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  1. What an awesome piece!
  2. maidenmate91

    [CLOSED] Spidey Books For sale

    What he said.
  3. maidenmate91

    Best modern covers ever

    Another Nice Stephanie Hans variant. I really feel it captures the hopelessness and inevitable loss of this historical moment.
  4. maidenmate91

    Adventures in the Dollar Box

    @rckstr1253 Nice copy of zeo #1!
  5. maidenmate91

    Best modern covers ever

    Bane doesn't have rolls like the Pillsbury dough boy. Lol
  6. Black lighting #1 1977 "vf-"
  7. maidenmate91

    Best modern covers ever

    Who the hell has Batman in a chokehold?!? Blob? Big Bertha?!? *Yes I know it's neither because they are marvel.* Seriously though.... Who dat?
  8. maidenmate91

    Venom Funeral Pyre 1 Error Variant

    Jontron, one of my favorite YouTubers.
  9. maidenmate91

    DimebagD's Feed Back Thread.

    I ordered a nice brick of books off of Dime, everything was graded tightly and packed secure. It was a pleasure doing business with you, thanks. -Rich
  10. maidenmate91

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Got a mid grade copy of DC Superstars #11 today. My favorite Zatanna cover of all time. I love Gray Morrow's work.
  11. maidenmate91

    Adventures in the Dollar Box

    Wow @BishopT solid grabs. I have always loved annihilation conquest #6, and Solar #3!
  12. @OneSiDead has a 9.2 raw white #1 variants for sale in his thread right now.
  13. It happens.... To all of us. Congrats @lonetree I had to "lol" at the order they were taken, as if a random sirens issue, and bagged spiderman #1 took priority over first "Beta Ray Bill"