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  1. Point one sketch cgc 9.8 sold for $1050 on eBay.
  2. Marvel spotlight 32 CGC 9.8 sold for over $3000 on comic link.
  3. Also America Chavez and Amadeus Cho is also heating up. Riri too in a lesser degree.
  4. Marvel point one sketch variant just sold for $900 on EBay. Is this the next modern to catch on fire.
  5. No news. It’s an undervalued marvel book. It’s just seem like every key marvel book is on the move. So it’s only a matter of time. I only have one copy too that I picked up few years back.
  6. Savage Tales 1 is going to be next hot bronze comic to get hot. Classic cover and 1st Man Thing.
  7. Looking for 9.8 graded CGC or CBCS. Thanks in advance.
  8. Not sure. It could be because it’s one of the few undervalued bronze comic left.
  9. 2001 Space Odyssey 8 1st Machine Man is moving higher and higher.
  10. Love to see Man Thing, Blade, Morbius and Ghost Rider on a team in MCU. That will be different than anything that MCU has came out with as yet.
  11. Agree sooner or later this book would get red hot again.