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  1. Please pm or post grade, pq and asking price. Thanks!
  2. Yes, thank you for the courtesy and thanks to Blowie and Sckao for hosting a great contest👍
  3. Ill take Blow Up the Moons mystery box if available.
  4. Well, it was a good run. Congrats to all who advanced. I can’t wait to see who squeaks out the championship. In the meantime, I’ll figure out what to add to the prize thread.
  5. I’m at 60 points despite the Supes. Not sure that will be enough. At least I now know what the Sumo + tonofbricks emoji combo meant.
  6. Probably more than a few “detached centerfold” notations
  7. The bad news is the results are slightly delayed. The good news is some noob just threw up a stack of nudie mags in the PGM thread
  8. Nothing like some nudie mags and self-evaluations to give new life to the PGM thread.