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  1. Found these today for $7 a piece. I couldn't believe it. I was very happy to add them to my magazine box. Probably my best single book find this year with price paid vs value.
  2. I'm thinking HBO Max as well. They seem to have all the adult swim content. Classic adult swim was king. I also heard Venture brothers is returning!
  3. This is one of those situations where I'm rewarded for buying only what I love. I have a few of these including the variant. Also Dethklok and Brendon Smalls are amazing.
  4. That's cool, I was just curious why so many copies. Selling opportunities, got it. I wasn't aware this cover or issue was so in demand.
  5. Pffft whatever, check out this deal. The savings really speak for themselves. I don't need cgc to tell me I have a nice collectibles, this is just as good....
  6. Nice score on the Deadly genesis #1. Those have been selling pretty well. Also that variant features Vulcan on the cover.
  7. Idk I don't think the world is ready to see Darth Vader on the big screen.
  8. Someone forward this to twitter, so they ease up on Brian Hitch
  9. Show and tell, let's see them goodies!
  10. idk man the seller claims 5 pg and I can't find scans anywhere. So this is all I got. Bixby button!