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    If I just sell the car, I can up my bid...
  1. Thank you, I am trying to sell a few things to free up some $$$!!!
  2. If I had the money both of these would have been gone,gone,gone!!! The Adventure looks more like a 4.5 in my opinion and the Action seriously looks like an early sale or non documented pedigree!
  3. Is the Action a pedigree? The colors are magnificent!!!
  4. Can't believe these are still here! It sucks being brooooke
  5. Pick your High Grade CGC Spider-Man 129

    Is the lower right corner of the 8.5 completely gone or folded over? Back cover scans?
  6. I second your comment regarding the grade, the book is extremely nice. In my humble opinion the front cover looks 9.2 or 9.0 at a minimum.
  7. Closed

    I can't believe he sold this book!!!
  8. Yellowjacket!