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  1. Hey guys! Mark - Thanks for posting the pics!
  2. Show is tomorrow! Met Paul Gulacy and his wife last night. Super nice and super fun people! Can't wait to get a sketch from him! Pre-sale tickets only $5.00 from www.RockyMountainCon.Com or $10.00 at the door tomorrow.
  3. So, CDOT (Colorado Dept of Transportation) has decided to make life interesting for the show this weekend. I-70 will be closed between Colorado Blvd and I-270, So, for those of you coming from the West on I-70 or from the South on I-25, just take I-25 North to I-270 and then head back down to I-70 East. Then use the Havana St Exit. Map below:
  4. Show is this coming Sunday! Super excited to get a sketch from Paul Gulacy!
  5. Thanks! Yes, should be a good show! Two weeks to go! Super excited to have such great dealers and our guest Paul Gulacy! Hopefully, the show will grow and we can turn it into a two or three(?) day show. The goal is to get back to just a plain good ol' Comic Show!
  6. 501st Legion Just Added! Come get a photo with Storm Troopers from Star Wars!
  7. IIRC, This book has some GREAT interior panels!
  8. Only Cole could make a sky with yellow and orange look so good!
  9. Thanks for the offer but, I have that one! Out of curiosity: is that from the L.B. Cole Estate sale? Seems there were two primary sources for cover proofs: A cache from the '90s(?) where most proofs aren't signed and then the L.B. Cole Estate Auction from 2010 (OMG! I can't believe that was almost 10 years ago!!!) where most proofs were signed and came with a COA So, near as I can tell, there's 2-3(+?) cover proofs for each comic. Can anyone shed more light?
  10. Well.... As a very active bidder in the auction, I felt like I was up against some guys with unlimited funds which made it hard for me to win ANYTHING. I did get a few though and was the under bidder on quite a few lots before I gave up. I had hoped to pick up a few upgrades on my Star Comics and Star Ranger runs but wasn't able to. I bid VERY strongly in the Berk auction for issues I needed to finish runs as I figured that I'd never see some of those issues for sale/auction again. Lesson learned that things change and eventually, most everything will come up again. But then again, I've seen items come up again in auctions that I lost and ended up paying a LOT more for the second or third time around. I remember when the Ruben Blades auction happened and grade didn't seem to matter at all. A low grade early Star Comics would go for as much (or more) than a higher grade issue - just depended on scarcity and whether a couple bidders needed it or not for their runs. Anyway.... Rick - thanks for sharing your thoughts on the auction! Cheers!
  11. Always loved this cover! Here's a cover proof - the first one I ever bought and I got it from David T Alexander in the '90s IIRC
  12. I've been chasing some of the Centaurs (wrong thread I know) and mostly VERY unsuccessfully I might add. Other than that, I'm glad I've been collecting LB Cole as long as I have and got my Mask 1 and 2 years ago!
  13. Rocky Mountain Collectors Showcase Focusing on GA and SA Comics! Traditional Comic Show with a Great Guest and Great Comics Dealers! Sunday April 14th 2019 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Embassy Suites Stapleton Denver 4444 N. Havana St Denver CO 80239 (303)-375-0400 Official Website: http://www.rockymountaincon.com/ Tickets: $5.00 presale and $10.00 at the door day of the show Free parking! Special Guest: Paul Gulacy! Entry gets tickets for Free Raffle for Great Prizes! Scheduled Exhibitors: Cap for Kids (a great organization supporting Children battling Cancer) Comic Cellar Graham Crackers Hall of Justice Harley Yee Rare Comics Koops Comics Mile High Comics Outer Limits RTS Unlimited, Inc. Russ Tabor Terry's Comics Show brought to you by: Rocky Mountain Con (look for our Fall 2019 show) and RTS Unlimited, Inc.