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  1. Defenders 1 CGC 7.0 WHITE................................................last sale $115..................$100 Marvel Feature 1 CGC 6.5 WHITE (old label...)..................last sale $169..................$150 Take.
  2. I had a 9-back no snap-on text AFA 80 (or 85, I forget) that I sold in 2005/6 for $3900. That was such a big deal to me at the time...
  3. Keep it. It's sold out everywhere (Target, WM, where ever else). This will end up being like the Ahsoka and Droid set (7551).
  4. Whiteness could be mold (is it fuzzy)? This is common on carded Knickerbocker LOTR figures.
  5. Yes, the o-rings will crack (some sooner than later). I've had several sealed figures whose o-rings were already loose (one was a 9-back CC Offer Scarlett, lol). *BUT* the figure+vehicle sets are a different story. The bubble on those holds the figure really tight/really snug, so even if the o-ring breaks, the figure will still remain as it was. Skystriker is even better since that's a sealed box with no window, lol. I'll also qualify my previous statement regarding MOTU: the legs are held together with rubber band that--surprise, surprise--will break, leaving the legs to float at the bot
  6. I've been sending stuff to AFA since 2003. The grading (assuming it's somewhere between 80-85-90-95) improves the resale value (likewise, you can sometimes get a great deal on a lower-graded figure--AFA 60--whose only defect is a cracked bubble). More often than not, "buyers" is determined by the brand/ toy line. Star Wars, yes; GI JOE, yes; MOTU, yes; Inhumaniods or Centurions, probably not. Make sure to carefully look over your bubbles. Even a slight hairline crack can drop the overall grade to a 70 (a visible crack is 60, a crack with missing pieces, even less).
  7. Unopened/ sealed toys for the season. #462: Rocket Launcher is one of the first four Space System sets (1978); #497: Galaxy Explorer was the biggest set at the time (1979).
  8. RP2 is an immediate sequel to RP1. It takes place about 5 minutes after RP1 ends. Whatever Cline said was changed by $$$.
  9. RP2 was not very good: 30+ pages on John Hughes; 40+ pages on Prince; 30+ page on Tolkien. This was a very disappointing Thanksgiving read.
  10. $130 a piece is an amazing price. First, that enormous MASK stash and now this...
  11. All case fresh (C9+ or better): looks like the MASK market for those sets is about to take an unexpected dive.
  12. Terapeak shows that this sold for $450. But, still, this is an enormous price for a 12-back, especially one with a cracked bubble. I'd be euphoric if I was the seller.
  13. If it's rare (not your common, run-of-the-mill Star Wars/ Transformers/ MOTU/ GI JOE/ T-Cats toys), then that is your best option. Especially if is something that doesn't appear more than three times a year.
  14. Do what you can to mitigate any further tape loss. Either have it graded or get a perfectly-fitted custom acrylic case so that there can't be any further movement against the tape. Personally, I would have it graded. If the tape does come loose, the AFA case/rails will keep it in place. I did this for a Zartan Swamp Skier like 16 years ago. I'm sure that the tape eventually came loose, but the case end was jammed against the tape so who knows (I sold it).
  15. First post for the year. There's currently a WW #8 9.0 (OW-W) Penn copy listed on eBay. I remember being the underbidder on this, I think. Well, within less than a month another copy appeared on Metro (of all places)--at a much lower price (same grade, White pages). Interesting side note: Metro/CC sold all three WW #8 9.0s in 2017, all within a span of 4 months.
  16. Richard inquired and then paid immediately. A flawless transaction (Sensation Comics 26). Thanks!
  17. The 22 7.0 from Comic Connect did not look nearly as nice as the 22 7.0 from Comic Link.
  18. I saw the final price and WOW. (Note: I guess I won't be looking for an upgrade anytime soon.)
  19. Obligatory bump: various Sensation Comics, all with WP.