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  1. Greetings if anyone has the truly all-blue version in 9.8 W I am interested. Please PM as can. Regards
  2. World Devourer

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    Amen to that. The original series from 1968 is actually quite a good read.
  3. World Devourer

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    Collect: MTU - #1 (ultra-rare in 9.8) and #4 (X-Men) MTIO Annual #2 (continues from Avengers Annual #7 and end of the second Thanos War). For reading: MTU # 55 (Warlock's final adventure before the second TW) MTIO #61 - 63 (Her and solid backstory on Warlock) Nothing else is a standout.
  4. World Devourer

    Richie Rich

    On RR, the appeal for most collectors is nostalgia, but the obstacle is rarity. For example, there are NO copies of Richie Rich #1 in 9.8 - and only 3 rated 9.6. While this was 1960, 1974 was no better, as there are NO copies of Richie Rich Gems #1 in 9.8. 4 copies exist in 9.6. This disparity is prevalent across not just the RR titles, but Harvey (eg. Casper, Hot Stuff, Little Dot, Wendy) as a whole.
  5. World Devourer

    Silver age comics that are heating up

    It was always coming to this. The ONLY MSH#13 in 9.8 sold in 2011 for $1,079. A 9.4 sold this year for $3,870. If the 1 copy in 9.8 sells in the next 12 months, the sale price could conceivably exceed 10K - due to both popularity AND rarity. The current owner is either: A) A collector who doesn't care for trends or B) Like Thanos is sitting back and biding their time...
  6. World Devourer

    Lost Darkseid story

    Looks like everyone got something out of this one! Got to give it to the Silver Age Flash - he just wasn't going to be stopped.
  7. World Devourer

    Lost Darkseid story

    Yes, there is something to be said for those pre-Crisis team-ups. I also found a page where fans experiment with inter-company crossovers using the STF title: I really like the idea of a Red Tornado / ROM team-up. If well written I could see the characters engaging in a discussion about humanity, and the fact that their mechanical appearances do not define them.
  8. World Devourer

    Lost Darkseid story

    Adam, nice to see it also made an impression on others.
  9. World Devourer

    Lost Darkseid story

    That is it - many thanks. I also found it online: A little sad critiquing something you last read as a child and realizing it is nowhere near as good as you first thought. That said, it provided entertainment at the time, so job done.
  10. World Devourer

    Lost Darkseid story

    I'll check, but there were no other JLA. The interesting thing is the Flash and Darkseid don't actually meet, and at this stage are unaware of each other. Darkseid has a confrontation with Highfather and Orion. This story doesn't seem to be mentioned in any Top 10 Darkseid story lists as I think it is too early for most readers today.
  11. World Devourer

    Lost Darkseid story

    Any long-time readers remember a pre-crisis story with the Flash and Superman against Darkseid? Orion also featured. It was quite an epic story but is not mentioned in the woefully light Publication History for Darkseid.
  12. World Devourer

    Bronze age comics that are heating up on eBay...

    Well, stupidity appears to be heating up on Ebay.
  13. Agreed. The war across Wakanda with Killraven was great, and the follow-up with the Klan was an inspired change of pace. What followed not at all...
  14. World Devourer

    Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    No point. As with most issues from 1980 onwards there are multiples in 9.8 W. Also not Bronze Age. Try again.
  15. World Devourer

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    Well done. Any ASM pre-200 in 9.8 W is a win. This is the blue ribbon winner from recent posts.