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  1. Hmm, $40 a ticket seems a bit much for what they have on the guest list. Probably past for this year. Like you said, I do hope they can grow from this.
  2. Congrats on the sale @aardvark88. too bad I was late to the setup, would have love to have a look at your ff48. Traffic was less than last show for sure. Most of my sales were from the $1/$2 bins.
  3. Totally agree...but I was expecting that... 100 percent bullets and explosions and 0 percent storyline.
  4. After taking aardvark88's advice on pricing I was able to haul a few boxes to the show. I thought the show was excellent, lots of traffic in both rooms. The mix of toys and comic vendors was nice. I even had greggy buy some comics at my table... he offered such a fair price I didn't even get to haggle with him. Sam
  5. Thought I should ask for some helpful advice from sellers at this show. I will be a first time vendor at this show. I've been lazy so I'm just starting to pull things out of my collection to bring to the show. I noticed some vendors have their comics priced out with sticky notes, labels, etc. while some just use the price guide to give you the price when asked. My question is will sales be much worse if buyers don't see price tags? I'm guessing it would... Sam
  6. Thanks to Andy and Shin for putting this on, as a first time participant it was awesome. Congrats to TheGeneral for pulling through first place. Also thanks to everyone that donated a prize Sam
  7. second life of dr. mirage 1 gold Bloodshot 51 Sam
  8. Psi-lords 1 Gold X-o manowar 68 Magnus 7 @ 25% off Sam