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  1. Yeah, I have grabbed some great books from him. That Superman looks amazing.
  2. Was glad to get the notification from ebay that a few Okajima's were listed last night. Will be nice to watch.
  3. Got lucky locally on a 5 sided spinner rack this week. Wasn't in the market but could not pass it up.
  4. I bid as well and was blown out of the water, great result. Congrats to the winner
  5. Still looks good, If you decide to part with it, you know where I am.
  6. I was able to get Issue 2 off of comic link last auction. Wasn't expecting it to close as low as it did but have 2 of the 4 original owner books back in one place (2,3). @ThothAmon has the #1, not sure who got the #4. I guess my undercopy may hit the for sale section in case anyone is trying to find one.
  7. Thanks, I don't expect to find anything special, usually end up grabbing like Gi Joe issues or something like that but do like to see other shops while out. I did very well in Alabama one time for GA so not always a bust.
  8. I may have a car one night, although I try to walk or take subways when in the larger cities like NY.
  9. Have to be in La this week for work, staying in Burbank, any suggestions for must hit stores? Love Golden age but when out of town I will check out any comic shops out there. Looks like House of secrets is within walking distance to my hotel. Any suggestions? Thanks Phillip
  10. I also went to go grab an issue although I don't buy any moderns. LCS had them at 15 each, reminds me why I do not support the 400lb owner and shop any longer.
  11. Thank you and yes sir, I used an acrylic polish with the high speed buffer, used a terry cloth pad and foam pad.I was shocked by the results honestly.
  12. Completing a Rattler from a hull is a pretty good accomplishment nowadays.
  13. Had a cool fathers day weekend.Looked in one of his barns and found my NES with the games and a Display case he made for me in 1985/6. I displayed Gi Joe's then baseball cards in my room. I cleaned it up and thought I needed to order a new piece of acrylic but a polish brought it back so out came some of the #1 group got out of their boxes in closests.
  14. Yeah it is pretty silly. Based on today's pricing it was a killer deal to get ride of that MOTU lot for it. There was a lot more trading done with him for some SW stuff, I had next to nothing in Droids Awing in box that we did some other deals on,may even got it for free when I bought the First shot and coin sculpt. It was a very good trading day for sure. Heavy Metal is getting pretty silly as well, I just hoped off another live auction where one sold for over 400. Had the seller did an auction instead of who can claim fastest it prob would have broken 500 in a small group of bidders.