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  1. Out of curiosity, why were the changes even made? Was anyone actually clamoring for an interface that took a bunch of extra clicks and had less on-screen info? And, fine...I get that you can't completely go back to the old site. But, can you make the new site look nearly identical to the old one? Or, at least give me all of this info on screen at the same time? Because, see below. If the new design can't display all the info I see there, then it will always be an inferior product.
  2. Seriously, look at this glorious screenshot. I can instantly see everything I need, INCLUDING the date of the last sale. I can quickly compare a bunch of grades at once, see if things are trending up or down, and make quick, informed decisions without making hundreds of extra clicks. Oh, and the graph wasn't obnoxious, either.
  3. The new GPA design is horrifically awful. Unbelievably slow...but even if it was faster, it wouldn't matter (as it is nearly useless now). I have no desire to "get used" to an obviously inferior design. Take all the time you want to "get good" at the new site, and you'll still be way slower at finding BASIC data than any average user on the old site. (Like, looking at, say, the past 15 sales of a book, or comparing 2019 prices to 2018 and 2017. Or, seeing if there was an outlier in price). Inferior goods keep getting forced on us, and when we don't like it...we are just told it is because we simply "can't handle change." Give us an option to go back to the classic site.
  4. Alias 1 and Edge of Spiderverse 5... TAKE, via PM. (Thank you so much!)
  5. Sure looks amazing for the grade. Feels like I'm missing something...
  6. Good work. I was thinking heavily about this one. Thanks for removing the temptation. =)
  7. Yeah, I feel like I'm gonna regret taking too long to think about that ASM 129. Nice score!