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  1. Fair enough and I was partially joking, I am on amazon looking for the 83 Sharpie Palette and looking for the most striking and visually enticing combos. My next move is to get with Pratt Industries to design a shipping box for me that has embossed WT on every inch of it in 16 different colors. But in honesty, Once Joey ships over my orders from him, these are my last submissions.
  2. I will be blunt. Well that one WAS noticed the white one that was WT has not been and it was sent exactly as your EX. The EX was delivered on the 29th received on the 5th and SFG today. I actually deliberately did this box this way and used Fedex to see if it changed. Had it not been a book I had for a while I would not have bothered. But you are kidding yourself in a customer service industry where the blame gets put on the paying customer to follow a set of rules or be sent to the pit of misery.
  3. But I think I see my box from this angle, They must only come from the other side.
  4. The 4-5 days until received is what they told me on the 20th of April, they did say it would go straight through once received so this was before the TAT of 4 days. And to be fair, there have been others behind me who sent in WT that went smooth and reported 1 day turnaround, I however have not been as lucky. It is just a run of the mill X-men 1.
  5. "They" said it was not marked properly, I did not take a pic of that box, but this is an example of how I mark them.
  6. As it was explained to me, I called that Monday after it arrived and they said "we are 4-5 days pulling receiving including WT" So I wanted 4-5 days nothing, called back and got we don't have time to look for one box and you must not have marked it correctly. It is a pretty pricey book so it had to go WT, now who knows when it shows up. I suspect they will at some point start working 5-12 deliveries and hopefully someone spots the WT box. Since I had trouble with that one I used FEDEX for the Express, as you can see it is moving so not sure if that had anything to do with it.
  7. Walkthrough Delivered -Via USPS 4-16 Received- SFG- G/QC- Shipped- Express -Press + Express Grading Delivered -Via Fedex 4-29 and signed for by DPerez Received- 5-4 SFG-5-17 G/QC- Shipped-
  8. And for anyone keeping track, they have been receiving books from the week of April 5th for over two weeks now (this starts the third week), so the 4 weeks out to receive your submission is obviously going to take longer if it is now taking two weeks to clear one week of submissions. A few members have updated their status from books that hit that week. And this is before the huge onslaught that crippled their servers. So if your Economy hit this week you can look for it around October 26 of this year.
  9. The last 2.0 Followed a decent 3.5 so I think there were bidders dropping to it after losing the 3.5, I know I did. There are no higher grades ahead of this one so I am thinking anyone looking will be locked in. I am willing to go above what the last one went for on it personally. So guessing 13K ish, hoping for lower. It is close to GPA already with 9 days left.
  10. You are going to be in heavy competition on the 2.0 with the CVA sticker. And for the record, the last 2.0 on CL sold for $11,500. I suspect the nicer one will be well ahead of it.I don't think Hulk 1 has benefited from all the other inflation. although as someone who personally is looking in the under 20K range, hardly any are surfacing so also tough to say. I have dealt with Atlanta Comics as a buyer and they were pretty good, not really any great pricing but it was a book I needed.
  11. Correct. And I see some people trying to rationalize or base theories, I honestly think at this point it is grab as much money as you can while this hobby is on fire. Risk the losses on repeat customers for the instant cash grab.
  12. I had an Express land a few weeks after I sent the X-Men 1 and it was shown received a couple days after, it was Fedex if that matters. The WT has shown delivered via USPS since the 16th, just has not shown up as received in my submissions so I assume it got trapped in regular orders although it was a single box with the correct markings on it. I am not one to complain, but this really is insane and as others have mentioned, I love getting the CGC private signing emails. PSA had to stop submissions to get their backlog under control. I have a few more orders that Joey had t
  13. I am already in the highest Tier of Walk through and it was placed at the correct value 40 something days ago when it went over.
  14. Don't think so, I have a X-Men 1 that has been there for about a month now for WT. I know the valuation is off now, possibly doubled even.