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  1. Livid that I missed out on this early cyber frog appearance. Not easy to find.
  2. Wow... that star wars Boba Fett has to be a super tough to find newsstand. Congratulations, and a Hughes cover to boot.
  3. That's ok honestly. The turtles are a clan, so it makes sense to have a diverse group represented. However Batman is a mantle, and deserves discipline. This title shouldn't just go to anyone. It needs to be earned, or handed down. Handing out such a honorable title so freely, in my opinion tarnishes the name and the legacy.
  4. I just don't understand how the ratings for the TV show are tanking, but they think THIS is a good idea. Terry is my favorite Batman, that said Batwoman Beyond can go fly a kite.
  5. Batwoman Beyond..... Wow what an original concept. Gender swapped superheroes, just imagine my surprise. I'm sick of this trash. Good on you if you got one, but the fact that this is selling for $20 already is pure speculation driven BS.
  6. The print run on the cyber frog Amphibionix is presumed to be super low. EVS has stated this multiple times. Also with the release of blood honey, a reprint color copy is available as a bundle I believe.
  7. Plus dark avengers #1 Marco variant, birds of prey first, and those sweet Halloween ddp books. That vendor was a insufficiently_thoughtful_person.
  8. Cyberfrog Amphibionix is a rare one shot book. $70 plus easy. Not to mention the freaking psylocke #1 2nd print variant. David Finch greatness! $45 or higher. I'm pretty jealous
  9. Wtf....was the shop owner Hellen Keller? Lol seriously a few of those are super finds.
  10. This is amazing, I never knew this existed! Good luck with your sale buddy.
  11. Lol sorry I was just having some fun. Yes it's just the 35cent variant. Nice find @fastballspecial
  12. Since when is this hard to find? Just curious. @deadleg