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  1. Looks like an eBay sale just popped up on gpa for 12750. Not sure if it's legit.
  2. I found out via this board and refused to pay the invoice.
  3. I was notified by a few concerned friends from the boards before I paid for the book. I contacted 3 execs at HA asking about checking the book and it was crickets. Eventually Paul Litch helped me out and got in touch with HA and my invoice was finally canceled. I got the feeling that HA just didnt want to deal with me. I was hoping to snag it for 17k this time around but as you can see that wasnt in the cards. The realized price feels a bit strong to me but what do I know?
  4. I'm a bit concerned about the page quality. Still debating...
  5. I won the Tec 29 last time when the trim wasnt disclosed. HA customer service was a bit interesting.
  6. That Tec 31 Cool I'll just buy it from Rick that way you and Rick can make money! Even though I have a Bat 1 in my sig line it's missing the back cover so a nice looking 2.0 like you have would be a keeper. Oh, the rest of the comics you posted. Well all I have to say about them is and I have your twins on the Tec 33 and 36. Must have been separated at birth.
  7. thx fellas. Time to be active on here. The books here make me very jealous.
  8. I need to start sharing my bats stuff on here.