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  1. Most of these have already been shown, but whatever.
  2. There are just a LOT less people willing to leave any kind of money on the table. That might be collectors selling to collectors, dealers looking to just move things, etc. Everyone wants to set the new high now, on everything. It makes some sense, given the rapid price inflation. Why sell cheap now when your over the top price will be market value or less inside of six months? The handful of guys left that are ok with leaving a little for the next guy get swamped. Everything else just sits, waiting for that end-of-the-rainbow buyer or speculator. Frankly, it sucks.
  3. Yeah, he was sneaking some subliminal jedi mind trick stuff in there. Gotta watch that guy.
  4. I can't even remember the last time I bought from the sales forum. It's probably less than 5 books a year now....when it used to be daily/weekly. The 10% of books that are desirable and priced reasonably sell in (literally) nanoseconds, while the remainder just sits. I barely bother to look anymore. It's sad.
  5. Better be careful. WD fanboys lurk everywhere, ready to bring out the long knives whenever someone suggests that title is on a downtrend (which it definitely is).
  6. It's not rare, but it's pretty tough in unrestored 5.0 or above. I actually thought the Ohio copy went relatively cheap. Less than a 3x multiple between a heavily restored midgrade and a pedigree blue label midgrade?!? I'd take the $14k for the Ohio every day over a restored copy at $6k.
  7. I know about the sales record, and I am clearly a fan since I own both a 1&2. That said, I think $5000-6000 for heavily restored midgrades or $2500 for 0.5 beaters is too much relative to what else you can get for that money. Obviously just my opinion though. The market very clearly disagrees with me!
  8. #2 is not easy, but not nearly as tough as #1. I've owned 2-3 copies of the second, zero of the first. A copy of #1 turned up recently at that estate auction someone took a video of. It featured several tough pre-codes, and the prices were pretty damn low, even for the time. It's a super depressing video to watch though (because I was not there) so I didn't keep a link.
  9. The rule we have forcing people to post a price is a good one. I look at other forums and their "sales" section is just people looking for offers.
  10. There is still someone on eBay using the same camera angle, the same type of descriptions, etc. If it's not him, it's someone working with him.
  11. Good memory! Fun reading. I'd buy that trainwreck ASM 28 just as a laugh, but not for anything approaching the asking price.