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  1. While I do not find this surprising I do find it interesting that some of the selling prices issue #21 has reached have not even put it in the Overstreet list of top 25 copper books. Some might call it a small segment of the collecting community but still the book is a unique piece of comic book history.
  2. To answer this question the short answer would be around 2006. The long answer would be buried in the annals of the CGC message board.
  3. I am not saying that I do not understand why it is such a popular book but rather what I did not understand is that Hama being such a creator does not really deserve some of the hate he has gotten at times. The comment I made with BrooksR is really just a tangent to what I was originally asking. I am not taking a stance that the book is not worthy of it selling price either as I understand the basic factors of what makes a comic book valuable. Really I am most curious to hear is what those willing to pay for the book might someday see it reaching. If you have looked through this thread you might tend to agree I am in the right spot to ask that.
  4. Peculiar I might add that the highest priced books from years ago are of seemingly no value now in comparison to issue #21. I am talking multiple decimal point differences regardless of grade. It suggests to me that the buyers market has created the value more out Larry Hama's creative abilities than the material content. I mean if you have "read" the story , while it is good it is not the most intriguing story involving Snake eyes and storm shadow by far. So why the $$$$ in comparison o the other books? The only other book in the ARAH series that might currently compare is issue #155. The creative back story being that in both cases Hama was being pressed for time by Marvel. That all makes little sense to me because at times Larry recently has caught some hate for his willingness to try new things. It would seem to me that the creators willingness to try new ideas put him on the map in the first place and kept him there for 4 decades. So all the while this book although as I said in my OP that there are no typical external force affecting the books selling price it slowly continues to take a up tick regularly. I personally cannot see this book ever coming back down in to the breathable atmosphere. Although I am still quite curious as to where this segment of the collecting community may take it
  5. Interesting to have watched over the last few years issue #21 go from hot , hotter, hottest issue of all time. I have not seen anyone in this thread make a prediction as to whether it will continue on its stellar trajectory or flatten out at some point. With none of the typical external forces driving up demand for the book it would seem that although there is and always will be a general interest in GI Joe, overall the fans most fond of the series would be the ones to determine its future desirability. Is there anyone here that might care to speculate on what sort of dollar amounts the next 1 , 5 or 10 years might see the book reach? Is it possible a 9.8 might ever be a 5 figure book in a copper age collectors life time? While I myself might see some "loft" in the books selling price I cannot say I see any real artificial inflation of the books price lately.
  6. I "got back into collecting" in 2012 and bought a CGC book. I explored the main CGC site to learn more about the product , look up serial #s etc. and saw they had a chat room message board. At the time I had no interest, I mean what did I need to chat about? About a year later I started reading the annual Overstreet guide and it recommended the boards. I read for a while and decided to start posting; mostly with alot of questions. I posted often for about a year and left when I felt that I had gained the knowledge I was seeking.
  7. My last slab was Sgt. Fury #13 CGC 8.5 in June 2017. Last one before that was ASM#300 9.6 in January 2017. Although I read alot now. Read all 544 issues of the Uncanny X-men in 2017. Trimming that down to around 50-100 books a year which will include Hulk, GI Joe and more X-men with the occasional' ooh ohh have to read this one off'. Not losing interest but rather setting my sights a little higher in terms of slabs. Not nickle and dime-ing my collection anymore but continuing to take larger steps as a collector , finally able to look at big books seriously. I would rather pick up one $5000 dollar book once every ten years than pick up 1 $500 book every year for 10 at this point.
  8. GI Joe yearbook #2 is a book I have read over and over and over again. Love it. Only book that I have read nearly as much is GI Joe # 60. So yearbook#2 = #1.
  9. I realize that jumping into the conversation at this point is rhetorical but just for fun: It proves that it is not counterfeit in that it ties that case and book directly to a specific grade. On record. Does it it look like the book that is supposed to be in that case? If yes then it undoubtedly is. More often what happens is that a book and case has been tampered with. A resto or a touch-up has been at times substituted into a blue label CGC case and furtively passed off as that grade. It is to my basic understand a large part of why the CGC cases were redesigned. So are there copies of WD# 128 & #56 that have been restored and case swapped? Directly in line with the comments above, no. The flipper is trying to put the OP into a catch-22 where he would only be able to crack the book out to prove it was not printed on a home computer etc. thus nullifying the grade. A very convoluted way of backing out of a deal if you ask me.
  10. I am glad I uncovered this thread looking through the back pages of CG. I think is a really great thread as I have been wondering lately myself is there were a formula to use rather than a general idea of "$pergradepoint". This is a very thoughtful breakdown from valiantman. However what I myself have been think about and want to ask : Is there a formula or even a general idea such as this for green and purple label books?
  11. I read in an article somewhere ( although I cannot recall now) Stan saying he is basically 'tired of being alive'. I doubt that makes him a very eager participant in giving signatures.
  12. I personally prefer making a light box out of a few poster boards and putting the camera on a tripod looking down to get a good photo of a encapsulated book. Sort of 1 behind , 1 on the side and 1 behind to block the glare. and then just zoom in. I might use natural light or a lamp but a fluorescent usually works best.
  13. I would suggest getting the Hulk 181 for certain as you say. Next I would suggest looking at the Xmen #94 and the Wolverine #1. I would say if they are over 8.0-8.5 to have them graded. Either that or the Xmen #28 would be the ones I would consider of what is shown.
  14. IDK but it looked like globs of hamburger grease. Kind like it had been regurgitated with rest of the innards of a big-mac mixed in. About the size of a quarter. Or Maybe some chewing gum sticking the pages together-unless there is some guy out there with neon purple sperm.
  15. Around $1250 for a CBCS9.2 X-men #94 3 years ago. Although I most likely will sell it (assuming I live long enough) someday. No intention of selling for a good 20-30 years though. A book I always will have is a Transformers #1 CGC 9.4 which I paid $100 for 4 years ago. The most I would ever pay for a keeper is about that much.