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  1. I picked up x-men giant size #1 (raw). The book came well packaged and shipped promptly. All good here! Hope to deal with you again! And also was nice not dealing with any border issues too! score!
  2. Very nice book Ernie! Hope all's well on your end. Haven't seen you over on HI in a while. I'm spending more of my time and money here too. Good luck with the sale! Cheers! Lu (aka peulyen on HI)
  3. Bought a FF5 from Trevor. Good communication, quick shipping and great packaging. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Cheers! Lucjan
  4. Thanks jazzman! I'll add it to the list of places to check out! I appreciate this. Cheers! Lucjan
  5. Sweet. Thanks for the extra info. This will help with the planning. So i guess SoCal when daughter is sleeping then?! Thanks again! Lucjan
  6. Thanks for confirming what Steve has said. Appreciate it! Hope you got some sweet finds yourself! Cheers! Lucjan
  7. Oh I see that now. Didn't realize they're on the same street till now. Thanks for pointing this out. Comickaze: Yesteryear: That's awesome Steve! Thanks a lot! Those all look great. Cheers! Lucjan
  8. This must be the place. Thanks for the recommendation Steve! Much appreciated!