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  1. I have the hardcover box set of C & H. Worth every cent!
  2. BINGO! This encapsulates the hypothesis perfectly. I'd be curious to know how many new AND young members have joined in recent times, as I would hazard a guess it is the old guard that keep these boards going (after all, the thread on 50s War Comics isn't being maintained by 21 year olds). That said, things can work in your favour. I was gobsmacked by the current prices for IH #181, but pleased in the next moment as I own a 9.8W...
  3. Agreed. I offloaded a number of rare Funkos and a conic variant with no trouble this year. Some of the $ went back into other variants because people will lose their minds when a certain other character finally debuts.
  4. Heh. That's why I said "possibly". To use your avatar as an example, many won't bother even attempting to read an early Kane Batman (Hugo Strange), or one of the classic 50s (Joker's Million's / Rainbow Batman), 60s (Hooded Hang-Man) or even 70s (Man-Bat, Ra's Al Ghul) stories. They may take an interest in The Dark Knight Returns or The Killing Joke, but for many Batman simply didn't exist before the Christian Bale era. As the interest wanes, so too will the awareness and knowledge. Ignorance ahead in 9.8W!
  5. To summarize, new money is now king. Nothing is forever, this was always inevitable. I think for many it was the rate of change that wowed them. Good for someone like myself, who has all the Bronze keys in 9.8W + many of the modern variants. That said, they are a different breed. They never held out for weeks to find out how Thor would stop the Celestials, or how the X-Men's first battle with Doctor Doom would end, or how Alpha Flight would cope without Guardian. Because of this, they will be investors first, and possibly readers second.
  6. From memory it was 70s and had a Chamber of Chills feel (but that may just be the reprint). It was about a criminal who goes to a scientist in the hopes of using a killer robot in the city. The plan eventually goes awry, and the criminal returns to the scientist, who is revealed as the robot itself. I've never seen this childhood, and was hoping someone might know.
  7. Well, all this explains the delay on a package I've sent to someone in CA. Good time to own a sled and some huskies...
  8. Asking price $500 US + $70 shipping. Paypal only. No returns. Happy to field questions.
  9. Asking price is $1350 US + $70 shipping. Paypal only. No returns. Happy to field questions.
  10. Got to do everything for some people!
  11. Not one but THREE copies of the Ruby Red variant of Danger Girl #2 in 9.8 for sale on Ebay. If you live long enough you get to see everything. 2 of the 3 are overpriced but still a sight to see. I think 5K is about the ceiling for this very niche item.
  12. Consider it done. Would do business again.