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  1. Bronze age comics that are heating up on eBay...

    Well, stupidity appears to be heating up on Ebay.
  2. Agreed. The war across Wakanda with Killraven was great, and the follow-up with the Klan was an inspired change of pace. What followed not at all...
  3. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    No point. As with most issues from 1980 onwards there are multiples in 9.8 W. Also not Bronze Age. Try again.
  4. This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Well done. Any ASM pre-200 in 9.8 W is a win. This is the blue ribbon winner from recent posts.
  5. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    Too low. Again, 9.8 for the return.
  6. Cerebus #1 Real vs the Counterfeit

    The back cover gives it away. I've seen the real deal in 9.4 and it has a damaged back cover due to faulty printing. This appears intact, ergo...
  7. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    Yes, I appreciate the look and feel as much as the next person. I was, however, talking about attrition. It is inevitable.
  8. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    True enough, but all those others factors such as storage space, maintenance and inevitable erosion come into play. E - reading is where it's at.
  9. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    Agreed. My 9.8 W has doubled in value. Having multiples of this issue is a tad boring but a safe investment. A truly canny investor only needs 10 - 20 comics at most. Recreational reading can be done on-line. Anyone with boxes and boxes taking up space still has 80s-90s thinking.
  10. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    If staying strictly within the confines of the Bronze Age why not go to the very start and try for a Captain Marvel #1 or Marvel Super - Heroes #12? A Silver Surfer #14 would also be nice. Or, take the less typical route and try for a Swamp Thing #1 + 7, or even a Jimmy Olsen #134. Think laterally!
  11. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    Ah, someone beat me to it. This is the top pick with those funds. Ensure it is a 9.8 W and then store it. It will appreciate by at least 20% in the next 2 years as collectors are realizing this is Wolverine's first true appearance. Alternatively, sell some of your collection / take out a small loan and amass enough to obtain a 9.8 W of IH 181. Never bother with the lower grades if 9.8 is possible.
  12. Silver Age Key Monopoly Game

    I actually think having the GA comics for the top two properties is a touch of brilliance. I would, however, have started the selections with titles like Marvel Premiere #1 and Marvel Spotlight #15, which based on a tier system would have allowed for IH #181 and the eventual X-Men #1.
  13. Silver Age Key Monopoly Game

    Well, there's no Daredevil #1 either. Only room for so many squares for the high-grade comics.
  14. Silver Age Key Monopoly Game

    Now, does anyone have every comic on the board?
  15. The best Byrne issues from that time are #69-70, with Spider-Man and Havok/Thor against the Living Monolith. Very strong continuity as current events in Avengers and X-Men are referenced. Spider-Man is even reminded of the first war against Thanos (Avengers Annual #7 / Marvel Two -In - One Annual #2) as he watches Thor battle the Monolith. Classic stuff. Sadly, the art of referencing and tying events together seems gone...