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  1. Mike or Tristin, I’ve got a friend who will be there Friday who needs your “assistance”
  2. What if we’re going to the con? Will y’all be available?
  3. Hello Mollie! set: Red Hood/Arsenal (2015) book: Red Hood/Arsenal # 2 JonBoy Meyers Variant.
  4. Will be there too getting Kuhn, Adamsi, Ray Park and John Dell sigs.
  5. Red Hood / Arsenal (2015) including variants please thank you. Josh
  6. Molly, could you please add a new set please Set: Red Hood / Arsenal (2015) Publisher: DC. And all its variants too. Thanks, Josh.
  7. Their website is very difficult, I agree
  8. So, do we know when they will start mailing out the certificates? I won my category this year and can't wait to frame the certificate.
  9. Stan Lee @ DragonCon I see where Stan Lee will be at DragonCon this year as its Grand Marshal, but is he signing too or just there as the grand marshal?
  10. I've had the pleasure of interacting with Ms Mollie, several times over the past couple years and she is very helpful and a credit to cgc. Just saw her in New Orleans. She knows me as ROM Josh.