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  1. What bonehead put bone #1 in a dollar bin?! Also nice find on the WOS #32!
  2. Amazing find friend! Might go up in price now that Doug T. Is revamping interest in the property. A new video game and graphic novel.
  3. Yeah thats some serious foresight there. Are the current bids on these for real?!?
  4. It's the same rear cover on the polybagged standard edition. In my opinion probably not a pressman.
  5. I'll take this one please. Thanks
  6. I will take these @20 % off pending they are all still available. Thanks you.
  7. They certainly checked all the buzzword boxes in their announcement tweet. Most #diverse: check Most #relatable: check It's almost too on the nose, kind of sad they are trying so hard.... little?
  8. "Faith Herbert: the superhero we’ve all been waiting for.The #Valiant Universe is going to be the most #diverse and #relatable cinematic universe to date." Pandering garbage
  9. I Just read that Power Rangers #40 series from BOOM is going to finally debut the White Ranger in the series. Also worth noting, it is going to be the first appearance of a new team. Standard cover, Foil variant *reprint of Montes #0 white Ranger cover* 1:20 Anka variant. Personally I feel this is going to heat up for the love of the White Ranger Tommy. It's just my opinion, but the Montes #0 was a hit.
  10. Lol why were two copies of the first appearance of Amadeus Cho in a dollar bin?!
  11. I love those late Deathstroke issues. One day I will find them
  12. I had the pleasure of dealing with Vernon again, with my recent sales thread. Instant payment, and great communication. I look foward to future interactions. Thanks again buddy. -Rich