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  1. Yes great looking books. All of them. Love the Curry poster!
  2. Great read, thanks for sharing. Congrats on the grail!!
  3. Fun read. Glad you had a good time and got so much done!
  4. Totally agree with all the comments. Rich is great at what he does, and you wont find a nicer guy. He has done many books for me, and I look forward to working with him again soon.
  5. what difference does it make? this room is dead as of late anyway, at least someone is posting.
  6. I would have a couple of books for this as well.
  7. I can confirm that unfortunately Triston will NOT be facilitating Chiller Theater.
  8. Thank you both for the very kind words. It was a pleasure seeing so many great books done and meeting like minded collectors. I hope to see and work with you both again soon.