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  1. wow........ that's nuts. I wonder what tipped him off?
  2. The real question is how long until we see a xenomorph dead pool?
  3. Why did CBSI refer to dhp #36 as a Alien vs predator cameo? There are full panels of them meeting and fighting. That's definitely not a cameo. Also it's on the cover, a big win for collectors.
  4. I believe Ditko also redesigned Kirby's bulky TOS Iron man suit to the classic red yellow suit. So in my opinion he had a massive part in iron man.
  5. I would also keep an eye on the sdcc Alien isolation video game tie in promo comic. Value was already high, this exposure could push it even higher. They are not easy to find under $70.
  6. I'm more partial to deadpool #40 alien homage cover, and merc with a mouth #6. That said wouldn't pay more than $10 for either.
  7. I wonder if dark horse presents #36 will catch that wave? First alien vs predator.
  8. That's awesome! I listen to him almost daily. Rock n roll suicide, queen btch, oh you pretty things, station to sstation, golden years. The list goes on, so damn good. My favorite artist of all time I would say. A lot of close seconds but Bowie was just such an adapt-toid. His stuff never gets stale, because I can listen to a different era of his.
  9. Mighty morphin power rangers #50 Ltd to 300 copies. Amazing cover, one of the best I've seen. So happy to have it in my personal collection.
  10. Isn't that just a magazine like wizard? Edit: NVM I see what you mean. I wasn't aware that was his first. What do they consider primer then?