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  1. According to another news article, AABC said that the Hulk1 was heavily water-damaged and they mistook the color-touched areas for water-damage. https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro
  2. I have been to that place too - they have a big OA stock as well (at least they did when I was last there early this year).
  3. From AZCentral: Hulk fan 'sees green' over vintage comic book . . . "That Hulk was $5,500, 5,500 cash dollars," Masse said. Masse says that's how much cash he plunked down to buy the very first comic book featuring Hulk, referred to as The Hulk #1. He bought it last November as an investment from a Phoenix business called All About Books and Comics. "I was told it was unrestored," he said. Unrestored. That's important because Masse says when comic books are restored or cosmetically enhanced to look better, they're not just not worth as much. So, believing the comic book was unrestored, Masse says he didn't have a problem handing over $5,500. "There are lots of flaws that are already there, flaws that are acceptable because of wear and tear, the age of the comic, and a little bit of time that has affected it," Masse said. However, when Masse got the comic book home, a friend noticed something that caught his eye. "That's been touched up, a different color from the rest," the friend said. After a closer look, Masse says he suspected the comic he had purchased had been touched up in areas, meaning its value would be a lot less than the $5,500 he paid. Following his discovery, Masse says he complained to All About Books and Comics. However, in emails to Masse, the business owners claimed they were unaware of any restoration on The Hulk #1 and added: "we are not restoration experts." So, Masse had the book inspected and appraised by an expert who later wrote: "the book did have significant purple touch-ups." After taking this information to the bookstore, Masse says they tried to compromise. "They tried to offer me in-store credit on future purchases," he said. However, Masse said no, and demanded a full refund. He also contacted 3 On Your Side. The company refused to speak to us on-camera. Instead, they sent a statement saying, "We were sorry to hear he was disappointed because we had not intended to misrepresent the book." . . .