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  1. I picked this up directly from the man, the myth, the legend himself.
  2. Truth in advertising ain't dead yet! And I don't get the "Saul" references, maybe a tv show?
  3. Such a sad ending to Stan's life.
  4. What is the weight of a modern comic plus inner well? Is it about 14oz?
  5. @01TheDude... Still applies I guess so here goes: Domed Man to Doomsday Man
  6. ETA: Nope. that's Bronze age.
  7. Just ONE!? j/k... that is an incredible set you got there!
  8. I sold my beater copy a few years ago, wish I hadn't.
  9. Very hard to grade since you're not showing the whole book, especially the full spine.
  10. MMMS to MMMS (also 131 to 132)
  11. Hulk and Subby in same story to Hulk and Subby in same heading