 9.6, 2 in 9.8) that seems low.