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  1. My only Darwyn art -- a Flash/Superman race homage commission he did during the New Frontier days (there's a prelim to a NF page on the back). looking at this just brings a smile to my face.
  2. considering how awesome these three pages are, you have one of the greatest batting averages of any collector in OA history!
  3. I rarely get commissions, but decided to get one from Ron Frenz. I had him recreate a classic John Romita Captain America image, and it turned out GREAT! Ron penciled, inked and colored the piece + added the lettering. It's gorgeous. Fair pricing and incredibly fast turnaround. I also want to tip my cap to Scott Kress from Catskill Comics for a great job of keeping me informed every step of the way. Very glad I ordered this, and will definitely ask for another Frenz piece in the future!
  4. I recall seeing Becharra having a very early Marvel GI Joe cover at his booth at a Con in the past year or so. Believe it was issue #2.
  5. sorry guys, I've let the tech team at SYFY know about it so they can figure out what's keeping it blocked from international viewers.
  6. Thanks! I hadn't thought about the dust issue ... I can tell you it was immaculate. But given how John took great pains to lay out the room a certain way, I'd wager he's not one to slack on keeping the place ultra-tidy
  7. UPDATE: I am told this has now been 'unlocked' and can be viewed in all territories. If there is anyone on here from outside the U.S. please check this when you have a chance.
  8. yeah, I know. Sorry about that! I've asked SYFY to unlock it so its viewable internationally. Hopefully it will happen soon.
  9. Hi folks, I produced/hosted this video feature on John Byrne's studio, which is PACKED with great original comic art and other amazing collectibles. John was very gracious with his time, as usual, and his fandom is apparent. The guy loves comics. Hope you guys enjoy it ...and please excuse my S**t-eating grin on the screen grab -- I was giddy being surrounded by John's absurd collection.
  10. this is SPECTACULAR! what a great score , getting the OA and the stat page. one of the most memorable ROM images ever!
  11. Has the Cockrum cover been restored? I remember seeing it years ago and it seemed to have had more yellowing. Maybe I'm wrong. Also, I think you're dead right on the rankings, Allen.
  12. Hi folks, unloading some art and wanted to let the forum know. I have a sweet page from Dazzler #6 by the two Franks, Springer & McLaughlin, up for auction on eBay. It's the final page in the issue and features a great splashy panel with Dazz & Hulk facing off. Link to Auction HERE. Also, reluctantly parting with my ROM, THE SPACEKNIGHT page from issue #14. This is page 17, by Sal B. and has Rom in several panels, as well as Jack of Hearts. A cool early page from ROM. (image attached) PRICE - $950
  13. spectacular! I always loved that cover -- Jim & Scott hit it out of the park, as usual! Congratulations on a great get
  14. very good idea. I would show more of the products up for auction, and do it earlier. Your audience for the videos is potential bidders, so you want to show them as many of the items they may be interested in as possible. let the conversation/interview serve as the V/O narrative bed. Just my two cents
  15. By the way, has anyone ever seen Norem's original painting for this issue?
  16. Agree. I know a couple of collectors (who also check eBay regularly) that are ready, willing and able to cut a big check for that original. Everything about that seller seems sketchy
  17. absolutely stellar use of Zeppelin to make your point, sir.
  18. Good morning, Had the pleasure of talking with John Byrne awhile back for SYFY. He also was nice enough to sketch for our Artists Alley video series. JB was pleasantly surprised when I asked him to draw Cyclops. Here's the edited video -- it was incredible watching him draw a few feet from me. Link: And since this is an OA forum, here's the finished piece, which is HUGE, 18x24. hope you like ... Mike
  19. the fact it's in Hong Kong raised a red flag for me ... but the guy does have a stellar feedback record.
  20. A Byrne/Austin page from the most iconic X-Men storyline ever? I'm surprised it's not higher
  21. gorgeous! not sure of the size, but imagine it's normal Ross size (11x17). His DC work from that era tends to have strong appeal, and while I'm no expert, I'd say 15-$20k is the price range for this. Congrats on owning this wonderful piece
  22. I don't understand the need for a snide remark about someone coming to an OA message board asking for some guidance. The guy asked for help identifying what he had and the accompanying value. Why not just offer assistance (like other posters did) and withhold the snark??