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  1. World Devourer

    Anyone remember this story?

    Heh. Dark. I suppose the soldier could have bashed another wolf to death with his rifle, but that defeats the purpose of the story. I know if I had a fiance called Sonia who looked like that waiting for me I'd be sure to make it back.
  2. World Devourer

    Anyone remember this story?

  3. World Devourer

    Anyone remember this story?

    Thank you for posting the story. When you say "narrowed" down did you actually mean "marrowed" down? Some Crypt Keeper humour...
  4. World Devourer

    Anyone remember this story?

    Here's a synopsis from the EC Comics wiki: Be warned - spoilers!
  5. World Devourer

    Anyone remember this story?

    I was talking to a dealer recently about EC stories and we picked favourites. As it turns out we both enjoyed "Wolf Bait" from Haunt of Fear #13. Set in early 20th C Russia, a group of travellers in a sleigh are pursued by ravenous wolves. All efforts to slow the wolves fail, including a soldier shooting two wolves with the two bullets he has (the starving wolves devour their companions and then continue the chase). The appeal was in the fact that the group agree someone has to die to save the others, because if the wolves bring down the horse driving the sleigh, they all die. The town is nearby, but when the choice has to be made... Does anyone recall this story?
  6. World Devourer

    X-Men #129 cgc 9.8 for $15,000??!!

    Agreed. The seller is greedy and stupid.
  7. World Devourer

    Marvel Topps Stickers 1975 & 1976

    I'll try and investigate. The search is half the fun!
  8. World Devourer

    Marvel Topps Stickers 1975 & 1976

    There's an uncut sheet available on Ebay: I'm based in Australia, but I distinctly remember another set. I saw Hawkeye and Iron Man - the images were much sharper with richer colours and a white background. There were also no captions. I'd be interested in owning that set.
  9. World Devourer

    WWBN 32 CLUB

    Yes, all rumour. Besides Marvel is busy with more seasons of the existing characters. Re: the speculation, we've been discussing it for several years now. As I said previously, people paying $14 + K is ridiculous. A notable comic dealer and I were talking about it once and he said they would never get their money back. It isn't even a case of a quick flip because there is no upcoming film/tv product featuring the character. Prices for MSH#13 are currently exorbatant, but least I can understand the demand because it has some basis.
  10. World Devourer

    How to spot restoration....?

    Mmm...I'd rather wait for a masterful 9.8 than have a rushed 5.0.
  11. World Devourer

    How to spot restoration....?

    Well put. Like the avatar by the way (shame about the sequel).
  12. World Devourer

    Amazing Spiderman #14 club

    The White pages are impressive.
  13. World Devourer

    Amazing Spiderman #14 club

    I really like this issue. The first appearance of Spider-Man's greatest and most interesting foe. There wouldn't be another Spidey foe with this kind of evil charisma until Venom in #300.
  14. World Devourer

    The Silver Surfer Collecting Thread

    #3 is the first appearance of Mephisto. All issues of the original SS in 9.8 are scarce and demand top dollar. Only 6 of #3 in 9.8...
  15. World Devourer

    All Things Silver Surfer & Galactus

    The slightly off storytelling is interesting. Notice how Black Bolt is almost an afterthought in that one panel? There's also no reaction from the Inhumans shown as the SS streaks away at top speed.