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  1. What’s going on? A Batman Beyond 6 cgc sold for over $400. Movie announcement?
  2. Spider verse 1 Wal-Mart variant seems hot for now.
  3. Tomb of Dracula 1 1st Dracula. I personally don’t believe this is great book to speculate on but some do.
  4. 2001 space odyssey 8 sold for almost $600 on EBay. An undervalued book that’s starting to heat up.
  5. Iqc23

    CFP Comics

    Hope all goes well with Joey. My experience was horrible. Good luck my experience with CFP didn’t go well. Hopefully you have better luck than me.
  6. Ok thanks. I will make an offer. I will let you know how everything went. I also have a raw copy with potential of getting 9.8
  7. Thanks. I appreciate it. I just missed out on the auction. Am willing to pay $2700. Hopefully someone is willing to sell.
  8. Looking for NM to Mint or cgc 9.8. Looking to pay $350 for cgc 9.8.