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  1. A few favorites from my collection:
  2. I sold my 9.6 a few years ago for something around that amount. Prices on this stuff make zero sense. The IM 55 comparison is a perfect example.
  3. The PSA 8 Wagner, despite being trimmed, or the "jumbo" Wagner would likely retake the highest price title if either came up for sale.
  4. I collected cards as a kid (late 80's/early 90's), and even then the Mantle was the king of the hill. I remember my dad and I talking about Mr. Mint's find when I was in grade school. It's a crazy story. Rivals the Church find in value, if (obviously) not in scope. https://www.psacard.com/articles/articleview/7813/pulp-non-fiction-famous-1952-topps-baseball-find
  5. It's unreal, just unreal, how journalists still use these dopey *BANG*POW*BLAM* headlines referencing an equally dopey show that went off the air fifty %$#$@^ years ago. It's like nails on a blackboard to me, and they ALL do it. EVERY TIME.
  6. Mantle's career did end a long time ago, but his rookie card is an icon in the hobby...much more so than Batman 1 is in comics. The T-206 Wagner is the king, but the '52 Mantle isn't far behind. It transcends the hobby. Given the choice between the 9.4 Batman 1 and an equivalently priced Mantle, I would take the Mantle. And that's coming from someone who collects both, but is FAR more into comics.
  7. The variant of the first Miles Morales. Modern AF 15. As high as that is it's nothing, NOTHING, compared to the insanity of modern sports cards. Hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, for cards printed in the last 10 years. Mind blowing stuff.
  8. The Mask 1 sold for more because it has a better cover.
  9. Agreed. I really don't like that aspect of the show....but it's pretty much the only thing I don't like.
  10. I was on the eBay boards. Were you as well? Man, that was a long time ago. I wonder if my/our posts are archived somewhere. My MBA was unquestionably worth it. My JD not so much. The financial segregation aspect was always an important part of my comic equation. While I was paying down school loans and getting established in my career, I wasn't comfortable using anything other than comic "house money" to indulge in my hobby. That mindset persisted long after it was a necessity. Comic money often goes out to pay for other things (it's funded part of my retirement for the last 5-6 years),
  11. I started out ~15 years ago with about $200 in seed money and that was the first and last time I put outside cash into comics. Rinse and repeat with $200, then $400, then $800, etc. If you like selling/dealing/flipping as much as collecting/buying you can accomplish a lot given a period of years and a near-paralyzing comics obsession.
  12. Top 10 golden age cover in my opinion. LOVE that book.
  13. Agreed. I would take the 8.5 all day, especially with the gap in value. Comic collectors are an odd (read: stupid) bunch. We care a lot less about eye appeal and presentation than other collectors and focus much more on the little number on the case that someone else assigned. Not all hobbies are like this. Top end cards seem to have much bigger price gaps between ugly and pretty examples in the same grade, where a lot of comic collectors all but ignore ugly miswraps, sub-optimal PQ, bad color strike, etc. It's confusing, but nice for me since I get much better looking copies for the sam
  14. Compared to say, sealed video games/Pokemon/Bitcoin/modern sports cards, does $60k for a virtually flawless ~60 year old DD 1 really surprise you? I mean, this is a world where a Giannis Antetokounmpo card printed like 9 days ago sells for two million dollars.