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  1. Neat, I love finding obscure websites! Solid grabs, congrats. Be sure to share some with us when they arrive.
  2. yea for sure, I think that book is going to climb now for sure. One copy still left at $75, let's see how fast it goes.
  3. My copy of Knights of the old republic #6 has a sticker over the barcode as well. I looked it up on ebay and saw a bunch like it.
  4. Yea I read it, it's not bad. The interior art is pretty good, a little too topical for my taste. I like it though it has potential. Static's hair is awful though Like Rocket said he is being hunted by his barber. I prefer the classic virgil static shock aesthetic. They changed Rocket's origin though a little, I preferred the classic one where Icon suprises the robbers. I look forward to more. Here is the link to the free official dc comic link for those who also want to check it out.
  5. Meh hardly The static platinum is nice I just care for an Icon comic without Icon on it. That issue before it would've been better for a final issue send off. Still nice books though! I have not dove into Hardware yet to know enough.