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  1. Thanks usual killer stuff!
  2. Pardon my comment, I thought you provided the image, thanks for the correction
  3. The only proof I need is right here in this thread indicated in the pictures provided. However in addition, I have had several results that are similar, I have also spoke to numerous other individuals that have experienced the same results some even worse than these. As I stated, these are my opinions based on what I have seen and experienced over the last 20 years. I can not say I am 100% correct in my opinion or theory, however I can say with 100% certainty the damage witnessed in the pictures of VintageComics books is preventable and should not be happening hence the need to change or further adjust the method. CGC Is a great company, I am not bashing them here, I am simply rendering an opinion that is fairly obvious in my opinion.
  4. Well, From John Snyder's mouth "I sold Dave the Action #1 for $21K ( not 25K ) and told him if he bought the #1 I would throw in the #2 to #24. I was in at Johns house when he was president of Diamond & Gemstone back in 1995!