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  1. maidenmate91

    Worst modern covers ever

    This post didn't age well..... There are so many shattered variants now. Ugh
  2. maidenmate91

    Worst modern covers ever

  3. Its been a great thread so far! Plenty of deals to be had.
  4. I didn't buy the mystique cover, sorry
  5. Mystique lookin like she's been hitting the gym.... Maybe roids...
  6. I fell asleep on my couch before the party starred..... Oh well, next time FBS ....NEXT TIME!
  7. maidenmate91


    Then you might appreciate my current discovery as well. I thought it looked familiar and it hit me. In my opinion it's definitely a swipe! I mirrored the new mutant book so the orientation is similar.
  8. Nah no way, I always go on Sundays due to my work schedule. I always find good stuff.
  9. If you're going to steel city, you better leave me some goodies to pick up I am going on Sunday!
  10. maidenmate91


    Take new mutants #28 @20% off please. What a sweet cover.