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  1. I certainly do not put much weight in it at all, just pointing out how outsiders would view it. They see the trend and jump in both feet. To go even further, I know there are times were I am the under bidder and have ran up say 500 between the bidder under myself and the winner. I find it interesting when that auction is used by sellers (I see one boardie doing it regularly on FB) to try and sell like copies. I know there is fluff in those as I was the fluff in that auction, and mind you not trying to manipulate it or shill but a few books I bid with intent to upgraded or grab an underco
  2. I have been blown out of the water on CL the last two auctions and was paying 20-30% over market so I feel you. I also agree on extended format, before the insane run up, I did very well in CC auctions because I could match the bids toe to toe, since I had lost a few I was positioned stronger in the ones I really wanted. In hindsight I should have tried to buy everything leading to December that I actually wanted. Just last night I ran up 4 auctions myself that are highlighted in other threads as shockers that I was willing to grab at higher prices, each one was sniped, but I imagine eve
  3. Looking at my etrade account over the past week (lovely red highlights all over) and was not a comic collector I would have some FOMO on good returns in the short term that comics are providing.
  4. Ha we have been there. When I started on ebay in 99 I used to buy and sell IH180 and GSX1. I sold close to 15 copies of IH181 over a 3 year period and less than 10 copies GSX1. The good old days.
  5. I know, there was another boardie with a message sent before both , I guess I was trying to say this was going to be a done deal out in the open. Time to strike was when you saw it.
  6. Has to be close, I debated in the Xmen 1 (it has also been on a crazy pace as well) Thread that those of us who came up in the 80's viewed this as "the" book to have as an Xmen collector, Love X1 but this was our team, the 60's Xmen was like the NBA of the 60's to me and my friends.
  7. Agree, messaging was futile in this case. Clear cut take
  8. Hope it works out that is a great looking copy and super fair priced, unlike some of the people offering these at twice market.
  9. Was listed briefly on here for 17K
  10. Do hope for the best, I will state last night I had a PM typed up with an offer then recalled the ebay listing and checked the post count/cities and deleted the offer.
  11. To be fair I showed the Curator copy at 510 right before it ended but looking at the bid history something certainly is happening. I was trying to get that 9.0 Albedo 2 and thought I hit the bid late enough to land it but somehow there was two bids after me, Here is the bid history on the Curator AF15 and the Albedo I was in on below it. 2/23/2021 8:34:53 PM ET $566,000 2/23/2021 8:34:53 PM ET $536,000 2/23/2021 8:34:19 PM ET $490,000 2/23/2021 8:30:55 PM ET $510,000 Albedo Bids Th
  12. I had a sniper bid on another book that did not update, I showed as winner at 1 second on my screen but bids showed I lost by two bids so it seems there was a lag tonight.
  13. As the title states, looking for a CGC 8.0-9.0 copy of Albedo 2. Want to be around gpa but will pay above for a 8.5 or 9.0. Have plenty of references and could offer up some Golden Age including Okajima ped books if those are of interest. Have traded and sold some nice GA this year to fellow boardies. Thanks Phillip