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  1. thanks jay it was a planned purchase ive been after one of these for so long. i can't believe i actually got one insane this is insane
  2. yeah... this just happened today
  3. here's a really great wolfman glass form the 80's
  4. some of my recent pick ups i love the images on the topstone makeup kit... too cool! i picked up both kits last weekend at a flea market for $3.50 and the wolfman hat. what can i say? it's absolutely fantastic! the yellow and blue on white really call to me... and i love how the claws hang over the front... just one thing though - i wish it was just a slightly bit bigger so i could actually wear it!
  5. thanks dudes. that teacher button was a fantastic gift from a boardie you should see his button's amazing! (maybe he'll post a photo) it's from the "say it with buttons" monster line they did. franky for president is from the same line too i'll keep beatin the bushes looking for this old junk. in the meantime...if you all turn up anything please share some photos! happy hunting
  6. finally got my mitts on a vampirlla fan club button. here's a group shot of some fan club memorabilia.
  7. ive always enjoyed the extensive library of old ben cooper memorabilia - that frankie mask is exceptionally cool too (looks just like the mr softee transfer... minus the mole) never knew that aurora made a frog kit! I just looked it up man, really loving those collector cards! id really like to see some for the lesser known flicks... like maybe dracula's dog or something!
  8. geez louise, i love those mani yack transfers. phantom would have to be my favorite...followed by frankie of course. i have a couple of the mr softee ones.. not the same though, but still pretty cool great collection of old super 8s too! definitely my favorite film format i like how you displayed them
  9. wrangled up yet another famous monsters fan club button same size as the frankie & same info and date stamp on the curl boy o boy did ferry crank out the merch!
  10. it's one of those wacky AHI frankensteins (Azrak Hamway) love this figure, ive been wanting one for awhile... so i was shocked when it appeared under the tree on christmas morning the head sculpt is eerily similar to that of the aurora model kit
  11. christmas haul ahi 1974 frankie happy holidays
  12. killer collection. congratulations!!!
  13. yeah! good ol' oliver reed its a curse....
  14. way to go hugo congratulations! i love the wolfman image on this one! only one more to go... almost there
  15. here's a very odd piece i picked up awhile back. a 14 inch rubber puppet... it's hollow so that you can put your hand in it to move drac's head to drink her blood! there are no identifying markings and I've been unsuccessful in obtaining any information on it at all. i did however find it pictured in kirk hammett's book too much horror business.