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  1. Looking for a CGC graded copy in 9.8. Must be graded - not "I think it is 9.8". Pls PM if wishing to transact.
  2. That's it? Pardon my reaction but...and? a) Bendis has never been a great writer b) There have been African-American heroes before. Were there variant covers of Flash #134 when Jakeem Williams (later Thunder) first appeared? What about Marvel's Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel - Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16), Mexican Bonita Juarez (Firebird - Hulk #265) or Native American John Proudfoot (Thunderbird - Giant-Size X-Men #1)? Variant covers? In the words of the late, great Stan Lee, the most significant appearance of a non-white hero was in fact the Falcon, and history was made when the character shared the title with icon Captain America, in Captain America and the Falcon #134. Needless to say, there were no variant covers of that issue. Nuff' said.
  3. Hah. Very true - I remember all those female characters that were anorexic and had "broken back" syndrome. Mind you, the poses were also often off on the classic covers. I once tried to imitate Thor's pose from the cover of Silver Surfer #4. Awkward and painful!
  4. I still don't know who Naomi is. Boy, I'll buy one of those scorecards! And some popcorn!
  5. At least this particular book is out there somewhere, even if in an evidence room. There must be numerous instances of some unthinking cretin destroying a valuable book.
  6. Just teasing Felicia. No venom (at least, not until #300).
  7. Hah. That's funny. This one has foxing in the top right hand corner. I suppose if it has been taken from the CGC slab it may no longer be 8.5.
  8. Does anyone know if this copy has been released? Arguably the most infamous comic (certainly Golden Age) to own.
  9. Heh. As Jay will tell you, there's no such animal. #194 - common as dirt #667 - Holy Grail
  10. Hmmm...not a claim to fame to be in this club. The book is as common as dirt. What about the ASM #667 variant? What? No one? Heh.
  11. It will always be one of those books that will hold value, as there are only a finite amount in top grade. The price may fluctuate but it is a safe bet and one part of the Bronze Trinity that also consists of Amazing Spider-Man #129 and Hulk #181. X-Men #94 in top grade with WHITE pages (no mean feat, for some reason many of the top specimens are OW-W) is also a good choice.
  12. Heh. Thanos in his helicopter. I deliberately didn't worry about this one. That said, the tiny figure of Death on the building top in the deep background was clever...
  13. I remember buying a 9.8 W copy 4 years ago which I still own. The seller sent an email after the transaction thanking me profusely as the money was going to pay for a nursery for an impending child. I replied and said I hoped it would help and wished his family all the best. I was truly moved by the sincerity. It was a poignant reminder that there is always a human element.
  14. I didn't forget (or ignore) the fact that Captain Marvel was cancelled.It was in point of fact the quality of the stories that came AFTER Starlin's run that did the damage. The letter pages in the last few issues praise the new direction, but sadly it came too late. I'm also fairly certain "cosmicness" isn"t a word, but I doubt this factor affected readership. Cosmic characters such as Galactus and the Silver Surfer have also proven to be popular. Starlin had a clearly defined arc for the character, and these events resonated through the Marvel Universe for years to come. I think you are also overlooking the fact that the character was successfully resurrected in Silver Surfer #34, and has enjoyed even greater popularity. I don't believe many characters can claim this. Also, why would the length of the film worry you? A:IW was 149 minutes and highly enjoyable.