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  1. "Time waits for no one" - indeed. I was thinking about this recently. A poster on these boards who can remain anonymous was famous for his proclamations that the gems he had acquired were not for sale, and yet two years ago they all suddenly were. Practicalities intervene, and as such some of the gems are now in my collection. I also remember an Ebay user who thanked me profusely when I purchased his 9.8 W copy of ASM #129 several years ago, telling me the money was paying for outfitting the nursery for his newborn child. The hobby does have a certain odd element to it in that something can be passed from owner to owner, with each new person usually oblivious to the stories or attachment that came before. Bronze Johnny does have a good point - you will always have the memories. If I had a time machine one of my trips would be to New York City in the early 60s just to see these eventual classics sitting on the rack of a news stand. That must have been something.
  2. I was just saying a while ago on another thread that I think this issue is undervalued, considering it is the first appearance of Doom in the MU. And yet another early issue that does not exist past 9.4...
  3. I'm actually surprised that Dane Whitman's first appearance in Avengers #48 is worth so little. After the technical addition to the roster of the Swordsman and then Hercules, he was the next major player and had a key role several times. But historical merit doesn't always translate into commercial value...
  4. Good call. I'm actually surprised at how cheap the lower grades of #1 are, considering 9.4 is the highest grade. I also really thought that the top grade of #5 (1st Doom in the MU) - also a 9.4 - would go for much more. It may be another good pick.
  5. Another quiet achiever that is gaining strength is ASM #101 (1st Morbius).
  6. Amen. I own a 9.8 W and hadn't checked the price in months. My first reaction was Once it sunk in...
  7. I think my favourite series was Thanos: The End. Starlin always does a perfect job of characterizing the Titan. I liked the fact that it is all actually a post-narrative being relayed to Warlock, and despite Thanos' best efforts he can't fix the fundamental flaw in the universe.
  8. Heh. Apt. The Thor #156 rated a CGC 10 was found in a warehouse...
  9. Well, I can (I have both in 9.8 W), but am interested rather than worried. One of my hobbies after all.
  10. Yes...but not necessarily a ASM#129 or IH#181 in 9.8 with white pages. As I just said on the Cameo thread, it is indeed a matter of perception.
  11. Heh. "If" being the operative word. IH #180 features Wolverine in one panel, while #182 features the character in several panels on the first page only. I don't rate either issue but neither is cheap. It is all perception.
  12. Point taken. I think in this instance the rarity factor is key. I fully believe Jay's investigative analysis which concludes that the book was overlooked at the time due to large sales of the preceding issue. What the ceiling is would be anyone's guess (I'm thinking around 25K). I'd still take another ASM #129, IH #181 over this. Time will tell.
  13. Amen to that. The two people who paid almost $15K respectively for copies of Werewolf By Night #32 in 9.8 with no return in sight can attest to this.
  14. Agreed. The problem I have with expensive variants is that people can suddenly go off them and someone can be stuck with an overpriced albatross around their neck. I know the tried and true staples aren't sexy when compared to the modern picks, but they are steady sellers through bull and bear markets.
  15. I don't know about the seller's claims of a $20K sale as nothing seems to be recorded on GPA past $13.3K in Jan. 2019 Interesting that this variant is now more valuable than all bar the very first few issues of ASM (and #101 + 129 of course). I don't know if that is impressive or just a sad reflection on the times.