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  1. I don't see any flaws other than the slight overhang bend of the front cover. Can't really see any spine issues, looks clean and flat. 9.6 no problem. Great copy and the direct version is so much nicer than the newsstand.
  2. Two spine-ticks, lower right corner bend, slight lower left spine corner wear, 9.4
  3. Very pleased to find/rescue a nice copy of this one pretty cheap at a new LCS I just found. It's not a big book or anything, but it is the first appearance of Marvin The Martian in comicbooks:
  4. AVOID sunlight (direct or indirect), incandescent and fluorescent light. Absolutely will bleach colors. Even UV blocking plastic will still allow some UV though. Jury is still out on LED, I believe they are safe though.
  5. I suppose, but it doesn't have the same "1st appearance" ring to it as "1st appearance in comicbooks". Back on topic.... when in doubt, get both
  6. We agree on one of a kinds not being "appearances". But every die hard SW fan knows Boba's "first appearance" was in the holiday special. After that it must be specified... 1st appearance in a movie, 1st appearance in print, 1st appearance in a comic or magazine, 1s appearance as an action figure, etc.
  7. I would definitely want one of those, but I doubt that an action figure is considered an "appearance" that can be collected. Following you're explanation then wouldn't a cel from SWHS be the most sought after, or maybe the original costume worn by Jeremy Bulloch in ESB? Are those "appearances" that are collected?
  8. Which appearance of Boba Fett most sought-after by Star Wars fans, and why?
  9. Copyright that! You KNOW it will be used by many evermore.
  10. I think we're comparing regular cover CW1, not limited covers. The Pros: ASM has iconic cover, hall-of-fame artist/creator, 30 year track record of demand, key issue in the top Spidey-series, and generally-accepted 1st appearance of major character who's now been around for 30 years still with a huge fanbase. CW1 has lower supply, 1st appearance of expanding-popularity character yet to hit big-screen audiences and exists in Star Wars canon. The Cons: ASM has much higher supply and main character has already appeared in big-screen movies. CW1 has forgettable c
  11. Hah! I'm not a Ramones fan so I had to look that up.
  12. I keep finding myself intrigued by your posts, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  13. You're talking gold and silver foil variants, right?