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  1. Where's our updated list? Jay, table service please!
  2. That's why Amazing Fantasy #15, Fantastic Four #1 and Hulk #1 don't exist in 9.8.
  3. You have good taste. I purchased the MK #1 in the same grade about two months ago. I must look at the WD issue.
  4. Galactus is there? He would be the top grade in every tier! I do like the Heroclix method of dealing with the character: it's a 'Special Rules apply" situation whereby the heroes have to team up and only have so many rounds in which to drive him off Earth.
  5. Well, ask and ye shall receive. Many thanks. I appreciate it.
  6. Since we are currently talking about collectibles on the Beanie Baby thread, does anyone remember the following super-hero card set released in the 70s? It was a pack featuring almost all the major heroes (some like the Silver Surfer and Sub-Mariner were missing) with power rankings for each. There were something like 4 different grades, with 3 of them being (from memory) Strength, Intelligence and Weapons. The back of each card was blue with an image of Mephisto's head. What was interesting was that it was obvious even to a child reader that whoever wrote the description for each character knew nothing about them. For example, Yellowjacket was called "Hornet" and the Moondragon entry she gained her powers from the Moon. Thor was rated the most powerful (with 100 in each category) except in the Weapons category, which apparently only went to 46 (Captain Marvel had the highest rating, with Thor at 45). The illustrations were simple lifts of famous shots of the characters from the comics, but they were very detailed and very colourful. Any ideas?
  7. Sorry to hear that. I have a private mailbox at my local Post Office. There's no way anyone else is touching an expensive purchase until I'm ready to sell it.
  8. Heh. I wonder if anyone out there has been burgled, with the offender only taking some petty cash, jewelry, CDs etc and not touching comics, Funko Pops etc worth far more than their getaway car? "Whew. They only got my wife's CDs and that ugly brooch her grandmother left her. They ignored my collection - thank God!"
  9. Just by the by, while collectors aren't made of plastic, they too have a limited shelf life...
  10. Beautiful set. There are in fact 60 in all.
  11. Hmmm...X-Men #94 a mere $70. Affordable even by early 80's standards. And there are discounts for multiple purchases. Begins building time machine...
  12. Nice story. I could never understand the fascination with McFarlane, Liefeld, etc as it just didn't appeal. The Valiant titles were considerably better but most of that is now worth very little. The problem is the younger demographic in the right here and now - they live for the next Modern variant and Convention Funko Pop. Anything pre - 2000? Meh.
  13. I agree completely. I purchased several rare Batman Funkos something like 5 years ago and they have appreciated significantly on account of the scarcity. Another very clever marketing tool is producing the same item in several colours - it creates the impression one has to have the whole set in order for it to be complete.
  14. Who is the gold character between Daredevil and the Beast? Is that meant to be Black Bolt?
  15. The highest grade on record is 9.4, with last sale being $300,000. With unlimited funds, it's a snap. Next stop, Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27!