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  1. SSuperman

    Anyone else find this egregious?

    I think the #227 looks kinda cool, however for the most part I am with you guys on this subject. I would think I nice full size signature on the back cover would be prominent and cool unless of of course the comic has a wrap around cover of artwork. I feel Neal Adams is certainly an extremely "old school" style artist with nice lines in his art however these examples of "signature" a bit much. *** Having said the #227 looks kinda cool, I still would rather have a copy without it ...just saying
  2. Price Drop ......last ditch effort ....2K
  3. Received a few pm's but nothing concrete...trades and offers considered, thank you.
  4. Bump for large price drop Trades and offers considered.
  5. Payment: I accept payment via Paypal. Shipping: Shipping cost is $10.00 USPS Priority Air insured Signature required Willing to ship to the USA. No international sales. Time Payments: No time payments. I am requesting payment at the time of purchase. trumps negotiations or pm's. Returns: No returns accepted since this was graded by a 3rd party. References : Polanksy Rainmaker Podboy66 Storypapers Mdean2437 This is my first thread on here, been here since 2014. I have purchased 3 times from Podboy66, twice from Rainmaker,also the others listed under references. If I missed something please let me know and I will fix it, thanks, Haley. Purchased this gem recently on eBay, changing my collecting direction to other interests ( 6.5 ) - (1) $2,271 (1) $2,271 - $2,271 Dec-2017 JUNIOR #12 CGC 7.0 ( LABEL WITH COMIC ) $2395. Willing to discuss reasonable offers or trades especially Timelys GPA has a 2017 sale for a 6.5 at $2271. This 7.0 is now $2395. *** Small amount of erosion near saxophone on spine which is why this probably graded a 7.0 instead of a higher grade?
  6. SSuperman

    Detective 66 and All American 25 FS

    Tec #66 Dave you are "THE MAN" ....thank you!
  7. SSuperman

    Detective 66 and All American 25 FS

    I'LL TAKE IT! : - )
  8. Sorry to hear about the passing of your father Chris.....
  9. I just don't understand this type of protest or thread crapping especially on what is supposed a "hobby friendly" forum ? Member A purchased a book from member B which makes member A happy & with more $$$ right? Then member B decides to sell the same exact book on the same exact forum & thinks so highly of member A's original post in which he purchased the book he re-prints,copies, what ever the advertisement to sell it...where is the big foul? Obviously the sale or post couldn't be more transparent so again is it necessary to publicly call the seller out? I would be flattered if I were the original seller, can't we all just get along?
  10. SSuperman


  11. At some point will you be posting anything nice or desirable in this thread ?