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  1. I’m not much of an expert unfortunately, but I bought the page at a show, so I was able to take a close look at it, and there were several places where I could still see pencil marks, so I was pretty confident that it was ink over the original pencils. Like you said, I haven’t really heard anything specifically about his Kamandi run, but you can never be too careful. Mike
  2. That's exactly where in ended up in my quest for a Kirby page. It's not a silver age Marvel page, but he was still doing good work on a character he created, and it wasn't going to break the bank. Maybe I'll add another page someday, but for now I'm happy I get to enjoy this one.
  3. This one is a little different than most of the covers in my collection, but I really enjoy it. It’s Juan Jose Ryp’s Cover for Valiant’s Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #7.
  4. As a big fan of the Parker novels, I loved Darwyn’s adaptations. I picked up this page from The Score not long after I started collecting art. There were a handful of pages available on Albert’s site at the time, but if you’re familiar with the story, this page contains an important reveal, so it was a pretty easy choice for me.
  5. Pretty much from the day I started collecting comic art five years ago I’ve wanted to add a Lee/Williams Uncanny X-Men page to my collection. I was always a day late and a dollar short until now. Very happy to pick this one up this week.
  6. Zanadu did close last year (R.I.P.), but I believe the owner, Perry, is still active online. It’s a real long shot that this drawing came through the store, but I guess you could try contacting him at Mike
  7. I was after Ryan Bodenheim for close to 3 years to sell me this cover he did for Valiant's 4001 A.D. #1. Took me a while, but I finally wore him down. Mike
  8. Looks more like Golden Axe. Mike
  9. Does that make Enrico Marini the next Frank Miller? Mike
  10. Isn't the opposite true? These days only a handful of titles a month hit six figures. Silver and Gold age books had way higher print runs. Mike
  11. I didn't have any specific 2018 goals, but I did achieve some long term goals this year: John Byrne Fantastic Four page - As much as I'd love an X-Men page, this was a much more attainable goal. Jack Kirby Kamandi page - Picked this one up at the New York Art Expo back in May. I had been on the lookout for a Kirby page within my budget that still had some classic Kirby feel, and this one fit the bill. It even has some Kirby Krackle! George Perez Infinity Gauntlet page - Was a little worried that I was going to get priced out of these before I found one, but I was able to pick one up this year. Prices should start dropping any minute now I guess. Mike
  12. I could have told you that the minute I bought one. Mike
  13. I finally got around to leaving a review. A bit late, I know. What steps do I need to take to make sure I get the bonus episodes when they come out? Mike
  14. Uh, Mike Browning isn't the person claiming that it's a recreation (or that he spoke to you at SDCC 2016). Might be a good idea to delete his personal contact info from this thread. Mike