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  1. You could probably get a good number of 1st appearances of Milestone characters for $1000. Static is already hot; I think the others will follow.
  2. I'm guessing that there will be little to no connection between these two shows
  3. Interesting that this was supposed to be just before Loki. I thought that Dottie might be the Enchantress (although the color of her energy is green).
  4. In a way, this may not have been the best show to start with, because a lot of people are going to be expecting to have a lot to chew on with future MCU shows.
  5. If it's *not* Agatha, then since Agatha is also there, I imagine that there were other magic-users that received mysterious deeds as well.
  6. The whole idea of the "Agatha All Along" theme is puzzling, as the reveal came when Wanda and Agatha were outside of Wanda's sphere of influence. That suggests that either the whole broadcast thing is someone else's doing, or, if it is Wanda's subconscious, that the whole evil wink to the camera is in Wanda's mind. Since Agatha isn't evil in the comics, I'm assuming we still don't have the full story on her. I think whatever dark magic she was messing with in Salem has taken control of her, but perhaps still allows her some autonomy occasionally. She may see Wanda as a way to break that i
  7. I assume the future of the Vision will follow the comics. In the VisionQuest storyline, Pym restored Vision's memories (as Shuri could do in the MCU if what was discussed here regarding her "backup" is accurate), but he couldn't restore the emotional connection that came from using Wonder Man as a template for his personality. I think we're going to see an emotionless Vision. This will also allow for both Wanda and Vision to be used separately going forward.
  8. This issue also has some McFarlane art depicting the first appearance of Bat-man, and a Vision & Scarlet Witch story that seems relevant now.
  9. I was going through some boxes yesterday and found my run of What the-?! If I remember correctly, this was originally intended as a mini, but then continued it as an ongoing series. I remember the first few issues being funny (but I was just a teen then, so maybe my bar for humor was low), but then it becoming increasingly lame (maybe they only had enough good material for a mini).
  10. Are one of the spec sites pumping Coyote? I've had a copy of 12 listed for some time and now have a bid on it. It looks like quite a few have sold within the last few days (and there aren't many available for sale). 11 is the first McFarlane interior art, and 13 is the first cover, so it wouldn't appear to be particularly important. Just read on Key Collector that it's the "First published art by Todd McFarlane, chronologically" ("Coyote #11 was published first and had a story that was redrawn by Todd McFarlane after he had finished his work on Coyote #12"). Is that new info? And if so, do peo
  11. As far as I know it still labels it as being published before UXM 266, without actually calling it a first appearance.
  12. Someone mentioned this last week; apparently one of the spec sites called it out as a key
  13. Insanity:
  14. If I was talking about the second print, I would have written second print
  15. I can't see spending that sort of money on speculation that a minor character might be someone in the show.