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  1. Oh wow. Had no idea a coverless would have so many takers at or close to 100k. I stand corrected
  2. I'm a boob. I was looking at data on GPA for Whiz Comics #2 when GPA has this book listed as #1
  3. Sorry, should have added more detail. I know there's not a lot of recent data under 3.0 for this book as it sells so infrequently but I'd imagine anyone wanting to spend $100k will want a cover in some form. I could be totally wrong here or it could be trying to justify turning down a copy last year in the same shape for 85k but I feel like the market for this book is under 50k for incomplete copies and then a big jump for copies with covers.
  4. This seems significantly above market for a 0.5. Anyone know what happened here? https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/whiz-comics-1-fawcett-publications-1940-cgc-pr-05-brittle-pages/a/121945-13816.s?type=bidnotice-tracked-endofauction