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  1. Wow. The the heck kind of mess was that? No wonder Chris beat him.
  2. God's sake. Where do you go from there? I take it that's a room in his house?
  3. She was always aggressive when she wanted something. I don't know anything about Ian or her competing. The loser is rarely happy. If Ian was missing 1 book, that's not a complete collection. All I know is she won an award for having every DC comic book ever printed. Man, that's a lot of books. For me, it was a memory I won't forget. She was a tough lady. She didn't get pushed around and further, she knew her stuff. And although I don't really believe in that positive thinking thing will draw positive things our way, seeing 3 raw Bat 1's in the bottom of that bag gave me pause for thought. O
  4. I'm with you on that, at least. "Cameo" always meant Batman appearing in a Superman issue at the end of the story to tie up some loose ends. "Cameo" meant Fonzie making an appearance in "Joanie And Chachi". Cameo never meant a first appearance, full Monty or not. It's somewhat similar to CGC's insistence that Two Face's 1st "Silver Age" appearance since the Golden Age was Bat 234. It's his 1st Bronze Age appearance since the Golden Age. There was a Tec or Bat issue where someone impersonated Two Face. Suppose that could be his 1st and only Silver Age appearance. Someone needs to tell CGC again
  5. Yes. Sort of. She and her brother were partners in a Pepsi bottling company. Still are, I imagine. I don't know who she beat out. She was driven, so I imagine should could have beat out just about anyone.
  6. I didn't get the impression anything she had at that point was restored. It was 1983. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. Books were a LOT less expensive in 1983 and she had cash flow. I'm glad to hear she is still out there giving it Hell!
  7. Well, yes. The tactile experience is the same. When I looked through a friends copy, it didn't cure my leprosy. When I eventually handed it over to her, I realized my page turning index finger was missing and I asked her to check to see if it was stuck in the book. Sure enough it was! Butter fingers! Boy. Was MY FACE RED! It was the enormous symbolism and awe that got to me. It isn't something I had done before or have since. I was a 20 year old kid with a deep love for the GA genre. It wasn't as though I was submersed in them every day. Having every single key issue sitting in front of m
  8. I'm sorry, but that show got off to a good start, then completely lost its bearings. Early.
  9. Cannibal: The Musical. Trey Parker and Matt Stone pre South Park. Great, quotable dialogue and great songs.
  10. What is that in the upper right back cover? Glare? If so, that thingy on the back cover will kick it to 7.5-8.0