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  1. Bought a few books from Dan now always a pleasure and a class act. Will not hesitate to do another deal thanks Dan.
  2. Nice low grade copy asking $1250 shipped with PayPal payment. Check the pictures and ask questions if needed there is 2 small pieces of tape on spine that should be visible in pics.
  3. Price is $450 shipped. PayPal payment no returns on graded books. Book will be shipped Usps in a box.
  4. Nice looking book I bought graded so pressing status is unknown but looks like improvable defects to me. Last sale was almost $1900 so that's what I will ask but negotiable on price or open to trades as this is my under copy. PayPal payment book will be shipped securely in a box with signature confirmation. No returns on graded books can send more pictures if needed. I'm only interested in first appearances for trade can add cash or more books to even up a trade. House of Secrets asking $1900 Vampirella $825
  5. Showcase 8 Cgc 3.5 cr/ow. Pressing status unknown but I don't think it has in my opinion. Reason for selling I thought I would never own a showcase 4 so was going to be content with a second appearance of Flash so I can now let it go if it sells. $1750 is the asking price PayPal payment and no returns on cgc graded books. Hope that covers it all. Will get more pics up in a bit.