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  1. A little different a lot homage. I understand there to be only 300 of these Vampironica: New Blood #4, Stadium Comics variant cover by Nuno Pereira. It seems as though all 300 are on ebay right now. Cool cover and the obvious homage. The series actually sounds intriguing. Plus Pereira got the leg right. It FEELS right. LOL!
  2. Here's another example of ASM 50 at 8.5. If I were looking for/could afford the book, which one would I choose if I were looking for an 8.5? Yours or this?
  3. My impression is they would be snubbed. We know how people get. It seems that a $2M Action 1 would be likely brokered through HA or something. Probably restoration removal would be noted. One would hope. If it WERE noted, I bet it would get less than expected. If it ISN'T noted, it is sort of an admission that restoration removal is a sort of secondary restoration in and of itself. It sort of insinuates it. The few books I have seen that have had restoration removed seem to look the same. They no longer look like color breaks but look like paper has been removed with tweezers. I look at the
  4. What it sounds like you are suggesting is resubbing all universally graded books or their integrity is called into question. I just don't know how practical that is. If I had a restored book and I had the restoration removed, would it require a different color label? How would the value of that book be determined? Would it be snubbed like the purple label tends to be? The book shown here doesn't look like an 8.5 to me. Whenever I see color touch removed along the spine, it looks like the book has been gouged. Like more than just the color has been removed. I just was wondering if what yo
  5. Well, that's great news! I was hoping for that. I have seen Steve on "Pawn Stars". I bought one of our employees a Beckett authenticated 8x10 picture of Jimmy Stewart and "Harvey" signed by Jimmy Stewart for an end of year bonus. Had it framed and everything. That one almost didn't leave the office. If cbcs is using Beckett as a verifier, that's good enough for me.
  6. Does anyone know specifically how cbcs "verifies? What criteria they use? Is it an on staff expert or a book full of signatures they compare to? I have bought a few "verified" signatures but only when there is little doubt who signed it. Or it would be pointless faking the artists sig.
  7. This is correct. I put something in queue yesterday at HA and there was no buyer fee. Just shipping and as always sales tax. So, that time before, I must have been bidding when I thought I was buying. Thanks for pointing it out. I was incorrect.
  8. So, you are saying I'm confused when it's called a "buyers premium" and when I put the book into queue the premium is added to the sale price? I go to buy the 9.0 All Star 7 and there is a $300 add-on to the price plus tax and shipping and that's not a buyers premium? It seems like both the buyer and the seller are paying on both ends. I have to pay a premium when buying from CLINK as well. Definitely when I'm selling, too. Plus tax and shipping. Seems to me both the buyer and the seller are getting burned. That Bat 1 9.4 had a buyer premium of $500k attached to it. Did it cost HA $500k to hos
  9. I think that is correct. And perhaps it is older people as well. My fear is that it is like the housing market in 2007. And perhaps because of COVID and many investors getting burned at the stake in the stock market, they turn to more tangible assets. Not necessarily loving the medium, but just to have something to put in their portfolios. Creating a bubble that could easily burst if the vaccine is a success and things go back to where they were. Particularly the stock market. Even in 2008, I remember watching some financial program on MSNBC and the panelists were panicking because most people
  10. I think there is. I am willing to buy them. Just not as popular and iron clad as witnessed. I have to assume the verified process is basically a comparison against other established signatures. They likely don't have an expert on staff that can say within a 95% certainty that "Yes. This was signed by so and so". Or maybe they do. I have signed Wrightson Swamp Things 1st Series that I know Wrightson signed but I won't send them to CGC because I would only get a "writing/name written on cover" thingy on a blue label. "Verified" by the other company would be good enough for me but if I decided to