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  1. I found another thread: Serial offender!
  2. I thought it was bogus but didn't realize the person had a history. I'll check out the forums. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. A raw 9.8 for this issue seems near impossible. Thoughts?
  4. Trivia: there is a mistake on the cover of FF Annual #3. On the left of the cover the Hulk can be seen but does not appear in the story (per Tales To Astonish #73 the Hulk was off-world fighting for a prize for the Leader). There is also something of a writing flaw as Thor is present, who could wipe the floor with the villains. This was explained years later in Thor #300, as when Thor first re-appeared in modern times he was unsure of himself and his abilities. After leaving the Avengers in issue #16, Thor was portrayed as being much more manly, muscular and powerful from Journey Into Mystery #112. As I said, Annual trivia.
  5. Actually I think CGR does play some part in the appeal. As for profit, it is really a minimal gain. The other factor to consider is the amount of effort involved in constantly trying to turn over Moderns for small sales. Again, the big picture.
  6. And some professional advice:
  7. Well...they can and usually do appreciate short term, but despite the gain will depreciate. There is the rare exception to the rule (eg. ASM #667) but this is, as stated, rare. My advice? Pick a high grade copy of an ASM you really like that will appreciate, and talk to a dealer about a payment plan.
  8. And in time you will be ready for your first lightsaber.
  9. It really comes down to what you want. The only thing I can add is that your buying habits are - as with us all - determined by background, exposure to comics, socio-economics etc. For example, I collect and read e-comic versions of classic tried and true runs, and will only bother with Moderns if the consensus is overwhelmly positive. The physical copies I own are all investment items from the Silver and Bronze Age. So, I straddle both worlds as a collector and investor. That, however, may not be right for you. If you would like some investment advice many here could help.
  10. An awesome story? I'll have to buy multiple copies - I've never read one of those before!
  11. What's the fascination with Thanos #13? And turn down that radio! I need my nap!
  12. I don't have a picture at hand right now but I have the Wolverine #145 Nabisco variant in 9.8 W. I purchased it from an old poster some years back and never seen another since. Seems to be a steady climber as a perennially popular character. Perhaps a thread on covers errors would be interesting - I have a Bloodshot #1 with the Platinum ink in 9.8. Another one that just doesn't appear. Not quite ASM #667 but not seen in the market.
  13. "Time waits for no one" - indeed. I was thinking about this recently. A poster on these boards who can remain anonymous was famous for his proclamations that the gems he had acquired were not for sale, and yet two years ago they all suddenly were. Practicalities intervene, and as such some of the gems are now in my collection. I also remember an Ebay user who thanked me profusely when I purchased his 9.8 W copy of ASM #129 several years ago, telling me the money was paying for outfitting the nursery for his newborn child. The hobby does have a certain odd element to it in that something can be passed from owner to owner, with each new person usually oblivious to the stories or attachment that came before. Bronze Johnny does have a good point - you will always have the memories. If I had a time machine one of my trips would be to New York City in the early 60s just to see these eventual classics sitting on the rack of a news stand. That must have been something.
  14. I was just saying a while ago on another thread that I think this issue is undervalued, considering it is the first appearance of Doom in the MU. And yet another early issue that does not exist past 9.4...
  15. I'm actually surprised that Dane Whitman's first appearance in Avengers #48 is worth so little. After the technical addition to the roster of the Swordsman and then Hercules, he was the next major player and had a key role several times. But historical merit doesn't always translate into commercial value...