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  1. I found a very similar group at a convention about a month ago. For $100, I got 145 newsstand edition Marvels and DCs, all published in the same three months of 2013. There were a lot more that I didn't buy but I didn't know that I really wanted 10 copies of Superior Spider-Man #10. Five copies was enough.
  2. Thanks for making my decision for me. I'll be cancelling my CGC account and go elsewhere for grading.
  3. You are obviously a hilarious guy. However, you are preventing many attempts to have a conversation on the subject of newsstand edition pricing, thanks to your obdurate interest in blocking those attempts on the basis that you know better than everyone else. Gotta say, not a lot of fun to be around. That's one thing that Nobel has on you on in spades. His posts are fun to read and inspiring. Yours, as I wrote previously, are enough to inspire a person to quit the hobby altogether. Last night I contemplated switching a pending CGC order to CBCS just to punish CGC for allowing you on this forum. I still may do it. It comes down to how much relative value would be lost for the sake of pique. Seriously, do you have any idea how poisonous your negative attitude is? I happen to be obdurate myself but am not that interested in pursuing any conversation here on any subject as long as the potential exists for you to leer your way in and kill the conversation, as you do so well and so often. Any mention of (done for your benefit here) and you shut down the conversation. Same for mentions of print runs, percentages allocated to print vs newsstands, etc. Why do you bother? That makes me wonder why I bother. I mean, who am I? I only used to draw comics for a living, one of which became a TV series, and worked on two Marvel movies, on top of starting my career in comics at the age of twelve working at a comic book store. I can't possibly have anything to contribute to this forum next to you, whoever you are.
  4. Getting back to the ostensible subject of this thread, the premium charged or paid for newsstand editions, is there any consensus on this? The prices I've seen range from a zero multiplier to a 1000% price jump for newsstand editions. The least I've paid (frequently) is the 0% premium, the highest is around 500%. The higher premiums have been paid on comics that are the least expensive in the direct edition and vice versa. So, the ASM 299 and 301 that I bought slabbed yesterday had no newsstand premium, though they were both newsstand editions. On the other hand, I paid $28.50 for one of my ASM V2 #30's, or about a 450% premium over Overstreet. My opinion, the V2 #30 should be worth more than the ASM 299 or 301 because it is a lot harder to find, is from the same highly collectible title, and contains the first appearance of a couple of important characters, though admittedly not as important (yet) as Venom. If one takes a look at Mile High's ebay listings and compares them to their online prices, it becomes evident quickly that they charge about 30% of the prices on their site when selling on ebay. However, the ebay copies all appear to be in VF or lower grades, many in F or lower. Are they just dumping the lower grades and keeping the high grades at the higher prices? Either way, I have only seen a couple examples of other sellers trying to achieve a 10X multiplier on their newsstand editions, and I'm not convinced they were successful. There are two dealers I've bought a lot of comics from who charge about 2x to 3x for recent newsstands. Since the comics aren't that expensive as directs, the multiplier doesn't bother me. That said, the more I buy (I've bought about 400 newsstand editions in the last month), the fewer are available. The sellers I've bought from don't seem to replenish their stock of newsstands. Once they're gone, they don't come back as frequently as directs. Based on the foregoing, I believe the current going rate for post 2000 newsstand editions is between 2x-3x the direct price. This is because I have bought dozens of comics myself at those prices and have seen many others go to other buyers in the same range. I have also seen them sell at 4x-5x (have even paid that myself) but that is less common. Above that, I see the comics hang around and then get relisted. Mile High is definitely pushing the envelope with their 10x prices. My impression is that they know it won't be easy to restock once they have sold, and they have a good idea exactly how rare they are because of the large volumes they deal with. For those reasons, they have decided to wait to sell at a price that reflects the difficulty of finding replacement stock even if it means no sales for some time. For my part, I have a hard time picturing myself spending 10x for a newsstand edition but that is only because I can still find them at lower prices. When that changes, my attitude toward the price may change also. ASM 300 is too expensive for me to buy anywhere outside of a garage sale at garage sale prices but I don't doubt that the pricing is appropriate because it sells so often at high prices and can't easily be found at any kind of bargain price. Ultimately it is availability that drives the prices and modern newsstand variants are currently less available than ASM 300, though most lack the cachet of introducing a major character like Venom. They do exist however. The Hulk Planet storyline starts in 2008's Hulk #92, Old Man Logan in Wolverine V2 #67 (or 66?), first Ronin in New Avengers, first Miles Morales, etc. Rarity for its own sake is not something that all collectors care about. That said, enough collectors cared about it to drive the price of the Star Wars #1 price variant to just under $30,000. If that can happen, it can happen with newsstand variants also, keeping in mind that the price variant group that SW #1 was a part of only yielded one comic worth almost $30k. On the low end, other 30 cent variants from the time are from $100-$300, depending on the content.
  5. Only a person mounted on a steed taller than the stars above could write such a line. Congratulations, space cadet, you win the no-prize of the day.
  6. And this is meaningful in some way to you? EDIT: And here I've hit my "interacting with a time waster" quota for the day. Ciao for now!
  7. I have not. You may have inferred this from other posts but I have not said it nor is it true. I did not mean to imply it either. You seem to be saying that, "everything on Nobel's blog is worthless," and I simply point out that there certainly are things found there that are correct, which you have admitted on multiple occasions. I look at his site, and this one, about the same as I look at a box at a flea market: something to sort through. Sometimes I buy things I regret later, but know that on average, I come out ahead, so I keep doing it. With the ASM 650 CGC error published on Nobel's blog, that is the kind of thing that is easy to check on but at least his blog gives you something to check in the first place. Going based on your posts, we'd all be best off throwing our collections away and never buying another comic.
  8. Maybe he has some baloney but I wouldn't say he is full of it. In your case, I feel the same way, you have some baloney, mainly connected to your curt way of writing things, which leaves your intent a mystery, but your posts aren't "all baloney" either. Frankly, without the attitude, they'd be more fun to read.
  9. You certainly give a different impression. I would not have guessed that your disdain for all things Nobel translates into anything other than "he's full of baloney."
  10. But if CGC recognizes it, then there are labels reflecting it, and Nobel's list is accurate. This is the kind of thing that makes me doubt almost everything you post. The way you wrote it, Nobel is at fault for the error. Now it looks like CGC is at fault and Nobel did not make a mistake.
  11. There is a small group of newsstands that have different prices from each other. Those are very interesting. Personally, I'd like to get them all but have only been able to buy two. It happened in, I think, about 2000. Marvel tried three prices for the newsstands simulataneously on six titles, making a total of eighteen versions of those comics, twelve of which were variants. The prices to look for are $2.49 and $2.29. They did it on ASM 10, 11, 13, a group of Fantastic Fours, Cable, I think Hulk (not sure) and two others.
  12. Sorry, thought I was responding to LazyBoy, who is becoming a bit of a burr under the saddle.
  13. Well, I didn't see your response until after I'd made the post you're talking about. Still, it's almost as if you don't realize you have a reputation for this.
  14. Thanks for being true to form. For clarification, are you pointing out that CGC erroneously describes 650 as a price variant, or that Nobel got something wrong in the way he reported the list? As I see it, if CGC recognizes it, even if they are wrong, then Nobel's list is accurate.