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  1. It's always a matter of taste and preference. I just wonder about how some of the label-images might compete with the cover-art of the book in the slab, and some label-images even distract, detract or clash with the cpver-art. No accounting for taste I suppose
  2. Don't be hatin' so much... Unless you're a millennial, then it's in your DNA
  3. 1981 is the start of the millennials, so, yeah, it fits the whining millenials time-period. I guess it overlaps with the GenXYZBQWhatevers too.
  4. Agree on all of those to a Tee, no arguments here. For my "additional" bottom-five characters: * Bats. Just because. * Moon Knight. Yawn. Don't see it. * Female knock-offs (as someone already pointed out) * Harley Quinn. See Bats. * TMNT. Millennials
  5. This board is a magnet for comicbook perfectionists, and for most books printed in the past 30 years or so, the perfectionists drive up the costs of modern collectibles (is that an oxymoron?) creating their own sub-market where they congregate here. Same with the hyper-rare variant collectors. That's often the first impression folks get on these boards - that if it's got minute spine tick or corner wear, or if there's more than 10 copies of a variant for sale on thEbay, then it's not worth collecting. It's an impression that does not reflect the majority of the collecting folks. Most "buzz" on the boards is about A) "HOTTY-HOT" (often movie-driven) speculation books that are hot today and crash tomorrow, B) the Manufactured-collectibles variant covers market, C) Eeking out the highest possible CGC (no one else is worthy) grade out of a book, and the value-added thereof, and D) good fun conversation about comic-related schtuff. WTTB!
  6. As a kid: * Shang Chi * Swamp thing * Tarzan * Doc Savage * Hulk
  7. LOL! I was gonna type Youngblood 1! LOL!
  8. Then you can also go down from there for the "lower scale keys" Centikey (maybe like IH181, etc) Millikey (maybe like ASM129) Microkey Nanokey Picokey Femtokey Attokey Zeptokey Yoctokey (most worthless issue ever)
  9. If you go to "mega", ya gotta stay with the metric scale:
  10. jcjames


    I appreciate that man. Again, so glad to see you coming back here and recovering!
  11. jcjames


    So great to hear you're recovering and at home. Keep on keeping on!
  12. I never understood why page quality is not factored into the grade. Or if it is, why it's separated out on the label. They don't do that with almost any other common defects.
  13. The two troopers waiting around for confirmation was gold, pure gold! It was almost "Tarantinesque" in the banter, and CLASSIC with them both trying to hit the target just a few feet in front of them. Whoever wrote that scene truly understands the subtle nuances of the Star Wars universe LOL!
  14. For the most part I think, most of the Jedi were long gone even during ROTJ. Even during SWANH, the Jedi were thought to be just "hocus pocus" in many parts of the galaxy.