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  1. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I found a beat up "FF67" last year in a $3 box and had to take several long looks at it before turned it over and saw the modern ad on the back.
  2. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Looks like the book was bought and buyer probably tried to immediately cancel the sale. Buyer was none too happy with his junk book nor the $20 restocking-fee. https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=kidultscomicstoys5051&myworld=true&items=25&iid=-1&de=off&which=negative&interval=365
  3. Stan Lee and Max

  4. Cloned Books

    A clone is not authentic either - it's not 60 years old. It has no history, the physical clone-book itself has no story of its ownership and passage through over half a century of time. The unique, one-of-a-kind creases tell no tale of a kid who bought that exact physical book from a dime-store and carried it in his pocket riding his bike home to read it with friends. There's no "love" of that physical book itself, no care of the pristine-found and stored copies by a collector who stored it for decades, maybe to share with his kid or grandkid. There's no pride in ownership of any replica of which there are hundreds of thousands of copies. I'm still going with, no.
  5. George Perez Copper Books

    btw... I had him sign IG1 and WW1 - both were pulled out of dollar boxes and both came back 9.8 SS without a press.
  6. George Perez Copper Books

    George Perez is an AWESOME guy - VERY cool about signing and sketching, though as was pointed out earlier, get in line early, even with the numbering system it takes a long time. Funny, I remember one time he was in town for a con, he was doing a sketch like in the pic above, and was eating lunch at the same time. I was next in line and Perez was munching a hot dog while sketching a cover and pieces of food were falling onto the sketch - he would just brush them aside and keep on sketching LOL!!
  7. Stan Lee and Max

    Inquiring minds want to know! Yeah, Max was quite the cattle-herder and Stan-blocker. Never cared for his "style".
  8. Cloned Books

    My answer is still no. If the value of the book is the story and art, there are reprints. If the value of the book is that it is a collectible, then obviously still no.
  9. Cloned Books

    What are you talking about? If I ALREADY have an AF15 (that I probably paid $$$$ for), why would I clone it? If I DON'T already have an AF15, then your original question is irrelevant to me because I don't already have it. I'm just addressing the question you posed - no, I wouldn't clone a mega-rare grail that I already own because it would devalue it as an investment AND as a "rare" collectible.
  10. Cloned Books

    If I bought a book for 10 cents and 50 years later it was worth $50,000 - again, I would not destroy the value of the book (and everyone else's) by cloning it. Why in the world would anyone do that to their own books when there are reprints for people who want to own a copy of it for cheap??? I don't get it.
  11. Cloned Books

    Your original question stated: " ..and you had mega rare key issues (Tec27, AC1, AF15, etc), would you let your books be cloned " If I already have them, then I probably paid $$$$$ for them.... so it would be insane for me to "let my books be cloned" to flood the market and destroy the $$$$ that I spent to acquire them.
  12. Cloned Books

    Again, why would ANYONE (collector or not) spend $50,000 on a book to "collect" and then turn it into a $10 book by cloning it?