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  1. Why do artists and writers get like that? Refusing to sign specific works. For awhile, Speigleman wouldn't sign "Maus". I was lucky enough to get him to sign Vol 1 and 2 of the paperbacks. Musicians get like that as well. Refusing to play the song or two fans go to the shows to hear.
  2. What is now grating me is that in the recreation, Jokers left leg (your right) is still horribly at a wrong angle. Talk about line for line.
  3. Right. Plus you have a witnessed signature. The grade looks about right. What's the beef?
  4. Yup. Witness verified signature. His signatures are plentiful. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting one. Yellow label all the way.
  5. Or maybe...MAYBE they are trying to cover up their gaffe by making Supes 4 unsearchable. Now we have some REAL black ops spoon to ponder...
  6. I'll bet this is it: There was a crippling blizzard the week of 2/15 in the Northeast. All delivery vehicles were suspended from making deliveries, postponing the delivery of Supes 4. By the time they dug out, Action 23 was delivered, along with Supes 4 at the same time.
  7. What's wrong with jibber jabber? Do you have something more important going on that your time can't be wasted with jibber jabber? It's fun to play Detective concerning Superman and Action.
  8. Was it like that back then? Would the publisher instruct all the newsstands and shops etc to withhold until further notice? Or did the vendors just order and when the things came in, they put them out to be sold? The withholding thing seems more like a latter day ploy to me.
  9. Does anyone know how or why Overstreet came to his decision about Action #23? Also, I think my theory about story fumbling between issues, given the closeness of the releases, is just as valid as anyone elses. Anyone reading Supes 4 would be scratching their heads wondering who the spoon "Luthor" is. And later in the month going "Ah". But I am curious as to why Overstreet came to the conclusion he did. He isn't God. I'm sure there have been myriad mistakes in the price guide over the years.
  10. I still think someone goofed and swapped the stories around between books. Other than that, Superman 4 was the first app of Luthor. Which ever book that was printed first is the winner. You can talk flashbacks and zany appearance theories all you want but whichever book was on stands first overall is the one. I don't own either book so I don't have a stake in the ground but timing is everything. Either that or you can apply Crisis logic to it and claim it was different Earths we were looking at but thats lame.
  11. I kind of wonder if the story for Superman 4 was meant for Action 23 and vice versa. Like the Jokers 1st appearance was originally meant for a story in Detective Comics but was used as fodder for the fledgling Batman title instead. If the release dates were so close, it wouldn't surprise me if the wrong story got submitted for Superman 4 and it went to press. Ooops. Too late, Luthor. Too late.
  12. Here's mine. I have the whole Adams run. Don't know if I would even sell this but the thread is intriguing. I bought this mainly because it includes GL's entire foot. Normally it's chopped in half but this one includes the spam strip on the left and the whole foot.
  13. This book has a "Make Offer'' bar. I have made lowball offers and the seller has accepted before. Sometimes they price them high hoping your lowball offer will still be more than the book is worth. There's a guy asking $13k for an HOS #92 9.0 sig series. I offered $3k and he said the least he would take is $7k. Still outrageous, but it illustrates how far someone will come down sometimes.
  14. GPA is great. I have a monthly subscription on recurring payment.
  15. Wow. This book is becoming locomotive.