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  1. Reading is fundamental. Go back and practice more. Just don't go to those gutter-forums and drag your racebaiting here anymore. /discussion
  2. jcjames


    Oh wow! So glad to see you're still here, and hope you're recovery is going well!
  3. Now, why are YOU bringing racist garbage into this thread? Do you have a problem with "white males"?
  4. You mean when I said "What if the movie IS an agenda?"? Maybe try to keep your train of thought in THIS thread instead of looking for ways to bring out your race-baiting garbage ("undermining white males") that you learn in other forums.
  5. Who said anything about "white males"??? What in the Hell are you talking about???
  6. Word of mouth. Even from the folks here who say it's decent, it sounds... lame. 6/10 is a "D" grade IMO. Maybe not a lot of folks want to see a bad reshoot of the first two Terminator stories made just for the sake of gender-empowerment. Predictable really.
  7. From PayPal's emails to me: 10/2/2019 "We are writing to let you know one of your buyers opened a case for this transaction. The buyer stated that they did not authorize this purchase..." 10/6/2019 "We're happy to confirm that the following transaction was covered under Seller Protection because you met the PayPal Seller Protection requirements. is now available in your PayPal balance and there is no further action required." 10/26/2019 "We received notice from the buyer's financial institution that Case ID PP-D-4*******6 has been decided in the buyer's favor. However, because you’re a valued customer, we’re not debiting your PayPal account for the disputed amount." From the very beginning, something felt fishy with this buyer. Buyer bought $140 slab, on the same day he started his Feebay account. He had (3) feedbacks by that time. By the time I shipped the next day, he had a couple more feedbacks. Which means he set up the Feebay account and went on a buying binge on the same day. He got the slab a few days later, left me positive feedback and by that time he had (7) feedbacks. And that was IT. No more buying or feedbacks after that... for a month. Then came the notices from PayPal. SO... it was a scam - either HE got scammed and someone hacked his CC info and set up a Feebay account, bought a bunch of random carp (like some of was automobile parts, baby stuff, hotwheels toys... random stuff). or HE was running the ol' PayPal/CC refund scam. Buyer has since ceased operation on Feebay.
  8. Well, not ALWAYS right. Couple months ago I had a low FB buyer purchase a slab from me, I sent it, they got it and then they left me positive feedback. Then, a month or so later, I get an email from PayPal that the buyer wanted a refund (buyer never contacted me ever). PayPal said they investigated and sided with me. No refund. THEN a few weeks ago I get another email from PayPal saying the buyer's Credit Card refunded the buyer their money, but PayPal would not debit my account for the money. All this happened and I never heard nothing from no one. So the buyer got the book, AND got their money back (but not from me). Okay, that was PayPal siding with the seller not Feebay, but I wonder if the buyer even tried first through Feebay and got nowhere.
  9. The most appropriate place to have a con.... "N3rd St"
  10. "Small Sack O'Stuff + Extras" shipped out today.