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  1. jcjames

    MSH 13 book club

    My two modest entries to the club:
  2. jcjames

    ASM 300 Appreciation/ Club Thread

    My two entries, with an old-school sig on the direct-edition.
  3. Leaning towards 2.0, many long creases, spine-wear, 1/2" tear through top of book, need to see the back cover though.
  4. jcjames

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Wow! Better be careful she doesn't get a big head over it. Opp, too late.
  5. jcjames

    Venom Movie

    Are there two clips? Is the later one not worth it, or neither not worth it?
  6. 6.5, soiling/staining, spine fc crease at bottom staple,
  7. jcjames

    PGM Detective Comics 140

    5.0 with the bump, 4.5 without. Those tears,
  8. jcjames

    PGM FF65

    The book is 3.5. Just a bit too much front cover creasing and spine-wear to go into full 4.0 range for me. Your toes however are 1.8
  9. Another set of bargain bin rescues!
  10. jcjames

    PGM Mystery in Space 71

    Yeah, that's what I thought at first too, looked trimmed since the back cover wraps slightly around to the front, yet the back image is cropped by the edge of the book. But then all that white-space to the right of the bc image says it's likely just a bad alignment of print. I just gave it the benefit of the doubt as being not trimmed though.
  11. jcjames

    PGM Mystery in Space 71

    3.0, cover-creases, staining/discolorations/water-stains, top edge dust shadow, spine tears at bottom staple.
  12. Very nice book! 9.0 with slight spine wear and small c-b creases, edge flecking and as you pointed out back cover shadow. Can't say what a press would do.
  13. 9.0 as-is, definitely needs cleaning especially front cover. Back cover has some spine-rubs and possible slight fingerprints on bottom edge (?). Over all corners looks slightly rounded, front-lower-right corner could be a slight dent with possible c-b crease to back cover at that corner (hard to tell from pics). Can't answer whether or not to C&P but it would likely improve grade to clean cover.
  14. jcjames

    Green Lantern #76 at Half Price Books

    I found a YTLM #1-20 at HPB once for $1.50 each a couple years ago. The #1 graded out at 9.8 Haven't found squat there ever since.