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  1. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    "The mutant Wolverine is as nothing next to Galactus. I am the All!"
  2. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    Very different indeed. Galactus also appears in the totality of #50, whereas Wolverine only appears on the first 2 pages of #182, the other end of that "trilogy".
  3. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    Yes, #44 - 67 was a boom time for character creation. The Inhumans, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Black Panther, Klaw, Psycho-Man, the Sentry, Blastarr, Ronan and the pre-Warliock Him - and the Marvel Universe was all the better for it.
  4. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    2nd story arc.
  5. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    What is also interesting is the SS's 2ND appearance in FF #55. There is a Boston Pedigree 9.9 which sold for $31K in 2015. Nice.
  6. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    In FF #258 Doom is speaking with Tyros - recently stripped of the Power Cosmic by his former master - and admits that before Galactus "even Doom must tremble."
  7. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    #51 is notable as it serves as an epilogue to the preceding trilogy. Reed Richards is researching other dimensions and is concerned that mankind is clearly not ready for threats such as Galactus. Sue asks if he (Galactus) will ever return and Reed replies "there's always a chance". It was a sober moment as Reed realized that every foe the Fantastic Four had battled - including Mole Man, the Skrulls, Miracle Man, Sub-Mariner, Puppet Master, Impossible Man, Hulk, Red Ghost, Mad Thinker, Super-Skrull, Rama-Tut, Molecule Man, Hate Monger, Diablo, Invincible Man, Attuma, Gideon, Dragon Man, the Frightful Four and even Doom - were nothing next to Galactus.
  8. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    Agreed. It was one of the most honest and exemplary moments of the Silver Age. Others include FF #26 and the classic Kirby run on Thor. Good times.
  9. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    Yes - this is the one to get folks. Nice form from the Thing - doing well to keep up with the others.
  10. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    #1 actually blew out about 3.5 years ago. You might obtain a 9.8 W for $25K if someone needed the $, but unlikely.
  11. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    Duh. FF #49 = best of all worlds on account of cover (my first and also my Herald). SS #4 - the one in the series to get on account of guest star on cover and apparent low distribution. Sell at peak of SS infatuation.
  12. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    If you can afford it, purchase FF #49 and SS #4 in high grade now.
  13. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    About a temporary 80% at the height of the frenzy (with 1 fool and their money appearing on Comic Link or Pedigree Comics) then a fall off with prices sitting at 35% higher than original beyond the movie hype. Iron Man is cooling considerably and WWBN #32 has so very far to fall (the two fools who paid 14K + for a 9.8 will never see their money back) with others to follow. Facts will trump a crystal ball every time (and this doesn't need a heart icon).
  14. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    Ah, I thought someone would bring up IH#181. While there is constant demand for this and AS#129, they are the exception rather than the rule. FF#48 will never carry the demand of the aforementioned gems, and while there may be a temporary spike it won't hold. Expect to also see a dramatic fall off for FF#45 and #52.
  15. Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    Quantity is the problem with FF #48. Per the census: 9.8 35 9.6 85 9.4 112 9.2 134 9.0 177 This is a high number of copies in the 9.0 + range. This is also before considering that there are 200 + copies in every grade from 4.0 - 8.0. Scarcity isn't really an issue. For my money, high grade issues of Thor in the 145 - 165 range are the better prize due to rarity.