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  1. The one I worked on the longest was the Tarzan Dell/Gold Key/DC series. There are/were 2 Four Color issues before starting it's 258 plus 11 annuals run. Charlton managed 4 issues before having to cease and desist. All before Marvel gave it a go in 1977. I had bought them off the stands as a kid, during their Gold Key years, picking up the occasional older ones when they would turn up. And number 8 turned out to be the last one needed. The real challenge is the full page Tarzan Sunday strips! Those started Mar. 15th, 1931. I'm missing 4-17, 5-1, & 5-15 from 1932. A bunch from 1933! 3-11 & 4-15 from 1934. 3-10 from 1935. 3-22 from 1936. I need a lot of the end of the year strips in 1937. But have 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, complete! I pick up the Tip Top & Sparklers with Tarzan covers, when I see them. And there's still some early March of Comics to find. There are just over 20 Tarzan Big Little Books, not counting premiums. And my copy of Tarzan Escapes did! I'll replace that one, and eventually find the premiums! I do need the Large Feature Comic 5, and the Single Series 20 (Hal Foster) books still! And, with any luck those and All Story Oct. 1912 will show up some day.
  2. I knew one from thePhilippines. She was a Manilla Folder.
  3. Good show(s) Terry! Sat. was interesting, as well! Thanks for the hospitality, and refreshments! I even managed to chat with your wife, about your Portland exploits with the Gulacys! And, if Will, the guy collecting Teen Titians stuff, from up in Ventura, that was possibly going to stop in Bellflower on his way home sees this... I also have the original art from Teen Titians #38, pg 12. (Tough getting all the back story in one little run on sentence...almost.) It may be time to take this to the next level, Terry! Cosplay girls in costume! (If that's redundant, don't read it twice.) Another observation.... Maybe CGC should add more personnel for their submissions? Or get a DMV type...."serving number....blah blah blah"....? Their line being literally 'out the door'! Good time! Good job! You make good gooder! And it did rain! All that money you made!
  4. Giving you a heads up for logistics, on Saturday. Myself and a friend will stop in and see what's presenting itself. Seems to always rain on that 'Sunday', anyway!
  5. So what do you call a bad tattoo artist? Why would anyone call a bad tattoo artist? OK, I regret that one. Can I start the penitence here, or is that a different thread? I'll check compunction junction function and get back to ya.....
  6. Since no one offered up any info on the Vampi 1972 Annual cover artist, yet.... Alain Aslan was/is the pinup artist in all those early issues of Oui (lui), also in the early thru mid '70's! You'd only get the one page per issue, but was their version of Playboy's Vargas. At one point in 2012 Previews offered up a soft cover pin-up book (8x11, 126 pgs for 49.99). But beyond that, the Oui(s) and '72 Vamp cover are the only published examples I've seen of this artist's work, outside of a few reproductions in The Pin-up (Babor) hardback.
  7. You may as well take the plunge, and go for all his paperback cover work! Now, there's just a few movie posters, and some '50's funny animal books with text story illos, his Johnny Comet strips, and then I hear he did some work for EC, that'll drive you Mad! There's also that American Artist issue he was cover featured on (May 1976), with the Death Dealer cover! And the Spa Fon interview issue. There's more than one High Times cover, by the way. And don't forget his Playboy Little Annie Fanny contribution! I remember back in the '70's, you could buy original sketches for a $100 or so, from Cockrun at different shows! Back in the mid seventies I was driving back from NYC (to Illinois), but was taking Val Mayerik back to Youngstown (Ohio) first. Well, we stopped in East Stroudsburg, Penn. and Val gave him a call (he was in the phone book). Well, the inlaws were over that evening. But he did invite us over, the next day! But that wasn't in the cards! I'll have to ask Val if he ever did finally meet him?
  8. My thanks for the dual dose of Frazetta II unopened packs! I'd bought a box back when they were released ('93), and have the base set in the 9 pocket card holders along with the S1,S2,S3,C2, & C3 inserts for this set. I'm not even going to open the two you sent. The elusive C1 card is there. Looking back through the set, it does have some stunning work... the Ace paperback Tarzan covers, I see Lancer paperback covers, SciFi book club stuff, a Playboy piece, Squa Tron, Death Dealers, dinosaurs, Ellie nudes, the movie characatures a la Jack Davis! The first card set featured more of his (Frank's) finished paintings, than this set. But I'll take Frank any ole way he shows up! Again, my thanks! Just an observation. The package weighed just under 2 ounces. So shouldn't you have been able to send it for the cost of two first class stamps? The metered postage cost was $2.67? This gesture on your part, really is a needed reminder that there are good people doing good things. For the right reasons. Philanthropic topic, on the Fritz
  9. I'm just saying Miss Piggy looks better in lipstick. But why do they call it Marvel chipping, when it's the same presses in Sparta, Illinois that turned out the DC books? Shouldn't there be an equal amount of DC chipping? Why would the cutter/trimmer machines be more 'dull' just for the Marvel runs? I guess I was a little negative. The back cover looks nice! I'd just acquired a Captain Marvel Adventures #9 that was given a 3.0. Yes there's a rolled spine and detached cover on one staple, but it's still intact (no chipping). But that's a Fawcett from a different valve. Or at least the wrong metaphor for a three point five. I'll admit this. I'd like to have it (AAF15)!
  10. So $235 later, to get the 'same' grade? You can put lipstick on a pig, but that doesn't fix the color breaking creases. And Marvel chipping is looking more and more like leprosy.
  11. This cover is ridiculous! You couldn't hear what the raccoon is saying in outer space! And an articulate Hulk is disconcerting! To be any more gulable, we'd need wings? Sure, send it to the cleaners, before taking someone there.
  12. Buck Rogers swinging like the Dodgers (Frank knows baseball). And they both got their start in Brooklyn, right? Anyway, wish my copy looked this good. But all that color breaking spine dings add up. I'm thinking 5.5 plus or minus a .5 perhaps? No one else offering numbers on this?
  13. What do buckets and vampires have in common? Their always pale. Now I'm complete.