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  1. I'm a fan for sure, but I'm not paying that kind of money. Jae lee art doesn't appeal to me as much as EVS art. It's not bad though, I just prefer a less abstract style. EVS is a polarizing figure for sure, but he does have a big following. That is undeniable, as his current campaign has over 1 million dollars raised. I don't think that sale is legitimate though, but I do hope you get paid brother.
  2. what's the deal with issue #6? Also damn I'm jealous of the street shark #1s
  3. Yea just saw the news after your post. Michael B Jordan to produce a new Static Movie. Excellent news, but please oh lord not Jayden Smith though.
  4. People are nuts, you can get a stabbed 4.5 graded Showcase #22 for that kind of money.
  5. Seriously? Isn't that book super common? Nothing justifies that price jump
  6. Justice league #31 first full Jessica Cruz is selling for almost $50 at this time. All Jessica Cruz books : GL #20, Justice league #30,31 are all seeing nice bumps. Keep an eye on the new 52 fcbd and green lantern #0 featuring the first appearance of Simon Baz. The new tv show confirmations are driving these prices. That said I am livid that Kyle Rayner has not been confirmed!
  7. It's the black and white variant. There is also another variant with the logo in gold. You got a good deal on it. Like I said it sells for $100-120.
  8. lucky.... how much? Those sell for $120. Screw hologram variants. Would much rather have this.