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  1. I will do that in about 30 hours and I charge $90 per hour. If you're serious, I'll happily get started on that order. If that's too much for you let me know.
  2. Right up front, past the check out aisles, usually towards the storage or restrooms. Piles of boxes all kinds of quality. Free.
  3. I'll cut it and send it to you... if you pay me!
  4. Yep. And Costco gives away free double-wall corrugated cardboard... FREE! All you want and they restock their piles every day!
  5. Why in the world would anyone do that? Oh, to find cheese I suppose. Cool.
  6. Please, no Ultron, no Red Skull, no Thanos/Dormammu/Ego/Cross-bones... the next MCU phase has to move forward.
  7. It's becoming clear that the "sitcom-of-the-week" gimmick and the "playing" with the audience to drive fan theories about the baddie is what keeps the audience coming back, rather than the story itself (which could have been portrayed in half the amount of episodes).
  8. Paul Bettany's wish will be to work with Jean Luc Picard as a re-cast Charles Xavier.
  9. Give'em credit for dreaming big and planning ahead!