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  1. I am having the same issue. Not able to log in via desktop via chrome.
  2. Lucjan was awesome to deal with a stand up boardie with a great taste in books!
  3. I have a small rant. I actually have not logged on since this incident after my last sales thread which was pretty good I thought for both sides involved. Everyone has talked about how much things have changed and while I have only sold here a few times I always had pleasant transactions. Since I have been moving out of Bronze and Silver I let a few freebies go with books that people bought. I have had that happen to me and was always grateful and felt especially with raw books that I had multiples of to pass those along to other collectors. On my last sales thread I tossed a few books in and while I did not do it for anything in return I did not get as much as a thank you, I thought oh they may not have got it or I mixed the buyers up in my mind, but then I see the freebie listed for sale. And I get it when you relinquish possession of something you are ok and have no control over it but just seems a courtesy would be in order instead of seeing it list up for sale without even acknowledging they got it. I think what also bothers me is this. Three people got notes that I may have shipped the wrong books. This person was one of three. I had mixed up my tracking in paypal and sorta confused myself so sent a note to the three I thought may be getting wrong books. This person was one of the three and did in fact get a book he did not pay for. The more I thought of it,the more it concerned me that he did not even acknowledge it knowing I was afraid I had orders mixed up. It was a semi key in low grade that was given away and I sold two others in thread.
  4. Everything should be shipped. I put tracking in PayPal but will make sure to update everyone. thanks again for all the purchases
  5. Agree it was fun and I think there was some good deals to be had here. I may liquidate further when I am off the road.
  6. Closing down. I am working on getting payment details to everyone and will be shipping out tomorrow any paid. Thank you all that bought, the car wound up coming back up so it looks like it will be worth it
  7. Shutting down at 5 est. Not trying to use any sales tactics just have to travel too much over the next two weeks so don't want to make people wait. I have pretty much let myself separate from a couple keys people have been asking for. So... Asm 129 cgc 9.4. I will take 3K plus shipping HOS 92 CGC 6.5 I will take $1250 plus shipping Also Spiderman 300 9.6 in the modern thread deal fell through so it is available for $635 shipped. That way you guys can decide shipping at your cost and those are bottom numbers. I won't replace these books, these would need to be paid for asap as I can't do time payments on them.
  8. No love for the Our Army At war or Conan? Going to offer a 10% Discount on all Conan and Our Army at war. I plan on closing down tomorrow. Thanks to all, the car I was trying to grab was an E30 M3 if you know those, It sold so I will throw the unsold books back in boxes.
  9. Thanks for the purchases. This thread is closed now
  10. I went through and adjusted prices. I would combine on some group buys but I am close to my mark overall. Title Issue Grade Price House Of Secrets 92 6.5 $1,350.00 Swamp Thing 1 9.2 $400.00 Swamp Thing 2 9.2 $100.00 Swamp Thing 4 9.2 $88.00 Swamp Thing 6 9.2 $60.00 Swamp Thing 7 9.2 Sold Swamp Thing 8 9.2 $73.00 Swamp Thing 9 9.2 $74.00 amazing spiderman 129 9.4 $3,100.00 OAAW 151 6 $150.00 OAAW 82 3 $175.00 OAAW 84 4.5 $275.00 OAAW 90 7 $400.00 OAAW 36 4.5 $75.00 ASM 127 9 $75.00 ASM 137 9.2 $100.00 FF 51 6.5 $75.00 Conan 2 8.5 $70.00 Conan 4 9.2 $135.00 Conan 6 9.2 $115.00 Conan 42 9.6 $45.00 Conan 100 9.8 $70.00 Batman 199 8.5 $75.00 Daredevil 43 6 $35.00 Tales of Asgard 1 6.5 $40.00 Justice League 73 9 $100.00 Detective 412 9 $80.00 OAAW 168 7.5 $275.00 Conan 3 9.2 $125.00 Conan 10 8.5 $45.00 Conan 65 8.5 $65.00
  11. Don't Want to get my thread pulled but will this style pic be better to judge from? To keep me out of rule #6 trouble $5500 for Fantastic Four 5 and $4500 for Our Army At war 83. I am ok with hanging on to these especially FF5.