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  1. Were there really too many koala bears, bengal tigers, sunflower plants and ferns on the planet soaking up too many natural resources that half of them had to go? And shouldn't these plot holes be explored in the movie thread rather than the MHU thread?
  2. Maybe D &D will do an Arya & Boba Fett crossover trilogy? Destroy both characters at the same time.
  3. We had what, at least 5-6 seasons of her saying she's going to "take" the throne, "destroy" all he oppose her. What more of look into her state of mind do you need after 6 years of her saying she's going to do exactly what she did and why she was going to do it?
  4. He had no place in any of the kingdoms, and was a constant reminder of the Targaryens, though he COULD have come in handy if Drogon had ever come back some day. But Jon really had nothing he wanted, just like from the beginning. He just wanted to go home.
  5. Dragons are supposed to be highly intelligent (even somewhat telepathic). He knew what and why Jon did what he did. Drogon mourned the loss of his mother, knew it was all because of that fing Iron Throne, and knew Jon had no choice. Drogon spared Jon because he knew. IMO.
  6. Yep. He did what had to be done, risked death, got no reward, instead was punished... like all true heroes.
  7. Agreed. It's not all I wanted but it's enough for me to be satisfied and moreso knowing Martin is writing the prequel series.
  8. I don't have a copy of 17 but I don't see how, appearance-wise, WW18/19 is any different than IH180/181. WW18, final-page full-body view, name and a dialogue intro, just like IH180. WW19, cover app and story, just like IH181. Which one is the market demanding WW18 or 19?
  9. Yeah, that was pretty cool. The whole episode of Young Sheldon was pretty cool and poignant.