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  1. I didn't really pay attention to when the sales were when I searched.
  2. Bad Idea sent out an email yesterday indicating that they booted another retailer, but they didn't indicate who or why. Would be nice if they at least indicated who, so anyone planning on getting their books at that retailer can make other arrangements.
  3. I guess stores won't be able to do this with Pizza Detective, cuz that would be a sign that they didn't return unsold copies.
  4. Also, I don't think Bad Idea made these available to order. If I'm not mistaken, they just shipped them out to stores.
  5. joskra-563 Bid on and won 3 lots, then ignored the invoice sent several times and made no attempt to communicate.
  6. It should be noted as well that CGC recognizes this as a cameo and Black Widow 1 as first full.
  7. A couple copies have sold on eBay for 15-20. Not bad for a $1 book.
  8. The Ohio sportscard Youtuber that recently got into the comics game keeps talking up this cover.
  9. For those of you whose pet peeve is comics listed in the wrong category, I have great news! Comics will no longer be listed in the wrong category, because eBay is doing away with categories; everything is going to be in "Comics and Graphic Novels"
  10. I'm just saying that's when I noticed it. Obviously New Avengers pre-dates that by a bit. Not sure when incentives became the norm though.
  11. I'm looking into this myself. From what I can tell, Marvel made incentives a big part of ordering the relaunch of the Avengers franchise. That might be a good place to look. But I didn't really notice it being a regular thing until Valiant's relaunch (because that was the focus of what I was buying)
  12. In think they're distinct portions of the same age; Early Copper and Late Copper.
  13. I think that all depends on what you think defines the Copper Age. I think I had a pretty good argument for extending it into the late '90s.
  14. No. There was a backup story in some issue of Omega Men; 37, maybe? But he appeared a bunch of times between that and Lobo #1. Probably what put him on the map was Justice League International 18 & 19 (the first appearance after Omega Men), which are still probably far cheaper than they should be, and then a bunch of issues of L.E.G.I.O.N.
  15. And now that a 9.6 was offered for sale, we have 1 result above the threshold.
  16. Apparently some bidders decided that Lobo 1 is worth close to $250:
  17. I think Liefeld had a laundry list of "characters" that he wanted to published, so he put out first issues of a number of different books (Youngblood, Bloodstrike, Brigade, etc.) that mostly didn't go anywhere. I put characters in quotes because it was short on character. His idea of a character was a power and a name and what he thought was a cool costume, but nothing much in terms of personalities. I have to share this, because it's funny AF. While I was brushing up on some of the history of late-90s Image, I was looking into the accusations that Liefeld was poaching some of Top Cow's t
  18. I like to look at one of the overarching themes of the Copper Age being creator's rights. I think Archie Goodwin landing at Marvel and the launch of Epic as a good kickoff point. I think what the Image founders learned in the first few years was that it's very hard to run a consistent *shared universe* if all of the creators contributing to a shared space have complete control over what they're contributing. There is a sort of transition with Image (around what I like to point to as the end of the Copper Age), where Liefeld is booted out, Silvestri's studio sort of emerged as the big dog of th