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  1. There you go! That's an easy mis-click. Nice work Alex and Dan. Part of me wants nag CGC about QA, but realistically we have to expect a certain percentage of errors on any repetitive task requiring tired humans working long hours. But that Superman #1, ouch. On my one occurrence they fixed the label free, no hassle.
  2. Take your dig at me Lazyboy, that's fine I earned it, but yes, of course I have seen error labels. I've gotten labels with minor errors. This one seemed unusual/suspect given the context (dealer with slabs that had been cracked open) and the type of error (incorrect title). I'm sure more exist but I don't recall offhand seeing other books labelled with the wrong title. As I said I spend very little time on these forums. FWIW, at this point I would bet the scenario Alex described is what went down.
  3. Yeah, I'll buy that as a very plausible explanation. Thx Alex. Interesting deduction, however those two should be close, but not adjacent neighbors. See pic - this is Nostomania dropdown, not CGC, but they should be very similar. That said, I can see your reasoning as a way something like this could get out into the wild.
  4. This boggles my mind. Sounds like there should be a final QA step comparing label to book! It would literally take seconds per book to add this (apparently necessary) step.
  5. Yes, absolutely Bob. Agree on all points. Have not been to ChiCon in ages, next time I'll find you and say hi. I'm guessing there must be an ongoing thread somewhere on the forums regarding slab security - I have my own thoughts on what needs to happen here going forward to protect the hobby. It's not cheap but it's necessary. I'm guessing many on these boards are aware of the analogous problem with counterfeit slabbed coins. It's gotten pretty sophisticated, including artificially "aging" the coin before fake-slabbing. So troubling. I realize most of you already know all this, apologi
  6. Dan - Thanks for the lookup, the plot thickens. I am certain the book within the slab was Jungle Action #11 (see pic), not an issue of Black Panther. If this was a mistake, and CGC sent back a Jungle Action #11 instead of a 9.2 Jungle Comics #11, the submitter would have been extremely upset and it would have been fixed right there, again just my opinion.
  7. Bob and Larryw7 - I was not familiar with this guy, had never seen him set up at a show before. I know many of the regulars fairly well. If I could ID him, not sure I would want to call him out on a public forum. I made a point to speak to this guy a bit and try to suss him out, and one thing I remember is him commenting that he dislikes CGC. So I suppose it's possible he picked up the suspect CGC slabs from another dealer? Still, the vibe was not good. Most stuff was not priced and you had to ask, which I did, to get a feel for that too. It was at least 3X what a reasonable buyer should
  8. Dealers schlepping to shows where already hurting pre-pandemic. Last show I went to was a late 2019 pre-COVID Wizard World with a $65.00 admission price. Before knowing I had to grab ankles at the door, I offered to take my kid and a friend, and told the wife to come along too, but they all declined. That would have set me back over $250 just to get four people in the door. That's just not right. The room was very sparse, the mood among dealers very down. I spoke to most of them, and they were pissed. "Come on, let the kids in!" and similar sentiments. How are you supposed to get young
  9. So those were fun detours and Bob has plenty of new business ideas, but I was hoping for more commentary and possible explanations for the price insanity. The consensus so far seems to be: As wombat and others noted, stimulus might explain low-end activity, but not the jumps on expensive keys. NOTE: the comic index tracks low-grade uncertified sales also, not just high-end CGC. As PKJ noted, most collectibles are very hot, not just comics. The only other collectibles "stock" index I am aware of is the PCGS 3000. It showed decent, but not insane growth in 2020. (Pic below) I cou
  10. Just make sure and leave instructions to place your five favorite comics in your coffin with you. :-)
  11. Hi Poekaymon - was there tracking on the package? Assuming so, both sides can determine the last known location of the package with a date, online. If you go into the post office, they have additional detail including photos of the package along the way. Obviously, nothing is perfect and packages do occasionally go missing, even with tracking.
  12. Hi Number 6 - I don't know what this is telling me, that it turns out there are loopholes and buyers can get free books? If so, that's nuts. If tracking shows a package was delivered, what more is a seller supposed to do, hand-deliver it?
  13. That feels like a tough one. If a seller prints a shipping label on eBay, the address is correct and there is a tracking number. The package might travel slow, but I don't see any open loopholes for the buyer with those conditions met.
  14. Buzzetta - agree. Dealer-to-dealer "sales" should not be included in sales data, IMO. I do not allow "anonymous private seller to anonymous private buyer" sales into the Nostomania database, to the extent I can detect them, which isn't all that difficult. I'll go a step further - I could (but won't go there) provide documented cases of of some big dealers inflating the sale prices of pedigree sales in Overstreet market reports. I know this with 100% certainty because on a few occasions I was the one who purchased the book.