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  1. Only because I'm still online at the moment.... This is the third time I asked you this (you deflected twice now): So I I ask you again, who did he wanted to be treated equal to?
  2. LOL, well you do deflect as well as a Jedi! He directly compared himself to the Daisy and Adam (the stars). There were two "stars" of TFA, and Finn's character was neither. He was on the same level as Poe, character-wise and importance-wise to the main story (which were about Skywalker/Vader descendants). What about Issac's (Poe's) treatment and becoming basically a big nothing in the movies? What about Poe disappearing from the movie posters? Oh, okay. That's different, because he's.... what? This is what happens when you change directors and they say they "want to go in a different direction". Welcome to Hollywood John. It happens to everybody... just as Rappaport told him before Boyega put him on his "list". I have nothing more to add. If we disagree on this, then we disagree. Have a good one, and we'll see YOU... at the movies.
  3. "Snaaake Plisskin - I heard of you... I heard you were dead."
  4. Oh I agree, the storylines were a disaster all across the board.
  5. ETA: He called out and specifically named Daisy and Adam and compared his treatment to theirs. He brought up race as a factor for his character going nowhere, but never explained how race kept Oscar Issac (Poe Dameron) from never being fully explored or expanded as a character either.
  6. Seriously!? From the original article in the OP: "You guys knew what to do with Daisy Ridley, you knew what to do with Adam Driver, you knew what to do with these other people," "...They gave all the nuance to Adam Driver, all the nuance to Daisy Ridley..." Why is he comparing himself and his role to the top-billing stars if he doesn't think he should be treated the same as Daisy and Adam??? So I I ask you again, who did he wanted to be treated equal to? The top stars?
  7. Added spine creases plus the popped staples, plus it looks like the cover-wrap was "shifted" as Adamantium noted. Hard to say this was simply SCS, those creases look like handling damage. He said it was a walk-through grading? Is that like on-site where they grade/slab on site? Or did he drop them off to be later taken/shipped off for grading? In any case, looks like handling damage.
  8. Someone earlier in this thread posted a quote from JJ Abrams that Boyega would be "the star of Star Wars". That was pure hyperbole and he was a fool if he believed it. I keep coming back to this basic truism in Hollywood "We decided to go in a different direction". Boyega made it about race when it was just Hollywood being Hollywood. If he wanted job-security, he should have become a gov't employee. This is show business like Rappaport said (for which Boyega arrogantly put him on "the list"). It happens. Get over it, you didn't become the star (or "more important" than you thought you would be) so go count your millions and move on to the next gig. Geez.
  9. It means the article was unconvincing. Boyega was a checkmark on a list, if anyone was "sold" anything different about Finn becoming the main star, then they bought the Brooklyn Bridge and they should have seen it coming a mile away. Welcome to Hollywood Boyega. As Rappaport said, actors have been used, switched-out and discarded ever since acting has been around. Him making himself into a SJW isn't going to hurt him, in fact HE was the one appearing to make a "blacklist" of actors about this. And he ain't the only one doing it I bet. He'll be fine. He's no Chadwick Boseman (RIP), but he'll be fine.
  10. What are you seeing? slight rounded corners, overhang cover-bend, are there any spine-ticks? Maybe my eyes aren't seeing them on this!
  11. I still think it's an extremely ungrateful and race-baiting attitude of his. They didn't change the direction of SW, they added characters and checked the boxes on the list they were given. It wasn't organic, it was forced. Hence, the results that he's so upset about. He's rich, famous and has doors opened for him. It's up to him now.
  12. I haven't been inside a used book store, antique store, LCS, flea-market or anything since March. I can't remember if I posted this here before, my last HPB purchase back in Jan/Feb of this year:
  13. That is a super-nice presenting 1.5! Congrats!