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  1. I had a very pleasant five figure comic book purchase from Isaac that went very well. He’s definitely a nice professional to do business with.
  2. Here’s a #1 coming up in a heritage auction and it looks like quite a few others from the set run:
  3. I’ve always thought the underdog gold key series is ripe for a large increase in price
  4. I’d actually say cheap and of medium effort. I used to think like you about 10 years ago and I’m not saying the set is super easy to put together, I don’t think it’s really that hard either just takes a bit of time. But then if you can complete it really does give you a nice sense of accomplishment. As for prices I still think these are some of the cheapest, books out there given their popularity of the characters. It will be interesting to see what the Scooby Doo movies do to add interest if they do a few of them over the next 5-6 years too.
  5. Yes for the registry either the western or gold key copy is valid. I’ve also never really noticed a price difference between the two but the westerns are more rare.
  6. Thanks, the #16 was my last one and I settled for the 6.0 after 10 years of looking with no better luck, so I’d love to upgrade that one especially and then the few I have less than 9.0 in the set. I feel this is a set that couldn’t be rivaled in under a decade of work, but would love to make it even better any chance I can get!
  7. I would love an upgrade to any and all of these, let me know if you have anything!
  8. Well it took me a decade but I finally finished off the run of the Scooby Doo gold key comics set on the registry. I hope you enjoy the run as much as I did collecting them. Scooby is clearly my favorite cartoon and the comic books are fun to chase down!
  9. What do you think about Under Dog #1? Better than Scooby doo?
  10. Would Scooby doo #4 qualify as a top contender for this thread based on rarity?