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  1. Good luck at re-hab Joe!!!
  2. Detective #68 per PM Take it
  3. Detective Comics #68 per PM thanks Joe!
  4. SSuperman

    Anyone else find this egregious?

    I think the #227 looks kinda cool, however for the most part I am with you guys on this subject. I would think I nice full size signature on the back cover would be prominent and cool unless of of course the comic has a wrap around cover of artwork. I feel Neal Adams is certainly an extremely "old school" style artist with nice lines in his art however these examples of "signature" a bit much. *** Having said the #227 looks kinda cool, I still would rather have a copy without it ...just saying
  5. Price Drop ......last ditch effort ....2K
  6. Received a few pm's but nothing concrete...trades and offers considered, thank you.
  7. Bump for large price drop Trades and offers considered.
  8. Payment: I accept payment via Paypal. Shipping: Shipping cost is $10.00 USPS Priority Air insured Signature required Willing to ship to the USA. No international sales. Time Payments: No time payments. I am requesting payment at the time of purchase. trumps negotiations or pm's. Returns: No returns accepted since this was graded by a 3rd party. References : Polanksy Rainmaker Podboy66 Storypapers Mdean2437 This is my first thread on here, been here since 2014. I have purchased 3 times from Podboy66, twice from Rainmaker,also the others listed under references. If I missed something please let me know and I will fix it, thanks, Haley. Purchased this gem recently on eBay, changing my collecting direction to other interests ( 6.5 ) - (1) $2,271 (1) $2,271 - $2,271 Dec-2017 JUNIOR #12 CGC 7.0 ( LABEL WITH COMIC ) $2395. Willing to discuss reasonable offers or trades especially Timelys GPA has a 2017 sale for a 6.5 at $2271. This 7.0 is now $2395. *** Small amount of erosion near saxophone on spine which is why this probably graded a 7.0 instead of a higher grade?
  9. SSuperman

    Detective 66 and All American 25 FS

    Tec #66 Dave you are "THE MAN" ....thank you!
  10. SSuperman

    Detective 66 and All American 25 FS

    I'LL TAKE IT! : - )